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CIA Hawking Heroin in Baghdad?

From: Brenda Stardom
Date: 15 May 2003



14-5-2003 - 9:51 am GMT

I was taken aback by this news. I spotted a headline, "Where the CIA is in control, narcotics flourish" and thought before I read any further that it had to do with Colombia or South America. When I read Baghdad, I was stunned. Oh hell yes, that's just the panacea for any unrest and wanting the US out. Drug 'em up, get them hooked, marlin for the wall. Then with control of their radio, tv and print outlets, mindnumb them with propaganda. They'll be ripe for religious conversion once they're addicted and can only get more if they give Allah up for Jesus. Praise the lowered!

"BAGHDAD: The city, which had never seen heroin, a deadly addictive drug, until March 2003, is now flooded with narcotics including heroin.

According to a report published by London‚ ôs The Independent newspaper, the citizens of Baghdad complained that the drugs like heroin and cocaine were being peddled on the streets of the Iraqi metropolis. Some reports suggest that the drug and arms trafficking is patronized by the CIA to finance its covert operations worldwide."

From the Independent< /A>. "In al-Bataween ‚ ď the worst of Baghdad's badlands which is blighted by carjackings and crime ‚ ď residents say heroin is being traded in the alleys. "In Iraq there were no drugs until March 2003," said Salah Sha'amikh, a pharmacist. "You would be hanged for trafficking. But now you can get heroin, cocaine, anything." He pulled out a Russian-made 8.5mm pistol which he says he keeps to protect his wares."

This should throw a clue your way, written in 1991. It's almost guideline or solution for what to do to keep them under the big Thumb in Iraq.

"The theory is that the white establishment pushed heroin into the black community to divert young people from political action," explains Andrew Cooper, publisher of Brooklyn weekly newspaper The City Sun, "so they'd be zonked out and wouldn't be a threat."

Why am I not surprised. The CIA is known as the biggest drug supplier in existance. I can remember when I used to stay up late at night listening to KPPC, a Pacifica station that was no-holds-barred then and I was fascinated about the tales of the CIA's drug running during the Iran-Contra times by Daniel Sheehan of the Christic Institute. It's still going on. Afterall, Afghanistan had a bumper crop this year and Opium is flowing semem-like from the pods.

It seems that heroin floods right after a war -- World War II, Viet Nam, Afghanistan and now Iraq. This is so stupidly bizarre. Targeting the Iraqi's is a crime against humanity for Clark Kent's sake! Mygod, shove occupation on them, let chaos and anarchy reign and then give 'em the drugs. Oh yeah and TV. They'll be nodding out through Bush's weekly address and all the American propaganda instead of rising up and protesting to the point of civil war. Not one but two opiates for the masses. Now it should be clear why Bush didn't order the poppy fields of Afghanistan destroyed.

This should help prove what I've claimed about the CIA and drugs. It's disappointing to find so little information on what's happening today, right now. I could only find the two cited articles on heroin being made available for the first time in Iraq, hence all the references to another time, other wars. I did find this from an article on depleted uranium and it backs up the Afghanistan heroin production and US involvement.

"Afghanistan's new president, Hamid Karzai, is a puppet installed by Washington. Under the protection of American soldiers, Karzai's regime is setting a new record for opium production. Both UN and U.S. reports confirm that the huge Afghani opium harvest of 2002 makes Afghanistan the world's leading opium producer.(34) Thanks to nuclear weapons, Afghanistan is now safe for the Bush-Cheney narcotics industry.(35) ABC News asserts that keeping the "peace" in Afghanistan will require decades of allied occupation.(36) For years to come, "peacekeepers" will be eating, drinking and breathing the "hot" carcinogenic pollution they have helped the Pentagon inflict upon that nation for organized crime."

Giving credence to the bit about wars, heroin availability and usage.

"Luciano Organizes the Postwar Heroin Trade

In 1946 American military intelligence made one final gift to the Mafia -they released Luciano from prison and deported him to Italy, thereby freeing the greatest criminal talent of his generation to rebuild the heroin trade. Appealing to the New York State Parole Board in 1945 for his immediate release, Luciano's lawyers based their case on his wartime services to the navy and army. Although naval intelligence officers called to give evidence at the hearings were extremely vague about what they had promised Luciano in exchange for his services."

Onward! "Between 1946, when Luciano set up his heroin shop, and 1952, the addict total in the U.S. tripled, then jumped to 150,000 by 1965, due primarily to the efforts of Luciano's new operation. Six years later, that number had doubled and nearly doubled again, the addict population topping half a million. The epidemic is often attributed to the Woodstock generation and the proliferation of hedonistic hippies, but the CIA's partnership with opium-growing Laotian warlords probably has as much to do with it. The CIA's covert operation in Laos during the Vietnam War remains the largest it has ever staged. The "Golden Triangle," Laos, northern Thailand, and Burma, is where seventy percent of the world's opium comes from. Much of the raw opium goes to Marseilles and Sicily, where Corsican and Mafia gangs have laboratories to turn it into heroin for sale by the Luciano-founded crime syndicate. The CIA's own thinly disguised cover airline, Air America, flew raw opium in and out of Laos, as a way of financing the illegal Laotian war without going to Congress. Much of the heroin manufactured from the CIA-couriered base was sold to American servicemen in Southeast Asia, who developed a widespread heroin problem."

There's a lot of really good stuff written in the past. Searching CIA heroin gave this from a side note on something called Dark Alliance.

"The story that is revealed, follows the simple but expedient formula that drugs (and other long term problems like Islamic terrorism) took a back seat when the priority was winning a war against the evil Soviet Empire. At its more complex level, the story of heroin in the Golden Crescent involves connections between the CIA, the ISI, Mujahideen, the collapsed BCCI bank and Pakistan's nuclear weapons program." Wow, there're a lot of current buzzwords in there.

"Celerino Castillo III, one of the Drug Enforcement Agency's most prolific

agents, who netted record busts in New York, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador and San Francisco, was ordered not to investigate US-sponsored drug trafficking operations supervised by Oliver North. After twelve years of service, Castillo has retired from the agency, "amazed that the US government could get away with drug trafficking for so long." In his book Powderburns: Cocaine, Contras, and the Drug War [Mosaic Press, 1994], Castillo details the US role in drug and weapons smuggling, money laundering, torture, and murder, and includes Oliver North's drug use and dealing, and the training of death squads in El Salvador and Guatemala by the DEA."

Under, 'CIA drug running and Clinton'. "Cocaine-funded covert operations have a pedigree: the C.I.A. support for opium-growing Chinese nationalists in the Golden Triangle set the scene for the 60s heroin plague in the U.S. As far back as the 50s the C.I.A. had found it expedient to ally with the Corsican syndicates smuggling drugs through Marseilles who were able to break the power of the communist dockworkers there. Further examples would include the Mujaheedin guerrillas, for instance, and Manuel Noriega, who himself helped organise the routing of drugs to the U.S. and guns to the contras". Don't let the look of the page and the annoying hyphens between regular words put you off.

I don't get it and then again I do. It's true, drugs make the world go 'round. I'd put them neck-in-neck with oil, though deeming drugs the more potent force as they're an escape -- a temporary time-out of reality -- while oil is a necessity for survival. Pleasure always tops the list. The introduction of heroin to Iraq should scare the bejeesus out of you. It's begun with the gangsters whom I'm sure are setting up shop, ready to flood the streets and targeting the youth. Did they forget about the addiction factor? The NEED for more? Is it being passed out like Forrest's box of chocolates? I would think that would be the case in the beginning. Give them enough to make them beg for more and then, hey, baby they're yours. They'll beg, they'll steal, they'll sell out their own mother. Only the rich can afford to be 'nice' junkies and the Iraqi's sure as shinola aren't rich and crime will soar. But yeah, it will keep them away from political action, that's a given. Some 'liberation'.

Because when the smack begins to flow I really don't care anymore About all the Jim-Jim's in this town And all the politicians makin' crazy sounds And everybody puttin' everybody else down And all the dead bodies piled up in mounds --Lou Reed

Brenda Stardom


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