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Catalog No.:xCC-000
Title:Every time somebody has turned on a whole crowd . . .
Publisher:Communication Company
Place:San Francisco
Exact Date:1/28/1967
Date Notes:
Imprint:the communication company
Collation:Tpw type/BlTy/WhPa
Notes:See "January 28, 1967" by Chester Anderson.
Full Text:Every time somebody has turned on a whole crowd of people at once, by surprise, without asking them or warning them, just forced it on them like a psychedelic rape -- every time somebody has had the guts to do it IT HAS WORKED. You can't explain it to them. DO IT TO THEM. Sneak up on them. Surprise them. The art of our thing is Total Experience, Assault, Outrage. Be an artist. Rape every mind and body you can reach. Put it in their coffee & booze & water. Put it in their cunts. Have faith. Do what you believe. Share your truth. Do it now. Turn on the place where you work. Turn your parents on. Make every water cooler an instrument of your peace. Without asking anyone's permission or waiting for the right time. The right time is always Now. Because sooner or later somebody's gonna see [underlined] what we're doing down here And you know [underlined] he ain't gonna like it And he's gonna try and Stop it And he won't care how he does it And it will HURT And you can't fight back when you're dead. The time to do it is when it becomes possible. This is the lesson of history. This is the yoga of social evolution. It is now possbile. We have the numbers & the resources. We can do it. We have everything we need to do it now. I am calling on the psychedelic community to put up or shut up. To launch a crusade. I am calling for an explosion of Psychedelic Muslims. I am calling on the cats who can make it happen to Do it. Make it happen. Pass it out. Give it away. I am calling for the cats who can afford it to help those who can't. Make them know the truth. Force them to be free. Don't wait to do it all at once. Start now. Do it whenever you can. Keep doing it. Give it away as fast as you get it as long as you can. Doing it in the hip community is horse shit. Doing it at the Be-In is horse shit. Man, you don't have to tell us [underlined] about it. Cast your seed & pray the ground is fertile. DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. Have faith. If all the psychedelic people say is true, it'll work. If it isn't true, the whole city will become a lynch mob after us. After every hippie & longhair. Us. Put your money where your mouth is, now. In our time, not theirs. On our terms, not theirs. Choosing our own weapons. Do it our way & do it now. Without organization or plans or leaders or any of the rest of their dead weight shit. And do it because it's fun. Play it for laughs. Save the world for kicks. A practical joke. Start now. (Let us begin.) Do what you believe in. Either do it or forget it No more siting around & talking about it. No more psychedelic circle jerks. You've got it, you know how it works, you know what it'll do. Do it. Otherwise, go home. printed by the communication company [flush left] 1/28/67 [flush right]
Trans Title:Every time somebody has turned on a whole crowd . . .
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