Free City News (1967-68)

(Clipped Set #1)

Published October, 1967


Scanned images and full text transcriptions of the individual pages distributed as one set of Free City sheets in late summer 1967 in San Francisco. (The set was bound with a paper clip in the upper left corner.)

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[Hopi Running Man graphic]


News of the day * News of the day * News of the day* News of the day * News

This is a political newspaper
This is not a political newspaper
This newspaper is your fantasy
Long-hairs mob Romney in Panhandle. Who is the leader?
Statement of revolution by prominent Cuban: "We don't talk very much of Marxism anymore. Our goal is a free society, a genuine democracy in which all the people are intergrated through their own constant, active participation in the continuing struggle required for a man to feel free and be free. To achieve the basis of that kind of society, man must first defeat his exploiter. To do so, in view of the reality that the exploiter is always richer, stronger, bigger, each man must particularize the struggle into his personal life and generalize his personal commitment, if he can, he can defeat any exploiter whose motivation is greed and possession. That is why the Vietnamese cannot be defeated by the armed technological might of the United States. Each Vietnamese fights for his revolution. His own and all of theirs together. He fights for himself, for his country, and for his vision of a just world. That combination is undefeatable. We, too, in the Americas, are gaining such a combination."
How to make a fire bomb: Fill a glass bottle about one-fifth to one-fourth full with sulphuric acid. Fill the remainder with gasoline, kerosene, or a combination of both. Add water to potassium chlorate and sugar mix, and soak rags in the mix. Wrap the rags around the bottle, tie in place, and allow to dry. When thrown the bottle will break, the acid will ignite the chlorate sugar saturated rags, which in turn will ignite the fuel. Caution!! Improvised explosives are much more dangerous to handle than conventional explosives. Such mixtures as above can be ignited or detonate by a single spark, excessive heat, or merely by friction generated by stirring or mixing ingredients together. Danger in handling these items cannot be overemphasized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flash. .l . .Straight Theater to become public domain. . . .Daily Free community worship. . . .
Winter Solstice [about December 21 or 22] is the Saturnalia!!!
San Francisco to be first Free City on the planet by end of '68 or middle of 1969 the latest.
News from the Other. . . Absolutely nothing. . .
The ghost of Malcolm X walks down Broadway, Anytown, U.S.A.
Private property; geographical, sexual, intellectual, spiritual, commodity, now being expropriated for public domain. All prisons, creations of property statements, breaking under strain. Estimated over 80% of world-prisoners released upon liberation of property.
Extra::::::: Death of the Hippie October 6. Birth of the Free-Man October 7.
Free prisoners San Quentin light show and rock dance in a month.
Nationwide caravan to Washington arrive Oct. 21 for Exorcism of Pentagon.
When acting and actor disappear all actions become correct.


Strange Angel -- You're As Holy As You'll Ever Be -- If You're Not Free Now, Why Not? -- Who's Got Your String -- Let It Burn -- Let It Run-- Let It Go -- Holy Is A Peacock Mind -- Angel Is A State Of Grace -- Angel Karma Is A Coat Of Stars -- The Ground You Stand On Is Liberated Territory -- Hermaphroditic Deities Fuck Forever -- Free -- Free -- Free

It's being unusually dark the other morning, I went downtown to the framestore where the salesman, who was very polite, showed me a fine old 1914 model, a racy '23, and a simple but practical '38. I thanked him but told him I wasn't a collector and what I really needed was the 1967 model.
Also the Sun
He said that he understood but that the '67 wasn't expected until sometime early in the next century. When I asked why he said that I would have to be patient since these things take time, you know, and money. I told him that all of that was well and good but that it was 1967 and it was only logical that...and he said that we should be grateful, you know, because the world's leading scientists and technicians were hard at work on the 1946 model.
  '04 BArch -- Robert C. Dunbar lives with his daughter Mary (Mrs. H. S. Strandness), Jamestown College Box 82, Jamestown, N.D. He is still an ardent Cornellian--singing the Alma Mater and other Cornell favorites daily. He says his brain is going haywire and his eyes are only ornaments, but as long as the sun rises and the rivers flow, he will not forget Cornell.
Which, he felt, would rival even the classic 1866. When I said that all I wanted to do was keep count he told me I was lucky to have the choices that I did and that in China and Africa, you know......and, after all, while he and I might be ready for a '48 model or even a '49, the average sun-worshipper could hardly be expected, you know......too hot, you know, to handle, you know and then
That's when he called to police and had me busted for disturbing the peace; claimed I'd smashed up and elegant old '28 he'd been saving for his wife.


What Image Gaping From The Cunts of America

Run  With  It
                             Tumble To It
the thing that has to
in 68 the new awareness is going to spread like wildfire
Just Looking Around
hippie digger white-nigger- gypsy not indian hunkie seller
news too no mater what you watch fall guy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
     "your too young"
     "because you fucking people stink"
     "because you fucking people stink"
     "that colored guy"
                    "Your To Young To Drink Here"
     "why don't the hippies handle it"
     'one cop car drove thru said make love not war'
     ....you, you,.....bianci!
it's a little dangerous too ---nice!---interesting
vicarious bands ghettos entered by FBI looking
for somebody else
-----this is really going to happen ---------
Give IT away.
Know many things, make something happen!!!!!
get tight with your immediate friends;
                   its a search for brothers.
get a gun, load it, then shoot it only
                   when your killingxxxanything
You Are The Target
Love: love everything you do; love dope, love dance, love doing, love yourself, love woman,,,,,,,,,,,,,
     "realization is the point of decision"
     "fear of self assertion, is authority"
Listen to those who are giving it away--
free    -    free    -    free    -     is the only place for it to go --
listen to them, then listen too.   Run with It.






Are the Mothers of America Avatars of Delilah?
Has the Barber's Union infiltrated the entire society?
What's the matter with hair?

During most of recorded history men have worn their hair below the collar. For a relatively short time men have rallied round the shears and bared their necks to the curious [could this be in secret expectation of the headsman's axe]. Now that the trend has shifted back toward a more natural growth, those preferring clippers to tresses have reacted with the sort of righteous indignation one could expect if their own balls had been threatened.
This is more than somewhat odd when you consider that the historybook heroes of America are almost all long-haired. Even odder when you consider that every day thousands and thousands of the devout make worship to a long haired Jesus.

Do they consider long hair too good for you? Are they saving it for a vision of paradise? Or do angels have crewcuts in Whiteman's heaven? Standing behind a number of barbershop do-rights or shorn men, I note the reddish pimply effect prevalent on the nape of the neck, apparently from close razoring. Not being a reddish pimply nape freak I don't find this a turn-on.
But the long-hairs - well, maybe that's part of the hostility, the shorn men are jealous because they think you're getting laid more. They're right of course, but they must also realize it's your whole way of being and not just the hair or else they'ed be home nights pulling at their hair instead of their dicks.
They say they can't tell the girls from the boys? This is a problem most of us solved on a bilateral basis in kindergarten: if the length of the hair is their only clue, no wonder they're up tight. Yeah, it's jealousy baby. Don't get bugged - just be beautiful. And long may it wave!


R A P   S H E E T

[Listings of Free Food, Free Stores, Communes, Switchboards, etc. in San Francisco, and other U.S. and European cities.]



here lies Bob Dylan
from behind
by trembling flesh
who after being refused by lazarus
jumped on him for solitude
but was amazed to discover
that he was already
a streetcar &
that was exactly the end
of Bob Dylan

he now lies in Mrs. Actually's
beauty parlor
God rest his soul
& his rudeness

two brothers
& a naked mama's boy
who looks like Jesus Christ
can now share the remains
of his sickness
& his phone numbers
there is no strength
to give away-
everybody now
can just have it back

here lies bob dylan
demolished by Vienna politeness
which will now claim to have invented him
the cool people can
now write Fugues about him
& Cupid can now kick over his kerosene lamp--
bob dylan--killed by a discarded Oedipus
who turned
to investigate a ghost
& discovered that
the ghost
was more than one person


...Do My Thing   Do My Thing   Shame on me...

It's time we caved in the wrong America. We have been betrayed by a mad Senate. Congress has just broken through to the precipice of eternity.
Men Are Out Of Touch With The Earth
We are trapped in disappearance - sighing, screaming with it. Buying and selling pieces of phantom - worshipping each other.
Free Food Is Good Soup.
Longing or inevitability leaps about us enough to cancel all that comes and what comes is gone forever every time. That leaves it open for no regret.
The Road Of Excess Leads To The Palace Of Wisdom.
To be rich today is to possess the greatest number of impoverished objects and doesn't mean anything except too much grass and soft foods and goofy kicks on the cool order
The government of America will rise and fall in episodes of political struggles. And Hollywood whose movies stick in the throat of god will rot on the windmills of eternity. For this is the doom of money - this is the end of the money chant shrieking mad celestial money of illusion - money made of nothing - money of failure money of death and suicide - money against eternity - ownersownersowners with your obsession on property and vanishing selfhood this is really it. Money has reckoned the soul of America
We Are Strange Brothers And Sisters
Ideologies and governments only play an episodic role     The unnatural state of the universe will only disappear with the last traces of hierarchical power    Turn on to your own creativity    Be autonomous    Stop surviving start living
We are the offspring of midtwentieth century broken consciousness     No longer lonesome for our heroes. And we have small minds and mean to use them
[Top right corner, landscape orientation, In faint printing, several lines from one of the Digger songs:]
Gainst Lawyers and gainst Priests,
    stand up now.
For tyrants they are both, even flat
    against their oath,
To grant us they are loath, free
    meat and drink and cloth.
Stand up now, Diggers all!
To conquer them by love, come in
    now, come in now
To conquer them by love, come in
No power is like to love
Glory here, Diggers all!


Free Food

          Lion Meat
          Soul Vegetables
          Blue Chip Dairy Goods

                    Everymorning delivered to
                    your commune.

          Fresh Fish
                    Ripe Fruit
                              Solid Greens

                    Everyevening feed the brothers
                    and sisters in your house.

It's Free Because It's Yours

              Give your address and the number of
              people in the commune to the behind
              the counter cousin at the Psychedelic


                                 ...Must Be Done Now...


Spinning Like A Ghost

   On The Bottom Of A

I'm Haunted By All
The Space That I
Will Live Without


[Poem printed inside a drawing depicting three Egyptian figures. The text surrounding this graphic is an "Enumeration of erotic postures" listing 87 sex positions, with terminology such as "The man is pedicated while standing."]


Daytime Paranoia Becomes A Joke At Night

Some false-bottom fear holds downtown day in a homeless comicstrip. Waiting for a payoff from parking meters? Flames to erupt from desks full of guilty gum-wrappers? Boring late-to-work lies - just one float flight slip skip could lose a living nobody's making and then where? Discontinued.
BusFace to LunchFace. Sidewalk strangers even at apathetic 4 o'clock only touch in recoil. StreetFace to HomeFace. Hear who really happened on the 7 o'clock news.
Abstract China and somebody else's riot.
Black Muslim minister in Cleveland predicted a solar eclipse in June as Allah's sign of impending war with China. Cleveland's mayor tried to cover - National Guard troops if there was no eclipse, a promise that troops would remain in Cleveland Armory if there was an eclipse and war.
Bombgod Nickeldime Mind!
Downtown faces, can you look in the mayor's eyes? There is no pushbutton for the sun and billyclubs pump more blood than you can swallow. Are you afraid to vomit salary and turn off atomic commercials? Bombgod is a deadpan ghost shaking down old ladies for life insurance.
We need not apply to job bodycounters. Up all night being meteors finally laid off. Locked out screwed and screwing, thank youi. Celestial spine work paid in grace.
RISK ROOF - to be in the night together whose bed.
RISK FOOD - harvesting machines leave half a crop to rot, fishing boats junk half a catch - feasts waiting for celebrants.
Start With One Spine And Stars. Bombgod Gets The Living Dead.

[Graphic image, no text]


The Underground Press Syndicate
Is A Self-Indulgent Bore & Rigged-Up Bullshit Fraud

     Saturday Eve Post
ALL the old bald-headed journals of NOTHINGNESS
have buildt-up the UPS as formally representing the people(s) of the New Culture
this is the same old American Flag con routine
there are thirty-odd papers in the Syndicate
                       few have ever been seen
much less    read     by the very people
        who they are supposed to be "representing"
of these papers actually reflect the problems
          of those involved in the day-to-day hassels
of living in those cities   from which these papers
              are published
they are all operating out of an ABSTRACT policy
from any concrete NEED    which the position    taken
     by it's readership     has imposed upon them
The Newspapers Of The Underground Exist
In An Invisible Fatherland
Aloft In A Heaven Of International Popularity & Longhair Prosperity
While I was Music Editor at the East Village Other (EVO) I was asked to write a piece on Bob Dylan. I handed in the piece along with photographs. After several weeks the work did not appear.
I asked the editors when it would appear. "Why should we tell you when it will be published or even if we intend to publish it at all" Finally it appeared:
whole sections had been reworded   the entire piece had been shortened by one third the original length & had been set upon the page as to look like an advertisement for Columbia Records.      It was signed with my name.
The L.A. Free Press is laid out in such a way, that the written copy is squeezed inbetween the advertisement space. NO WRITER ON THE "FREE" PRESS HAS SEEN HIS ARTICLE PRINTED EXACTLY AS IT WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN.
         This is what Editors of the UPS call: 
"Editorial Prerogative"
Newspapers are Mind-Death....    Newspapers are Old Forms in papery disguises....
Foresake the theives that drive past you when you need a ride!!!!
No Newspaper calling itself "Underground" is worth 35
The information printed herein costs you nothing & very well may help you
                          Be Your Own Manager....
                You Are Your Own Alternative....
You Are San Francisco & San Francisco
          Is A Free City....
You Are A Free City!!!!


For when you're alone
When you're alone like we are alone
You're either or neither
I tell you again it don't apply
Death or life or life or death
Death is life and life is death
I gotta use words when I talk to you
But if you understand or you don't
That's nothing to me and nothing to you
We all gotta do what we gotta do

"I dreamed a copy, an old cop,/ a whitehaired cop bowed sad on a sofa / knowing in life he carried a gun / and when that realization moved him down on the sofa / he wept to know Man."

[Back page, only verso side printed]



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