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Catalog No.:FC-68-aug
Title:The Digger Papers | free
Publisher:[The Realist]
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Abstract:The anthology of digger articles and street sheets compiled by Emmett Grogan and published by The Realist. This is the "digger" or "free" edition. The cover is a full-page graphic of the "running man" symbol (Native American swastika). Other than the cover, all pages are the same as the Realist edition.
Extent:24 pp.
Full Text:Cover: Running Man symbol superimposed on compass showing cardinal directions (N, S, E, W). The title "The Digger Papers" is above the graphic. The word "free" appears in the upper right corner. Page 2: Poem: "A Curse On The Men In Washington, Pentagon" (anon., by Gary Snyder). Full page graphic by {Billy Landout?}. Page 3: "Trip Without a Ticket" (anon., by Peter Berg). Page 4: Cont. of page 3 (left column). Page 4: "A Speech: Dialectics of Liberation" (anon., by {Norman Mailer?}). Page 5: Cont. of page 4, with quarter-page graphic from {Bosch painting?}. Page 6, 7: Cont of page 4. Page 8: "Final City, Tap City: Crack at the Bottom of It" (anon., by Lew Welch). Page 9: Cont. of page 8, with quarter-page graphic. Page 10: "The Birth of Digger Batman" (anon., by Kirby Doyle). Page 11: Cont. of page 10. Page 11: "All Watched over by Machines of Loving Grace" (anon., by Richard Brautigan), as quarter-page inset. Page 12: "Rushes" (anon., by {?}). Essay on various themes. "Affluence is by no means natural or human; it is simply an abundance of goods." Page 13: Cont. of page 12. Page 13: Three-quarter-page graphic (montage of images.) Page 14: "Take a Cop to Dinner Cop a Dinner to Take a Cop Dinner Cop a Take" (anon., by {Billy Murcott?}). Printed sidewise. Page 14: Graphic of two photos showing a police officer with fist punching the superimposed head of Lenny Bruce. Page 15: "The Post-Competitive, Comparative Game of a Free City." (anon., by Emmett Grogan). Page 16, 17: Cont. of Page 15. Page 17: "Address List" giving names and contact points for various underground groups. Page 18: "Garbage or Nothing" (anon., by {Linn House?}). Page 19: Cont. of page 18. Page 19: Three-quarter-page graphic showing photo naked people posing on junk-yard cars. (Anon., by {Thomas Weir?}). Page 20: "Selections From The Free City News". Contains various short pieces. Some quotes: "Break out of prison/burn money/unite for free." "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." Page 21, 22: Cont. of page 20. Page 22: "Free City Bloodlight" (anon., by {?}). Page 23: Graphic and text montage showing The Black Panther newspaper logo, Huey Newton poster, and article "Huey Must Be Set Free." [Page 24]: Graphic of "1% Free" poster, with inset contact addresses: "Send Free $$$ Energy | To FREE CITY | c/o The Diggers | P.O. Box 31321| Diamond Hts. Sta. | San Francisco, Calif. 94131"
Trans Title:The Digger Papers | free
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