Free City News (1967-68)

(Clipped Set #2)


Scanned images and full text transcriptions of the individual pages distributed as one set of Free City sheets in late summer 1967 in San Francisco. (The set was bound with a paper clip in the upper left corner.)

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And the city was pure gold,
like unto clear glass.
And the gates of it shall not be shut
at all by day,
for there shall be no night there.




They were immigrants who had come from too far off for their lord to be traced and who, since their serfdom could not be presumed, necessarily passed for free, although born of unfree parents.
But the fact had to be transformed into a right.
It was essential that the villeins, who came to settle in the towns to seek a new livelihood, should feel safe and should not have to fear being taken back by force to the manors from which they had escaped. 
They must be delivered from labour services and from all the hated dues by which the servile population was burdened, such as the obligation to marry only a woman of their own class and leave to the lord part of their inheritance.
Willy-nilly, in the course of the twelfth century these claims, backed up as they often were by dangerous revolts, had to be granted.
The most obstinate conservatives, such as Gilbert de Nogent, in 1115, were reduced to a wordy revenge, speaking of those detestable communes which the serfs had set up to escape from their lord's authority and to do away with his most lawful rights.
Freedom became the legal status of the bourgeoisie, so much so that it was no longer a personal privilege only, but a territorial one, inherent in urban soil just as serfdom was in manorial soil. 
In order to obtain it, it was enough to have resided for a year and a day within the walls of the town.
Stadtluft Macht Free! ------ City Air Makes a Man Free


And then, of course, the cops came

fuck yourself
make your own dildo
pick your nose smell your 
armpits stroke your cunt scratch
your balls finger your ass goose
your neighbor fart in the bathtub
belch in the ballroom puke in the 
streets scream and sweat and swear
fuck yourself



Chapter I The Cave Man
During the prehistoric ages man lived like half-naked savages and the[y] ate prehistoric mammals such as mammoth and so on and so on. Today we have big wars but the cave man did not have big wars. One man would fight with the other and they did not have the weapons we have today. They had clubs. The cave man got clubs from a kind of small dinosaur. They communicated with sign language and they drew signs on the cave wall. They made dye out of berries, leaves, chalk, charcoal and other things.
Chapter II The Roaring 20's
The roaring 20's was just after the 1st World War. Now they had big wars! They had guns and other weapons. And they had cars. And they had factories. Which the cave man did not have. And they had wooden houses. And they had cloth for clothes. They had a deal of other things that the cave man did not have. 
Chapter III The 20th Century
Now scientists and architects bbilt rockets to go to the moon. But they failed!

Just a big TV show,
The real specialtruereportextravaganza
we've been waiting and praying for 
all these long, twitching years.
Written and directed by history, 
bullshit diety and creator--
The finale flashes 
after the latelatereallysolate show,
just as the anthem 
doesn't make it,
and right on cue
all the second-rate gods
Richman, Poorman, Middleclassman,
Workingclassman, Whiteman, Black-
man, Whitey, Nigger, Kike, Wop,
Slopehead, Businessman, Hustler,
Dealer, Doctor, Lawyer, Hippie,
Intellectual, Artist, Radical,
Poet, Indian, Guru, Revolutionary,
et al, YOU?
Before the shrieking tube
in a pool of dark blood
thickening to the texture of honey,
created at last,
in the ultimate image
of their own and everybody's
bad dream
There is sun, blood, fire
There is no heaven, no hell
There are many gods
There is one god
There is no god
I will read only my lines until..

[Image without text]

Politic contained herein highly suspect to
     all authority prisoners.
Social possibilities of real theatre ritual
     and instant real.
What does real mean in the context of
     mass media?
Texts dealing with national problems in the
     midst of armed revolution are often the
     only valid news.
What texts are valid in an essentially non-
     shooting revolution?
Paying for sex is one good place to begin
What is an electric janitor?
[Graphic image]
The troops returning with Tibetan chancres--
     Cambodian bowel conditions--jungle emmis-
     sions of all kinds. Troops deserting.
News is riots in Detroit hooker hotels.
News means reflexive self-liberation in terms
     of being on one's own terms
Liberation as evolutionary handling of your
     own evolution.
In terms of never being afraid again.
In terms of creating your own lifestyle.
In terms of celebrating the planet.
In terms of man to man confrontation because
     we love to fuck and fight and eat and
     run and speak for ourselves.



[Back page, only verso side printed]

Fuck Off

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