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Catalog No.:xCC-000
Title:NOW newold news know splashflash entirely beautiful
Publisher:Communication Company
Place:San Francisco
Exact Date:1/31/1967
Date Notes:N.d., ca.
Abstract:Manifesto written by the Diggers, January, 1967.
Full Text:NOW newold news know splashflash entirely beautiful and know learn begin imagine how beautiful we having no past always were and shall become and be and be The DIGGERS gladly accept the DIGGERS gladly accept Comerad Hilton's generous offer of his building and declare it done and given over to the ramakrishna rescue mission and wish that it be inhabited by everyone who thinks it beautiful and particularly compassionate robots for uncomprehending old manwoman progenitors of NOW YOU ARE sleep in enriching soil lifeforms now awake The DIGGERS gladly accept the generous gift of funds to the new free legal aid office by the partnership of Owlslee Super-cosmic Distributors and trust that their next time will be free and it is all we are all beautiful GOOD MORNING GENTLE LOVING DEEP FRIENDS we are NOW the god module of the SUPER FREAK OUT TIME IT IS BEAUTIFULAND IT IS RIGHT NOW AND IT IS NOW AND NOW AND NOW [Reverse side:] APPROXIMATELY PUBLIC EXPLANATION APPROXIMATELY EXPLAINING SAME OLD NEW RECURRING SPACE TIME EVENT PUBLICLY UNEVENTFUL IF YOU HAVE MONEY IF YOU HAVE MONEY IF YOU HAVE EXISTENCE IN MONEY IF YOU ARE MONEY IF MONEY HAS IF MONEY IS IF IS IF IS BUY SOME SPACE IN THE UNIVERSE RENT SOME TIME IN ETERNITY PAY SOME MONEY FOR A PLACE WHERE YOU MAY LEGALLY BE IF YOU FIRM IN THE CONVICTION OF OUT EVICTION FROM WE SUPPORT VENEREAL TUBUCULAR BUBOMIC DISEASE IN THE MINDCELLS OF THE PUBLIC OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT'S LACKING DIFFERENTIATION BETWEEN SPERM GERMS FLU STEW SUPPORT MENTAL DISEASE IN THE PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTING PUT YOUR MONEY IN THE SLOT IT FEELS SO GOOD NOW YOU CAN LEGALLY george metevsky is pleased to announce that the menu is in the total sense unchanged. FOOLS UNCOMPREHENDING CALMLY KILLING IMAGINARY TIGERS FIND UNENDING CONSCIOUS KRISHNALIKE INFINITIES TANGIBLE FRIENDS UNFEARING CLEAR KIND IMMENSELY TOUCH FANATICS UNIFY COOL KINGS INCITING TOWERS FANTASTICALLY UNITE COME KINETICALLY INTENSELY TREMBLING FLY UNITED COMPASSIONATELY KARMICALLY INSANITY TERMINATED FLOWERING UNION COLORFUL KINETICS IN TIME BROTHERS WE LOVE YOU
Trans Title:NOW newold news know splashflash entirely beautiful
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