Subsequent Digger News, &c.



Each of the first set of street sheets that appeared in the Fall of 1966 was signed with a distinctive letter spacing, thus: "THE D I G G E R S" which caused people to wonder about this new mystery group. Subsequent to the first flurry of "Digger Papers" (as they were instantly dubbed in the Berkeley Barb), the original founders (and a group of like minded individuals who quickly joined in the fray) continued to issue manifestos, pronouncements, public newsense and Free News. The Communication Company, with their "beautiful" Gestetner machines, took on the publishing role starting in January 1967, and Free City took over when the equipment changed hands in late summer 1967. The Free City Collective then continued issuing Free News through late spring 1968. At that point, the Sutter Street Commune began operating the Free Print Shop which would become a major organ for dispensing Digger literature.






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