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Catalog No.:CC-269
Author:Anderson, Chester
Publisher:Communication Company
Place:San Francisco
Exact Date:1/13/1967
Date Notes:
Abstract:Various hikes, and locales in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California recommended for taking trips (both the literal and psychedelic variety.)
Imprint:The Communication! Company
Collation:Tpw text over watermark of drawing (?).
Notes:Date is hdw (presumably by Chester). Title is block lettered, and author is "by c. anderson." Note at BL: Folder 1:1/6. trips by c. anderson (hand dated 1/13/67). [never seen] [list of bay area trippy places.] ComCo. B.s. Lgl. BL-CAP-Bx-1-Fdr-01-Item-006
Full Text:MUIR WOODS. Roundtrip bus fare under $2.00. Sequoias old as the moon & taller than Jesus. Streams. Tart green clover you can chew. The air smells green. Drop the acid just before the bus leaves the station. Go in the morning. Stay all day. Bring a lunch, but not incense. Pray & be joyous there. WALK ACROSS THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE about an hour after you've dropped. Walk slowly. Dig it all. The bridge hums the note E all the time, like a mile-long guitar. Dress fairly warmly. The wind blows. Continue into Sausalito. It's a Mediterranean town. Lovely. And you can catch a bus back, if you want to. (This too is an all day trip, & there's a groovey little park in Sausalito where you can eat & watch pretty people. Lots of pretty people. They grow wild there, like hemp plants.) THE TOP OF BUENA VISTA PARK at half past four in the morning is the ultimate light show. The world looks spherical. Yellow becomes intelligent. Don't worry about being lost. Watch your step, if possible, but there's nothing up there that will hurt you. In San Francisco, there's a park on every hilltop and a park in every valley. The city is a gravity machine that rises and falls between these parks. Therefore, wait through the sunrise and then descend slowly, looking at everything, joining the beautiful hippies on the curious swings & slides in the playground, always slowly & with love to Haight Street, and with love. Haight Street is Walden Pond. Take your laysure like a god on pension. THE FLEISCHACKER ZOO is at the western end of the L-Taraval trolly line. Animals love acid heads. Go in the morning, a warm morning, prepared to spend most of the day. (Feed the seals. Lots.) The beach is right behind the zoo. Walk (slowly & with love) due north along the beach as far as you like, past Golden Gate Park (2 miles) (or into it, if you want), all the way to Sutro Point and Playland (another mile). Try to be on the beach for sunset. A Elbereth Gilthoniel, silivren penna miriel o menel aglar elenath! The above four trips are to Lothlorien & Rivendell, for acid doth make us high elven. LAKE TAHOE CASINOS are also a gas. There are bus trips to several of the clubs. I prefer Harrah's, but for no visible reason. These trips cost about $10 for a roundtrip ticket. Out of this dime, the club refunds you about $8 to play with. You are not required to play (but it's fun, & acid heads are notoriously lucky). You also get free entertainment (usually good jazz), free drinks, & sometimes free food. It's a long trip. Leave fairly early in the morning. Drop the acid when the bus pulls out of Sacramento. (Think disturbing thoughts at Ronnie while you're there. Confuse his vibes for him.) After Sacramento the trip is uphill all the way; into, through & across the now incredibly snowcovered Sierras -- impossible mountains -- until, after an extremely long & scenic climb you dive through the gap & There Is Lake Tahoe opening before you like an eye. This is also a groovey speed trip. [upper right hand of sheet: Love is {The | Communication! | Company
Trans Title:trips