The Digger Papers (August, 1968)

Page Seventeen

Address List

Unless otherwise indicated, the following groups may be contacted c/o:

The Diggers
P.O. Box 31321
Diamond Hts. Sta.
San Francisco, Cal. 94131

Free City Bank

—provides necessary funds for rents and the maintenance of Free City services and families; to help, send free money (tax-deductible checks, money orders should be made payable to Glide Foundation/Free City Bank).

Free City Planning & Conference Committee

—write for information on future conferences, or to inform the committee of available or donated free land, houses, farms, etc., or to send free money donations to stage events and celebrations.

Free City News and Communication Company

—telephone news items/bulletins to 415-664-7058; mail your free news (travel notes, recipes, addresses of places to stay & be fed anywhere on the planet, free services you know about or perform, information of special free events, etc.); also will print propaganda for you and your brothers — beautiful poems — important articles (tax-deductible donations for ink/paper made payable to Glide Foundation/Free City News).

Free City Garage & Vehicle Repair Shop

—bring your broken machine to 1809 Oak St. or call Richie for appointment and information evenings at 664-7058; to donate tools, parts, mechanical experience, cars, etc., call Richie at above number or write Free City Garage c/o The Diggers.

Free Food Distribution Center

—write if you have food we can pick up or need free food information for your family, or send free money for free food and rent of storehouse (tax-deductible donations made payable to Glide Foundation/Free Food).


—Free City needs Bay Area doctors who are willing to donate some time each week to make house calls and treat the sick in San Francisco; interested MDs should write to Free City Medical Thing c/o The Diggers.

Black Man's Free Store

—call store and truck will pick up whatever (clothes, furniture, appliances — no throwaway or useless crap) you have for free: 1099 McAllister (at Webster) 922-9841.

Provos & Free Store

—2286 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley; 848-7758.

Black Man's Bookstore

The More: 1413 Fillmore St., 931-3332

Western Addition Library

—specializes in Afro-History: 1550 Scott St.

Black Panther Party

—Huey Newton Defense Fund and the Black Community News Service (See inside back cover).

Free City Puppet Show

—call Lindon: 863-8162

Bail Project

—gets prisoners awaiting trial freed on their own recognizance: 552-2202

Free Medical Clinic


Haight-Ashbury Switchboard

—acts as a mailing address, message and information center for new arrivals and regular residents: 1830 Fell St., 415-387-3575

Rolling Stone

—free classified ads for musicians: 746 Brannan St., 552-2970

Free Tattoos

—beautiful & obscene enough to keep you out of the army: Contact R. H. c/o Elliot Mintz, KPFK, Los Angeles; 213-877-5583 or 984-2420

Radical Booking Agency

—finds bookings for radical performers, groups: c/o Drama Review, 32 Washington Place N.Y. 10003; or contact R. G. Davis c/o Mime Troupe, 924 Howard St., San Francisco; GA 1-1984.

Real Great Society

—and University of the Streets —New York City lower east side gangs formed these two agencies: Chino Garcia, 212-254-0239


—after midnight community radio provides air-time for no-bullshit individuals & groups who are into something: Bob Fass, 30 E. 39 St., N.Y., 212-OX 7-2288


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