The Digger Papers (August,  1968)

Memo to the Reader

Realist Edition, Cover Page

The only difference between the Free and the Realist editions of The Digger Papers was the cover. The large graphic of the Hopi Indian Running Man symbol, which dominated the Free cover, was shrunk to one corner. The Realist's logo, return address block, and colophon all occupied the other three corners. The most interesting difference between the two editions, though, was the Memo to the Reader which, from a historian's perspective, provides vital clues to the influences that the Diggers acknowledged.

When Time magazine decided to do a cover story on the hippies last year, a cable to their San Francisco bureau instructed researchers to "go at the description and delineation of the subculture as if you were studying the Samoans or the Trobriand Islanders."

Thus were they supposed to remain--a frozen fad for posterity.

But a few months ago, police rioted on Haight St. Next day, at a town hall meeting in the Straight Theater, the spectrum of reaction ranged from "Let's have another be-in" to "We gotta get guns!" A compromise was reached: bottles painted Love were thrown at the cops.

And yet, the question remains--What is being defended?

This issue of the Realist, therefore, has been created entirely by The Diggers, in an attempt to convey the flavor and feeling-tone of a revolutionary community.

An inadequate list of the brothers and sisters whose work is represented in this document:

Antonin Artaud, Richard, Avedon, Billy Batman, Peter Berg, Wally Berman, Richard Brautigan, Bryden, William Burroughs, Martin Carey, Neil Cassidy, Fidel Castro, Don Cochran, Peter Cohon, Gregory Corso, Dangerfield, Kirby Doyle, Bill Fritsch, Allen Ginsberg, Emmett Grogan, Dave Hazelwood, George Hermes, Linn House, Lenore Kandel, Billy Landout, Norman Mailer, Don Martin, Michael McClure, George Metesky, George Montana, Malcolm X, Natural Suzanne, Huey Newton, Pam Parker, Rose-a-Lee, David Simpson, Gary Snyder, Ron Thelin, Rip Torn, Time Inc., Lew Welch, Thomas Weir, Gerard Winstanley, and Anonymous.

The contents herein are not copyrighted. Anyone may reprint anything without permission. Additional copies are available at the rate of 5 for $l. The Diggers have been given 40,000 copies to spread their word: free.

The 10th anniversary issue of the Realist will be out in June.


No. 81 August, 1968 35c

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