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From: Kevin Reed (, 12/27/95.
I'm so glad to have found you. Time to go back to good times.
From: Mark S. Goldstein (, 12/27/95.
Just another old Hippie checking in, Living the Woodstock Nation Dream. Peace, Love and Tie Dye.................Mark
From: James H. Diggs (, 12/24/95.
I am finally on-line with our newer technologies and am so greatly pleased to find a site that knows of the Diggers. Four and five years ago, I had a project I called "a bridge" using my hand-written and xeroxed pages(an m2m, if you will). That is my attempt to at least talk about a future moneyless, stateless, and godlesss social structure and I did at that time develop a list of respondents to that idea. Which I am now trying to think of ways of getting back in touch with like-minded people.Did I haappen to score with you even though you may not have been on my list of respondents?I have used the term "a bridge" to refer to our transitioning from the present authoritarian, heirarchical, anti-life structureto free,egalitarian structure based upon everyone sharing in the manual labor necessary to meet our joint and mutual human needs. Plesde respond if you have had some of these thoughts before but did not have anyne to express them to. Thank you in advance.
From: Joe Kimmins (, 12/20/95.
My generation is still alive! Thanks for keeping the faith. It was hard to be free in Tennessee, Georgia, and D.C., so I spent 15 yrs in Africa. Now I'm in Neverland Hawaii and loving life here. Have a good job too. Aloha ...
From: aRKADY (), 12/18/95.
OM NAMAH SHIVAYAH! visit the Siddha Yoga Meditation center in Oakland, on Stanford & San Pablo (1107 Stanford) (510) 655-8677
From: arkady Litvak (, 12/18/95.
From: glen bennett (dont know), 12/15/95.
emmett rules !
From: Marie Robin (), 12/14/95.
Grreat, to find you here, alive and kicking. I'm working on acquiring the skills for "gypsy-life", learning how to drive my horsecarriage (or is it wagon?), I hope to be able to go find your commune(s) and meet, work, and enjoy with you some day. Lots of love, and a warm hug from wintercold Roskilde,DK
From: Gil Robison/Konchog Dorje (, 12/10/95.
It is nice coming across tihs page. I lived in SF in the late 60's and 70's. Nice to see Kaliflower and the Angels of Light at least listed. I sometimes wonder what happened to my friends and lovers among them, as well as the Cockettes.
From: Ronald Linthout (Ronald.Linthout_yada@Ping.Be), 12/09/95.
I'm thinking about it for a long time of permitting reviews of the "forgotten" LP's from the lesser-known late sixties artists. Bands like PEPPERMINT RAINBOW, PAPER GARDEN, LOS BRAVOS, LOVE GENERATION, MERCHANTS OF DREAM. AIt should be a tribute to those people who made good-time, happy straightforward melodic orchestrated pop. You know the kind I mean when I'm talking about bands who used a lot of keywords like: love, happy, tambourine, sunshine, rainbow, groovy, summertime, flowers, cotton candy, marshmellows,... titles such as Mr.Flynn's toy shop, the technicolor milkshake (just made these up). There a hundreds of these enjoyable albums, but I will disregard progressive,garage, depressing music (Dylan,Cohen,Jefferson Airplane), country-rock,blues and R&B. Only happy uplifting music! Are you interested? I've got A LOT OF THEM!
From: Bob Fischer (, 12/09/95.
Good to see you!
From: Billy Batman (, 12/08/95.
Subterranean whispers of maddening visions...
From: Rod Michael (, 12/07/95.
Your only as real as you feel.
From: Jordan Fink! (, 12/06/95.
any YIP (or zippie) groups out there?
From: Nate Kasper (, 12/05/95.
" If the World is a Stage, then appoint me your Electric Stagehand." -- Jimi Later Nate Kasper -- Fly on!
From: Eric Caraway (, 12/05/95.
I've just got a thing to say. I wantto drive that bus come May. All my life I've been makin' em run, this time around I want to go FURTHER. I feel Neal inside of me, he's smilin' and jinglin' silver keys. Let's go for that trip, you and I.
From: [Message removed at request of sender] 
From: Jason Shapiro (, 12/04/95.
From: Finkperson (, 12/04/95.
I forgot to leave an e-mail address before so:YIP! Yip! Yippie!
From: James McInish (, 12/03/95.
1st time here. I wasn't a digger but I was a freak. Thanks for the site.
From: Kandalyn Hahn (, 12/03/95.
Images are great! Hope to use them in a presentation to 1st year historic preservation grad students at Cornell on San Fran. We'll see if they are tuned in!
From: Colin Dowsett (compuserve_yada@100746,, 12/03/95.
New to the net was looking for sites containing HELLS ANGLES MC WORLD but found my way here, so i'm to look around
From: Julie & Steve (, 12/02/95.
Hi Eric, I'm showing my husband how to use internet/www. He doesn't know but we might be on (underwater) tomorrow. I'll let you know if we are. If you drive nearby for Christmas, please feel free to come and visit or stay.
From: paul micheal currie (, 11/30/95.
From: paul micheal currie (), 11/30/95.
From: Finkperson (), 11/29/95.
To the question about modern Yippies: I don't really know but read Abbie Hoffman's Revolution For the Hell of It, Woodstock Nation, Soon To Be a Major Motion Picture, and Steal This Book. Also read Jerry Rubin's We Are Everywhere. To add to the question: any YIP groups in Portland Oregon? how 'bout weatherpeople? Yippie!
From: Doug Aberley (, 11/29/95.
Eric, you've done a great service. There are histories that are not about male politicians, and war, and the building of the earth into a machine. If the legacy of the hippies, anarchists, anarchist geographers, early feminists, regionalists, etc., can be 'remembered' we have a tremendous head start at nurturing a socially just and ecologically sound future. I am looking into the tie between 1960's era social transformation movements and the contemporary bioregional movement. When I have completed building extensive chronologies I will send them down to you. outlaw memory of reistance and renewal...something far beyonf nostalgia...a map to the territory of hope.
From: Mike Taylor (, 11/29/95.
From: New Hippie (Live it up), 11/28/95.
I would like to know if there are any yippies left?
From: (), 11/28/95.
From: Ezekie Nichols (I'm not sure it's my uncle's), 11/28/95.
From: Bill Chamberlain (, 11/27/95.
From: Duke Devlin (, 11/26/95.
The 90's are the 60's turned upside down.
From: (), 11/26/95.
From: Skeeter Sanders (, 11/26/95.
What a surprise to find a Diggers page on the Web! I was only 11 years old and living in my native New York City during the Diggers' most famous period (I hesitate to say "heyday," because I believe the Diggers are still very much alive in the incarnation of Food Not Bombs), and thus too young to have experienced the full range of the Haight-Ashbury scene from 1965-70. But I lived in San Francisco from 1982 to 1994 -- in the Haight from 1987 to 1989 -- and every time I walked down Haight Street, I could feel the sprits of that era still floating through the neighborhood. For years, I've often wondered "where have all the flower children (who are STILL flower children) gone?" At last, I know now where some of them are -- on the Net! And I'd love to exchange memories, thoughts -- whatever -- with them. I'm a new Net kid on the block and sorting my way through before sending e-mail to anyone, but feel free to send some e-mail my way. Thanks for creating this Web site.
From: Rich Lawson (, 11/24/95.
I just got here and haven't had time to look at your page. If this is about San Francisco in the sixties, I was on Haight and Stanyon on Easter weekend 1968 after two years in the Army. It was very strange: the Army that is. Rich
From: T. Ahonen (, 11/23/95.
From: Michelle Smiley (MSMILEY_yada@JCPENNEY.COM), 11/22/95.
From: Kelly Randall (, 11/22/95.
From: Dave Fowler (, 11/20/95.
Just a note that the Museum of the City of San Francisco has linked to your homepage. The URL is: Its amazing to recall the Mimeographed postings of the Dggers and watching the cops tear them down from lamposts and fronts of abandoned stores in the Haight. Dave San Francisco
From: Andrea Gough (Rain699077), 11/17/95.
Eighteen years old and didn't find my true home until this past summer in San Francisco...hope to be seeing you there come june of next year. And before I go, can anyone tell me anything about the Vagabond Poet - Tony Seldin? I'm a poet myself and I really dig him, but I can't find any info on him anywhere...
From: Jill Silos (, 11/16/95.
I am a Ph.d. student in history working on cultural radicalism. The Diggers were the basis of an important part of my Master's thesis and will continue developing this history. Would love to converse with interested parties.
From: Arpn Pieman Kay (, 11/16/95.
I was a Digger back in the '60s in LA. I used to help manage a group known as Green Power Feeds Millions, which fed at protests and love- ins every Sunday at Griffith Park. Later, I became the Yippie pie thrower in NYC. I still hold the same ideals in my heart I held then.
From: Paul Rodolfo Rodriguez (, 11/15/95.
Universal Fluidity
From: Paul Rodolfo Rodriguez (, 11/15/95.
Universal Fluidity
From: serch (, 11/13/95.
From: (), 11/13/95.
From: marcel (, 11/13/95.
Is there a listing of hippie internet sites?
From: Swami Kogananda (, 11/11/95.
Was suprised at fine page like this. Information on Japansese hippies living in Suwanose island is available at:
From: Laine Harling (, 11/08/95.
Well this is a suprise to be able to jump from Grogan's book to the a Digger home page. I found myself drawn to the charactor of Grogan which was portrayed in Ringolevio. Growing up in Florida I didn't really get into the scene until it was already over. I am forty-five and still feel twenty five. Been looking for a place to hang my hat so to speak. I live on twelve acres in "Corncob" North Carolina. I have been to San Francisco many times. Hope to check you folks again and look foward to exploring your effort to keep a very viable idea alive. I have quested for many years and look foward to hearing from any one out there who has experianced the life acting traits as so described. Its wonderful to be here. Laine
From: Finkperson (), 11/08/95.
Wow! I great to see that the diggers have a page of their own! Nead more info on Yippie! and Chicago '98. It's strange but there are only a few mentionings to Hoffman, Rubin, and Krassner. Pages like this will help fight Amerika!
From: Richard Petersen (, 11/03/95.
Great site! From the Brief History of San Francisco page.
From: nels (, 10/23/95.
a nod of the shovel to those both above and underground.
From: nels (, 10/23/95.
a nod of the shovel to those both above and underground.
From: Rick Meredith (, 10/21/95.
From: Ron Partridge (, 10/20/95.
I spent a week in the Haight in 1969 when I was eleven years old...
From: gerry m.finn (, 10/18/95.
sending out a call to Emmett Grogan/Ken Wisdom do chara in Dublin,friend of the Brazen Head Inn. I looked around the Haight in '92, saw Gerome at 'Electric On The Eel', but no one could help enough. Cool show though. What happened to Kenneth Wisdom after he finished writting his book? Does he think that ringolevio beats hurley? Has he succumed to the P.J.O'Rourkes of this world? Is he still alive? As a child of a child of the "sixties" I would love to know! REACH OUT AND TOUCH.
From: gerry m.finn (, 10/18/95.
sending out a call to Emmett Grogan/Ken Wisdom do chara in Dublin,friend of the Brazen Head Inn. I looked around the Haight in '92, saw Gerome at 'Electric On The Eel', but no one could help enough. Cool show though. What happened to Kenneth Wisdom after he finished writting his book? Does he think that ringolevio beats hurley? Has he succumed to the P.J.O'Rourkes of this world? Is he still alive? As a child of a child of the "sixties" I would love to know! REACH OUT AND TOUCH.
From: Grim Skunk (, 10/17/95.
Emmett Grogan was one of the origanal wild one's for sure. I just hope they make a film one day soon about the diggers. We're still on the road of excess that leads to the palace of wisdom. check out our Grim Skunk home sight if you'd like :
From: Eugene Wisdom (), 10/17/95.
Message in a bottle, man.
From: Lincoln Mongillo (, 10/17/95.
Dear Diggers You all have been so insprational to my scene. Oh I am a dead head so.. I can't thank you for the history and love and compashion for other people you all represent So thanks again and stay in touch please..... NFA lincoln Mongillo
From: (), 10/16/95.
chickens? in berkeley?
From: ji kho (, 10/15/95.
i find your chickens unappealing
From: Joe Gaffney (, 10/15/95.
Early Steve Miller fan
From: Deanna Ranneklev (, 10/11/95.
pretty "groovy" to find you here! Get more goodies on Leary, Lifestyles, Music.
From: Rosendo F. Jimenez (, 10/09/95.
cool man!! Ross Jimenez
From: ken browne (, 10/07/95.
the diggers are still free thats soooooooooooo good keep goiong i still beleive in free although i am part of the establishment i haven't seen the pages yet do the diggers realey exsist
From: ken browne (, 10/07/95.
the diggers are still free thats soooooooooooo good keep goiong i still beleive in free although i am part of the establishment
From: MJ McEvoy (, 10/06/95.
From: Edgar E. Peralta (, 10/06/95.
I congratulate you for contributing with the Mayan art by exposing it in the NET. Hope everything goes better. I'll be visitting your site very often.
From: Laura Goldbaum (arbrador_yada@crl. com), 10/05/95.
J- your pages are beautifully done. The slight fuzz is a slight tease, makes me want to see the paintings in their nondigital form. E-I didn't get a chance to savor your pages yet.
From: Chad Piersig (), 10/04/95.
Any one want to write to me feel free I am a 16 year old male who likes bands like Nirvan, Marilyn Manson, ect. I like to skateboard. I will write back to anyone who writes to me my adress is 726 12th street north Virginia MN 55792 (Chad Piersig)
From: Nia Georgiadis (Boar_433), 10/04/95.
From: Joyce Everitt (, 10/03/95.
From: Ben Simanek (, 10/01/95.
Looking for info on 60's for term paper, mostly ideologies.
From: Erik Ireland (, 09/30/95.
I'm very interested in your ties to Guate and would love to know if you've spent any time in the east-Rio Dulce-area. I am putting together a proposal to sponsor a nutritional project at an orphanage there and could use all the help I can get. Look forward to hearing from you!
From: Craig Shipman (, 09/30/95.
I have been doing a little research on the "Beat" Generation and hyper text transfers led me to your sight. Real good stuff, I enjoy researching recent american history. On to the next transfer...
From: Dave Smewing (, 09/30/95.
From: benedikte sterner (, 09/29/95.
muy lindo citio, besos bene
From: (), 09/28/95.
From: Kevin Shields (, 09/27/95.
Am I just too young to understand what's going on? I hope not, for I get to vote soon.
From: steve reiff (, 09/20/95.
I am of the hippie generation and had many mind expanding moments during those years. Where have all the hippies gone? Our world needs some kind of rebirth.
From: Monty Groves (, 09/19/95.
Uhhhh..... You know, It was never weird enough for me. I'm still searchin'
From: Hector G. Sarmiento (, 09/18/95.
Coming of age in the 60's and now 44 years old, I read almost everything that refers to that period. Please keep the good work!
From: V.J. Eaton(the Literary Denim) (, 09/18/95.
Accept loss forever - - Jack Kerouac
From: (), 09/16/95.
From: Scot-tay (, 09/15/95.
Correction-my email address was wrong. Send any info about the East Village to the above address. Ciao.
From: Sarah Phillips (, 09/15/95.
I just got back to school and thought I'd check out your site- the additions are wonderfully informative. I'm also writing you because I'd like to hear your thoughts on a possible topic for my senior thesis. What do you think of a history of the Diggers? Let me know what you think. Thanks.
From: Scot-tay (, 09/15/95.
Wow- a page about the Diggers. How unique!! Preetty cool to see how many people regard the 60s movements as legitamate American history instead of just simply nostalgia. Related info-105 2nd Avenue in New York City, formerly the site of the Fillmore East is being demolished and turned into an apartment building. An effort was made to restore as the Fillmore, but no such luck. I live in the East Village now. Kinda like the Haight of the East Coast. Anybody got any history on that area?????
From: Ashley Harvie (, 09/15/95.
Would like to hear from anyone who knew Gridley Wright in the 60's or 70's, Strawberry Fields in Malibu? Shivalila? Elsewhere in California? India? I am a relative wishing to learn more of his life in those years, the good and the bad (there was lots of both!)
From: Afro Jon (, 09/13/95.
do you think Emmett and the gang had any idea how big what they started would become thirty years later?
From: daniel arsenault (, 09/11/95.
went to Juan Sisay Spanish school in Xel-Ha Guatemala in "92. Antbody else?
From: Mark Schwebke (, 09/10/95.
Refugee from Pleasant Hill/Oakridge,Oregon area in the sixties. Remember the Creamery & Pool Store in Springfield?
From: Ray Anderson (, 09/09/95.
From: Alwyn van Heerden (, 09/08/95.
Just to let you guys know that there is LIFE in South Africa! The guys are cute, the buns are tight and we'd luv some foreign input. Next time you want to visit, visit here.
From: Fred Chavez (, 09/07/95.
Hey, just visiting ya! I found all these pages from SF and just had to explore! :)
From: Santos Rivera (, 09/02/95.
Are copies/prints/originals of these beautifl painting available to the public; and if so, where can they be purchased? Thank you.
From: Phil Cartagena (, 08/31/95.
Visit my site...

From: Mark Mentzer (, 08/31/95.
I stumbled into your web site through rockuments site. It's wonderful, brings back memories. I'm 41 and lived the sixties. Thanks for the good memories.
From: Shea Siegel (Atlanis), 08/29/95.
As a 16 year old that firmly believes i was born 30 years to late, articles and web sites like this are what makes me happiest. I love being able to fall in to bits of a time that is already gone and unless I move to Prauge and THEY find a cure for AIDS, free love and kosmic konciousness will never be mine. A hippie at heart and in my soul, Shea (Atlanis)
From: Shea Siegel (Atlanis), 08/29/95.
From: Friartuck (, 08/29/95.
From: Brian Sinclair-James (), 08/29/95.
From: Chris Roark (, 08/27/95.
You have some very nice work here, Thanks for sharing.
From: Susan Hoffman (, 08/27/95.
What a nice idea! I enjoyed the gallery of new paintings. You should sell copies of some of the paintings.
From: Paul Arsenault (, 08/26/95.
From: aron pieman kay (), 08/26/95.
i remember the 60s period as acrucial time in my life. anyway the time for a peoples uprising against that motherfucker newt gingrich has come!!!
From: Josh Ozersky (, 08/26/95.
What do you think about Alan Matusow's charge, in The Unraveling of America, (1984) that Grogan was a disturbed, violent figure?
From: Adrian Roach (), 08/25/95.
From: Adrian (), 08/25/95.
From: (), 08/25/95.
From: Jim Constantine (, 08/25/95.
What a beautiful quilt (I assume that's what it is). What is the story behind it. --Jim My Homepage
From: javier nieto-gutierrez (, 08/22/95.
From: Phillip J. Phinney (, 08/21/95.
The spirit of the Diggers lives on. Did you know that the great actor Peter Coyote was a Digger? Yes, this is true; before there was ET there we the Diggers!
From: Rachel Heller (, 08/20/95.
(Ok, let me try this again, I'm new to being on-line.) I operate a walking tour of the Haight-Ashbury. I was not here in the 60's; I'm more of an amateur historian. Since most of the people who take the tour are tourists and since I try to include the entire history of the Haight, not just the 60's, my coverage of the Diggers is necessarily rather superficial. I guess my main question is to those of you who were Diggers or who were here in any other capacity: What is the most important point you think I should make to visitors when discussing the 60's in the Haight-Ashbury?
From: Rachel Heller (, 08/20/95.
From: Hermann Steffen (, 08/19/95.
I have not yet checked out your site. I belong to generation W. (That akward generation between hippies and generation X. But the 60s are a part of my intellectual and emotional life. Satori, sex, drugs, wandering, social conscience . . . these are a few of the things I believe I owe to the sixties. The sixties agenda is nowhere near finished, and there are people who are still pushing for things like gender equality or survival from environmental meltdown. I'm one of them. Further thoughts once I have something to say. Cheers, Hermann from Costa Rica
From: C.E.Halliday (, 08/19/95.
I would like to know more about the yippies and their connections with the Diggers and the whole Haight St Scene.
From: C.E.Halliday (, 08/19/95.
I would like to know more about the yippies and their connections with the Diggers and the whole Haight St Scene.
From: steve hofflander (, 08/18/95.
cool stuff... i was actually trying to find out what you had listed for "sprouts". i was doing a search on this and your site came up...
From: michael dean (, 08/17/95.
things ain't what they used to be. or are they? let me know.
From: Marylou Montrose (, 08/15/95.
A free invitation to come dig the American StudieS Information Super Turnpike (ASSIST)
From: (), 08/15/95.
From: Andrew Graham (, 08/15/95.
"Far out" - a worthy tribute to the heady days of today, not gone.
From: Tirzo J. Flores (, 08/14/95.
No es precisamente un comentario sino mas bien una pregunta. Alguien podria decirme Como podria yo empezar a estudiar la lengua Maya? Hay libros?
From: Elizabeth Y. Gutierrez (Laserrun_yada@AOL.COM), 08/13/95.
I was one of four leaders that took 11 students from Lake Avenue Congregational Church in Pasadena, California. We helped build a church and worked on vacation Bible School with the children of Santiago. I Loved Guatemala. I would even consider going there on my honeymoon
From: Elizabeth Y. GutierreZ (), 08/13/95.
From: Elizabeth Y. Gutierrez (), 08/13/95.
I was one of five leaders that took 11 high school students from California to visit Guatemala. We were a missionary team that worked in the city of Santiago for 2 weeks. We helped build a church, and did vacation Bible school with the children. At times we had three hundred children in one day. We are from Lake Avenue Congregational Church.
From: Dr. Paradox (, 08/12/95.
Irrerverence is next to Godliness you know Blessed Be
From: brer rabbit (, 08/11/95.
From: (), 08/10/95.
From: Bruce Eisnr (, 08/09/95.
From: vic flick (, 08/09/95.
your basement must be a fabulous place to spend time.
From: Brian Bush (, 08/08/95.
Nice job on your site! Especially like story on how you got "hooked" on paintings. The paintings are fantastic. Real talent. While traveling in Guatemala, have you had any trouble with the "Army" or police? Just Curious. Brian
From: Tony Bove (, 08/08/95.
Hi! My company recently published the "Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties" CD-ROM with Allen Cohen (editor of the S.F. Oracle).
From: Bob Metz (, 08/08/95.
From: Ron Jacobs (, 08/08/95.
Nice page here, Colin. The Straight Theatre was torn down back in '79 after a few protests and attempts to buy it as a nonprofit space. Also, anyone know where to get a copy of The Butterfly Kid -- one of my favorite books that I left on a freeway ramp near Oklahoma City 1979 -Ron
From: KATTA. (), 08/07/95.
Moro kaikki! Hauska olla! Moi!
From: Camilla Lerbo Karlsen (), 08/07/95.
I wish I was born to be apart of your generation....NOT!!!!
From: Carmen I. Reyes Peraza (, 08/06/95.
The paintings are really beautiful, and I like them because they show some of the traditions of the Maya people that I didn't know. I like that you increase the number of paints on this page. Thanks.
From: Galen P Dively III (, 08/05/95.
Inspirational. Thanx!!
From: Robert Mauney (, 08/03/95.
This web site shares information of great benefit to anthropological community. I applaud your efforts.
From: Steve Chase (, 07/30/95.
thanks for the view!
From: Matthew R. Nelson (, 07/28/95.
From: velangeline ferrigno (, 07/27/95.
From: DCBurton (tqur50q _yada@, 07/26/95.
From: Francisco Alarcon (, 07/24/95.
Wonderful exhibit!
From: Martha Nelson (, 07/23/95.
I thank you, sincerely for this "Blast of the Past" Page.. How utterly strange to read this stuff, again.. I was a coupla yrs too young, but old enough for friends - who have kept coming into my life lo, these past 25+ yrs.. Mike, you huge ol' Digger - Are you out there??? Tis I, Martha.. You & Cathy stood at my wedding with Andy back in '69, & then we all moved up to Dunsmuir.. I miss you, your weird & wonderul wit, your magic luck.. And people keep appearing that remember you, too - fondly.. Love to you, Mike.. Love and thanks to all the people & friends that helped guide my trail, whether they knew it, or not - They'll always be a chunk of me... Lord Amighty - May the good heart and generosity of those times spill over into these very strange days...
From: Blair T Simpkins (, 07/20/95.
Excellent historical portrait of the hippie movment!
From: (, 07/20/95.
From: Patrick Donegan (, 07/19/95.
Hello Digger wanna-bees! It's ruff to be a digger! Free is very hard to do and be. Looking for H'lane? - Star Route 4 - Hana, Hawai'i 996713
From: Hello out/in there (), 07/19/95.
Sit back... smoke one... and listen.
From: Clare Hanusz (aznos_yada@asuacad), 07/16/95.
Beautiful paintings of a beautiful and tragic place... I'm curious about the artists, especially the man who painted"refugee return" and others. Lovely and haunting.
From: Laura Annunziata (, 07/15/95.
From: Bram Bos (, 07/15/95.
From: Eric K. Martin (, 07/14/95.
Hey Eric, a long time from Chicago-Kent. This is one very cool page!!!!
From: Jim Giddings (, 07/14/95.
I'm so glad you're doing this work. I sometimes think the time of the Diggers Free Store in Tucson was a dream, since it went away and left no trace (physically). (Judging from the other comments here I guess this is a guestbook for more than the Diggers Archive.) These dreams have to be kept alive in memory so they can come back to life when the energy arises. Maybe soon!
From: Jen McLane (, 07/13/95.
My mom is about to head out for Guatemala in a couple weeks, so I'm just trying to where she is going.
From: Ariel Martinez Hernandez (, 07/12/95.
I going back to Guatemala on July/95, I really happy to find this page interesting!, I would like to find more information about guatemala like: Update news weather Some lesson in spanish Important direccion Embassy,Goverment,Hoteles and more Gracias de un amigo en "Canada" Me gustaria tener la direcion (Email) de alguien en Guatemala favor de escribir
From: Amy Gonstad (), 07/10/95.
From: Edward Schmitt (, 07/09/95.
I shall be traveling to Quetzaltenango next month. I would like to see more of the work that is displayed here
From: Paula Giese (, 07/08/95.
I am going to point to this wonderful page on my teaching resources for Indians pages, This is running on the Fond du Lac community college server, Fond du Lac Ojibwe reservation in northern MN. "Web Pages and Other Computer Resources for Indian Teachers and Students"" at: This will bring up a "What's new' homepage that has an immediately accessible icon to the Main Menu. About 2/3 down it is a Maya icon (Chichen Itza), w9ich brings up MayaPage of links to other web maya pages, that is in turn linked to Mayamap (sites and some info about each) and Maya2, which explains a videodisk science/math integrated curriculum centering on past and present Maya. I had a hard time getting on your system, this is early morning, presumably light traffic. I see you run on a commercial network. Your access porovider has a severe bottleneck problem. If you are paying much for it, consider a different provider. Our server has its problems at present too, but that's mainly due to the 56kbaud phone line which will be replaced by t-1 later this summer. Well, congratulations on a nice page. Is there a possibility you (or someone) might create an on-line catalog to market these artists' work? I'm very interested in this for Indian artcraft work. The only Indian-controled on-line one I know presently is for Waubemeguil, a Canadian Cree graphic artist, and a phoney who calls himself Turtle Heart.
From: J. Scott Coatsworth (Pherrin26_yada@AOL.COM), 07/04/95.
From: Andy Wilson, 07/03/95.
From: (), 07/03/95.
Diggers are very grave people.
[and CRYPTic indeed--e.n.]
From: Bob Makemson (DBNT71A_yada@COM.PRODIGY), 07/03/95.
From: Lord Makemson22, 07/03/95.
From: r roy, 07/03/95.
From: Dick Van Wie (, 07/01/95.
From: colleen (cmccahil_yada@sun1), 06/28/95.
billie holiday said it best "money you gots lots of friends but when your gone so are they...god bless the child".
From: Margaret White (MWHITE_yada@ENGLAB.SLCC.EDU), 06/27/95.
Merveilleux! How about in Spanish?
From: Will Rainey (, 06/27/95.
Can't wait to show my roommate the beautiful 20th century Mayan (????) art as he is Mayan.
From: leroy (, 06/25/95.
Bitchin' page. I'll be back after I fetch my pipe. Peace, love and Woodrose seeds.
From: Sam Shimek (, 06/24/95.
We're still here.....
From: Tom Hippert (, 06/23/95.
Kudos, on your work y buena suerte. The Height and Stanyan Hotel are still there; the park is also.
From: Steve Moriarty (, 06/23/95.
From: Mervyn Ang (, 06/19/95.
Generally quite good. Keep up the good work.
From: Russell Anderson (, 06/17/95.
From: Doc Rossi (, 06/15/95.
Just passing through. May the sun shine on you, brothers
From: Kitara Lagony (, 06/14/95.
Wow! This is very cool. Visit my site if you like: Africa Mpaya
From: stuart rockoff (, 06/14/95.
Once again, the Diggers are pioneers. This time in cyberspace. As an historian, this is an extremely useful resource
From: Tim Kroll (, 06/13/95.
Love the Site. Be using it often. :)
From: Jorge Alberto Hidalgo Toledo (S0836090_yada@anahuac.dcc.anahuac.m), 06/12/95.
From: Noelle K. Heenan (, 06/06/95.
This is so interesting! I am a US History teacher and plan to use this in class tomorrow (after I devise a lesson plan around it, of course)! Noelle K. Heenan
From: Jen Gilbert (, 06/06/95.
Eric -- Great pages! More Americans should know about the Diggers -- the ones from San Francisco as well as the English Diggers of the 17th century. You're not only providing a needed public service but making the world a little less lonely for those of us who are working to make it better! Thanks for lifting my spirits on this rainy day in North Carolina.
From: Richard Gaikowski (, 06/06/95.
Eric, great looking page, great materials!
From: steve (, 06/06/95.
how the hell do you get playboy on this bloody thing.
From: Nathan Schwartz (, 06/05/95.
This is a pretty fucking cool page.
From: John Casey (, 05/29/95.
From: Sean Sloane (, 05/26/95.
It's lovely to see people from other countries on here!
From: Terry Frost (, 05/26/95.
People know what's best for them. Fight the good fight, if only in your mind
From: Skip Sawyer (, 05/23/95.
From: Timi Townsend (, 05/22/95.
From: Richard Stoddard (, 05/20/95.
From: Miriam Bobkoff (, 05/20/95.
Mir was here! Love.
From: Scott Stackpole (, 05/18/95.
The ideals are in here. Keep 'em livin'.
From: Ann Storm (, 05/16/95.
I subscribed to Webcom (as you can see) and I just love all their services. I copied your pages to see how you're doing things. Thanks for your help, always.
From: Sarah Phillips (, 05/15/95.
How coincidental: I just finished writing a paper on the Diggers when I found your site. The breadth of your research is amazing and fascinates me to no end. Thank you so much. You don't know how nice it is to find this stuff!!!!
From: Jamie Wagoner (, 05/12/95.
From: Debbie the K (, 05/12/95.
It's Friday and I have spent the week with good people, smart people, but people who are ambitious in very conventional ways. This home page has restored my sense of equalibrium and humor and I plan to return next Friday, and if I need it Thursday, too.
From: Todd Rossman (, 05/11/95.
We are all products of our generation and environment to some extent... This clear account compelled me to make a linkup to my website/sphere. I come through and wonder at where the ideals have all gone and been recycled...
From: Craig L. Gordon (, 05/10/95.
All I can say is .... "Wow!" Great Job!
From: K. David Weidner (, 05/10/95.
This is my first visit. I will check it out and let you know what I think. Thanks!
From: Marcia Joutroubas (, 05/09/95.
This was great reading about the 60's again. I am doing a paper on the Vietnam Ear and It neat to read this information
From: Scott P. Cook (, 05/08/95.
Cool stuff! I was 11 years old in 1967, and my parents (reformed beatniks) used to take me up the Haight on weekends to look around and grok on the place. It was fascinating, all right!
From: Bart Emanuel (, 05/08/95.
From: Suzanne Curtis (, 05/04/95.
I am double majoring in History and Theater at the Univ of TN, Knoxville. This sounds great!! Please send me any info possible. There is a chance that my address may be SCURTIS_yada@UTCC.UTKVX.UTK.EDU Please send info to both places if possible. Thanks fo tolerating the info superhighway novice. Sincerely, Suzanne Curtis
From: da Flower Punk (timothy lynch) (, 05/04/95.
GLAD to see this! I have long felt the Diggers underrepresented / misrepresented in the historical record such as it is. I am a historian working on similar issues. (My dissertation in progress, on the relationship of art and culture, 1955-75 in the SF Bay Area especially, is tentatively entitled: _The U.S. Blues_. I'd be *very* interested in viewing any and or *all* of the broadsides you have assembled. Thanx on behalf of Diggers everywhere!
From: henk (spg) (, 05/03/95.
nice pages! Made a link from our site SPG (on political prisoners). Others might also be interrested in the site on political deathrow prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal
From: Steve Lee (, 05/01/95.
Would like any 1960's hippie to answer brief questions by high school student.
From: steve wilson (, 04/30/95.
From: Peter Clark (, 04/30/95.
From: DAVID A. BRESLIN (VELIB_yada@RAIN.ORG), 04/28/95.
From: Faye Jones (, 04/16/95.
Hi Eric, I'm at home in Seattle playing with Prodigy's web browser & exploring Diggers. In this browser, Yahoo allows keyword searching. Thanks for mentioning Jump Web in our Friday meeting. Faye
From: Chris Carlsson (, 04/16/95.
Hi Eric! Fuckin' great job! I'm fascinated by your selection of offerings. And it's quite an elegant design considering the limitations. Congrats! I grabbed a bunch of stuff for reading and I'll be in touch, as promised. Thanks again!
From: margaret Buktaw (, 04/14/95.
I actually came across this by accident, trying to learn about computers. I think this is great, and I am so excited to know that I can have access to information like this. I never heard of the term 'diggers' before. Thanks.
From: Johnny (, 04/14/95.
Great!!! I never thought that someone dig out the Diggers as they were. Just 1% but free
From: michael dean (, 04/13/95.
wonderful to see a beat old up in the gleam of today's yung republica growed strange!! now that ggliddy has his own radio show and the vestiges of the liberal media wannabees are growling hungry at the front door, is good to have a back door to come home to. keep it high, guys...
From: Paul Shepard (, 04/13/95.
This is great site!
From: Christopher Stewart (Stellium5 _yada@, 04/11/95.
All things in common
From: David Stirk (, 04/11/95.
From: Jim Rymsza (, 04/11/95.
From: Martin Elsbach (, 04/10/95.
Wonderful to see this material. I was there and have some wonderful memories
From: Colin Pringle (, 04/02/95.
I dig it.
From: blessed (, 03/29/95.
e- i owe you so much, not only have you taught me the '411' about netsurfing but your work online is an inspiration and example of great web work love ya blessed (to have met you!)
From: David Parkhurst (, 03/29/95.
Always an uplifting experience to visit yr page. Love you.
From: MichaelH (, 03/27/95.
From: Jeff Greenberg (, 03/27/95.
From: Steve (, 03/26/95.
Great pages! Well researched and presented. I found the housing bits particularly relevant to my own study area. Check out my Com/Co broadsides.
From: golum (a creepy cave in mordor), 02/23/95.
my precious, my precious, what a delectable little website you have created, my precious
From: Daniel. M. Bradshaw (, 02/17/95.
(Nice Graphics!)
From: Justin Uther Psyche (, 02/10/95.
'Great to be reminded in such an immediate way of what was (so far) the "high" point of 20th century American culture. The past is now the present....again.
From: David Parkhurst (, 02/10/95.
Thank you for all the many things you've taught me through the years. Even those I've forgotten.
From: Cortez y Ibarra (, 02/06/95.
Mucho gusto, senor! Los artistas, especialamente!
From: Gary Copeland (, 02/03/95.
Strange Man! - Great graphics.
From: roman matthews (, 02/01/95.
From: Bryan Sivils (, 01/30/95.
Ooooo.Kaaayyyyy! Very Art101ish!! Narly man!!
From: Ron Kochendoerfer (, 01/28/95.
i'll take a peek and let you know. . .

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