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From: Eric (, 01/02/97.
Redwood, I didn't see the photo you mentioned (I visited the Beat exhibit quickly one day after seeing the imperial China extravaganza), so I'm not sure what the patch looked like on the biker jacket. However, the Hells Angels and other biker clubs had "1%" patches that they wore prior to 1967. They referred to themselves as the "one percenters" of motorcyclists who were outlaws.

That term is what inspired Peter Berg when he created the "1% Free" poster in late 67 (early 68?). To my knowledge the Angels only used "1%" not "1% Free" on their jackets. Berg and Don Cochran (who collaborated together on the poster) used the photograph of two Tong warriors standing on a corner of Chinatown (by a photographer whose name escapes me at the moment.) For the poster, the I Ching symbol for Revolution was drawn in at the top right. Cochran created the stencil, and the hands and faces were mimeographed on the old Communication Company Gestetner then pasted on. The poster stood approx. 5' tall. There was a group that assembled the posters (which were stenciled on to butcher paper) then spread out and posted them up around town. One was put on the International Hotel, and later when they went back, the Diggers noticed that someone had put a cartoon balloon coming out of one of the Tong warriors which said "1% of white people free, 101% of chinese people free."

If the photo you saw definitely said "1% Free" as opposed to just "1%" then it must be after the digger poster -- for there were many such reproductions of Berg's original image. I've seen small cards, medium size posters, and of course the back cover of the Digger Papers (Aug. 68) collection. There was even a patch that I've seen sewn onto jackets (it was on white cloth.) So perhaps that was what you saw in the photo -- if so, the date of 1960 would have to be wrong. In any case, please let me know, I'd like to track this down.

By the way, there was a poster that I saw once 25 years ago that I've never come across again. It was approx. 17" x 21" with an elaborate drawing and the caption was "Todo es gratis en el pais de los Diggers." If anyone has any idea where to find a copy, I'd love to hear.


From: Redwood Kardon (, 12/31/96.
While attending the Beat Exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in SF I noticed a photograph by Dennis Hopper of a biker with a 1% Free emblem on his jacket. The picture was dated 1960. Anybody able to explain the history of this 1% Free emblem and how it found it's way into Digger lore?
From: Makart (, 12/30/96.
Alive and well, hidding out in north Idaho.
From: John Blood (, 12/28/96.
From: Michael Black (, 12/27/96.
I first learned about the Diggers in 1974, reading "Buried Alive", and took note of Ringolevio. It wasn't that much later that I found it at the high school library of all places. That was a long time ago. I don't think I can measure the impact of those books on me. So it's nice to find the Digger page; the internet is like ComCo.
From: larry buchalter (, 12/27/96.
From: Shondra (), 12/26/96.
Hello Anyone Out there?
From: Rand Knox (, 12/25/96.
DEMOCRACY DIRECT: Quick, before Bobby Bork Slouches Us Toward Fascism -- Real Government Reform, more than mere political musical chairs -- Or, if yo're interested in a smaller but no less important economic fix -- CARveat Emptor: CAR BUYERS BEWARE, -- Tricks of the Great Amerian Car Deal -- RepaThe Great American Car Deal -- Cheers, and happy wheeling and dealing, virtually and really. Rand Knox
From: Eric (, 12/17/96.
Webcom was under siege or unavailable these past four days, in case anyone has been trying to get through. Check out their status reports at for a report on the SYN flood web attack.
From: Bob Hill (, 12/12/96.
It's been a long time, hasn't it. I lived at 1775 Haight as a green and impressionable youth in 1966 and 1967 and it took me a few decades to drift into a semi-normal middle age. Life goes on. I will be looking here again when time permits. Thank you for making this place possible.
From: Mike Niman (, 12/07/96.
Book forthcoming about Rainbow Family of Living Light. It's an ethnography which examines the Family's egalitarian utopian vision See for more info!
From: Redwood (, 12/05/96.
Forgot to sign my last entry.
From: (), 12/05/96.
Re: Summer Solstice 68'. Wasn't that around the time of the famous free cantaloupe event when people were paying their muni fairs with surplus cantaloupes?
From: Lydia Gibson (), 12/05/96.
Just got back from Thanksgiving at Black Bear Ranch
From: Susan K. (, 12/05/96.
I am interested in hearing what people remember doing on the summer solstice 1968 ("June 21, 1968, San Francisco Enters Eternity") . I am working on a story that passes through that time. Love to all dear ones -- love to all. S.K.
From: mandi hanson (, 12/03/96.
From: (), 12/02/96.
true leveller action at the Jefferson Stone between now and the Autumn of 1998.
From: John Grogan (, 11/30/96.
I thirst for information re: E. Grogan. Home is in the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia. Looking forward... John P.S. I was from NYC, Merton Buber House, 44 East 3rd.
From: Ed Fatzinger (, 11/29/96.
1775 Haight St. Ed's Shed at morningstar
From: Ed Fatzinger (, 11/22/96.
I was with the diggers at 1775 Haight St. I was also one of the first to check out morningstar. Anybody remember Ed's Shed? Anybody know the whereabouts of Neal Hartnagel? Ed.
From: (), 11/20/96.
From: Alice Harris (, 11/20/96.
Greetings from Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. I remember being fed by some Diggers in Vancouver, BC way back when (there really was a free lunch!). If any of the people who did that are still around, thanks! I never forgot it, and it made a big difference to a lot of us that were living rough.
From: susan deluzain (, 11/20/96.
am interested in doing research about counterculture/radical politics -- their interactions, original sources, other stuff, for the purpose of figuring out how much each depends on the other. trying to analyze radical activism in several different ways, hopefully to help create a better left that can build on gains of late 1960s early 70s. please send suggestions, thoughts
From: aron kay (, 11/14/96.
see my revolutionary pie page:
From: EDWIN ARAGON (, 11/10/96.
keep up the good work, thank you for this site
From: John Fetter (, 11/06/96.
I just wanted to say that, as a pretty new Deadhead of only 6 years, the people I have net throughout this time have been the nicest group of friends I have ever made through any endeavor of any kind. The music, groove, comradery, parties and love felt have been the best. Let the Dead and Jerry live on forever in their splendor, though defunked, to travel into people's homes and hearts as if they have never stopped their long strange trip. We all love you Jerry. We all love you Pigpen. ....Goin where the climate suits my clothes...
From: Greg Seifert (, 11/05/96.
I enjoyed reading Peter Coyote's chapters very much. If anyone knows of any new projects(writing or acting) he is heading, contact
From: Glenna Flannery (, 11/04/96.
Thanks, I spent a whole afternoon reading and remembering.
From: Matthew Lasar (, 11/04/96.
There's a group of filmwriters and scholars doing a documentary series on California and they will be needing information about the Diggers. One of them is Sharon Wood. She's writing a script about post-World War II California. I'm her research assistant. If you have any suggestions of good people to talk to and perhaps be talking heads, please feel free to email her at Thanks!
From: Jim Fouratt (, 11/02/96.
Wow! What a wonderful surprise! How Nice to read Tim again.
I was known as Jimmie Digger in NYC and published the Communications Company broadsides until Abbie Hoffman and Robin Morgan broke into the space and stole our Gestetner. I attended Emmett's wake and funeral.
thanks for the history.


Great to hear from you, Jim. We met at Kaliflower when you visited once, and there were a couple other times if I recall. I've often wondered how you were doing. Question: how did you get the copies of the SF Com/Co sheets that you reprinted in New York, if you remember? Another question: are there any collections of the NY Communications Company? I'd like to have a page devoted to NY ComCo if you'd care to write something up. --eric noble
From: Rofa (, 11/02/96.
Impressiv site. Check mine: If you donīt understand the language send some E-mail anyway!!
Regards Rofa
Sorry didīnt find the send button
From: Jake Samuel (, 10/31/96.
Coyote's writings are vivid enough to awaken memories that I thought raviged.
A good place to land, remember and renew.
From: eric (, 10/31/96.
It was thirty years ago tonight that the diggers held their Intersection Game at the corner of Haight and Ashbury: Public Nonsense Nuisance Public Essence Newsense Public News which led to the arrests of five participants and the famous photograph when the charges were dropped, which photo gave us the Peace Symbol for the 60s.

The spiral dance comes 'round again.


From: (, 10/31/96.
From: Possum2 (, 10/25/96.
From: jamie (, 10/23/96.
just looking for fellow humans with a heart...
From: Junichi Nakagawa (, 10/23/96.
I'm a Japanese student and am now studying about counterculture in 60s at California State Univ.Fullerton. Your pages really help my study,thank you!
From: Betsy (, 10/23/96.
Yesterday, Cathy Cheng set herself on fire in front of the peace sign at the library here at Univ. of Penn. She'd become a fixture on the lawn with her protesting, dancing half naked and waving colourful flags while loudly playing anti government speeches. We all thought she was nuts but she thought she had a reason for being here and a reason for dying here, and I thought someone should remember her here.
From: Don (, 10/22/96.
While I'm at it, I should point you to the web site for my novel, Twister Country:
From: Don (, 10/22/96.
Does anyone remember going to a "Bear Dance" around Susanville around 1970 or 71. I'm trying to recall who was there and find some material about the Indians who put it on and the purpose of the dance. Peter Coyote was there, as was BB but he doesn't recall it. If you remember please email me. Thanks
From: Tara (, 10/22/96.
Check out a new British (Scottish) band called The Diggers! Basic info on their official home page at, and I've written more about them in Scuzz, my British music fanzine at
From: Larry Lohkamp (Spike) (, 10/21/96.
I surfed here looking for a picture to add to my free speach page. Its a real bummer to hear about Lou passing away. I lived at Morning Star from '67, until it was closed by the county. It all seems like it was a lifetime ago, yet sometimes in the silence, I can smell the dry grass and the apples.
From: seth (, 10/19/96.
Follow up to r bear on 9/21/96, also for Sandy and James. Craddock also wrote a pretty good book called "Twilight Candelabra." Certainly out of print. He was editor/publisher of a newspaper at SJ State called Mobius Strip. (I was poetry editor. Andy Clausen was featured several times.)
From: seth katzman (, 10/19/96.
[I posted this on the BBS also, but this space seems to have more readers.] I have a good Digger story: I lived in the Haight in the summer of 1965 and got to casually know some of the Diggers, including Grogan. In the fall, I moved to San Jose, where a friend of mine at San Jose State was doing a radio show on the campus station about counter-culture "stuff" (I don't know what to call it). Well, he wanted me to "produce" the show, so the first interview I set up was with Emmett and two other Diggers. They came down one evening to the radio station and my friend Ira began the interview. Naturally, Emmett did not say his name. Naturally, also, they appeared to have just taken some good Owsley acid and were coming on at the start of the interview. In the course of the discussion, one of them used the expression, "pissed off," and it was heard by the station faculty adviser who was listening at home. He called the station and told the engineer to shut down the show and the broadcast. When the Diggers heard this, they were outraged. (As were we.) They decided to commandeer the radio station but, being subscribers to a non-violent ethic, asked permission of the engineer (engineers ? maybe). He said, "sure" and was promptly tied up. (Loosely.) The Diggers then began to do the show, but after a short time became (justifiably) paranoid and decided to beat a quick retreat. We all release the hostages, and accompanied the guys outside where, before they got into a VW bus, painted "LSD" in very large letters in the middle of Seventh Street.

Those were some days...


From: Peter Coyote (, 10/18/96.
Looking for the name of a woman named Ellen who lived at either Morningstar or Wheeler's Ranch. She was an accomplished fiddle player and also wrote a fairly popular cookbook. Also: Redwood, Monkerud....have rewritten the Black Bear Chapter pretty extensively using the notes you sent me. Thanks so much. Changes are not typed in yet, but will be. Coyote
From: Charissa Briggs (, 10/17/96.
How about adding some cool 60's and 70's psychedelic graphics?
From: A Lisch (none), 10/17/96.
Stand up, Diggers All! at the Jefferson Stone on the Washington Mall. When you can. A Lisch
From: suny (, 10/15/96.
From: andy booker(olasdirt) (, 10/12/96.
I would just like to say what a thrill it was to run across this website I think it is very important that we remember where we've been in order to better see where we're going.Thanks for the great memories. I'd love to hear from any of you relics who wish to email me.
From: J. Kelly-Moore (, 10/08/96.
Terminal Velocity not found
From: Marty 'Worm' Ringla (, 10/08/96.
Oh, if only you could take me back. But as the poet said 'you can't go back.' Looking to relocate out west. Does anyone need a hippie carpenter with 20 years exp.?
From: Jorge Rodriguez (, 10/07/96.
In 19 days iīm getting married, i feel nervous but iīll have 21 days off. When i come back i'll tell you what we do in our honeymoon (well, i'll writte just some little thinks and the rest you will find in Regards to all of you and thanks from this remote country.
From: Jorge Rodriguez (, 10/07/96.
From: Marty"Worm"Ringla (, 10/03/96.
love you people,my insperation when I was growing up, my teen years. The Diggers influanced the ideals I still beleive and stand for today. I'm thrilled to have found you gal's and guy's. Peace, Marty
From: Allan Benson (, 10/02/96.
To the Whispering Squash, wherever you are and all the ships at sea somewhere over the raindrops keep falling in and out of love is all you need, love is all you need, love is all you need. From naked trees on a vacant prairie. Found it where i left it.
From: Nelson Johnson (, 09/26/96.
There's no place like home. We've got to get ourselves back to the garden. Bodies in motion. If you're going to San Fran Cisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. Let's bring it all back... or better yet, let's get on with it!!!
From: (), 09/24/96.
From: (), 09/24/96.
From: r bear (2) (), 09/21/96.
For Sandy and James (who both asked about this). I found a reference in the Melvyl Catalog to the following, which sounds like what you both are looking for:

Be not content [a subterranean journal by] William J. Craddock. [1st ed.]. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1970. Series title: A Doubleday projections book.

The Univ. of Calif. holdings are listed as follows: UCB Main PS3553.Cr2 B4; UCD Shields PS3553.R2 B4; UCLA URL PS 3553 C842b; UCSC McHenry PS3553.R2B4; UCSC Spec Coll PS3553.R2B4; UCSF Library PZ4.C8845Be 1970 Books; CSL State Lib FIC C8844b California Non-circ. (Try Interlibrary loan using those call numbers and you should be able to get a copy from yr local library.) -en

From: running bear (), 09/21/96.
Sandy, re yr question about the book "Be Not Content": scroll down this guestbook page, and you'll find an entry by James McInish asking about the same book (the greatest "hippy" book ever written). (His message was dated 1/10/96.) I'll do some searching to try and locate same. -en
From: Sandy Wilson (, 09/21/96.
I am looking for an out of print book, written sometime in the late 60's or early 70's, titled "BE NOT CONTENT." I did a "search," and this page was the only "hit." However, I didn't see any thing with these words. If any body can help, I'd sure appreciate hearing from you.
From: Roe (), 09/20/96.
Freespirit- How free are you if you can't live without constantly wondering who else you are exploiting to get what you need? How can you be free if you restrain your own spiritual passions because they don't align with the scaffolding of some ideals you cling to? How do you survive in a world of form? You spend all of your time straining against the bars of injustice? How much do you personally know about Coyote, to be pointing out all his faults? Is your life morally ideal? Is your conscience clean? No cristian myself, I nonetheless must say let he who casts the first stone...
From: Susan K. (, 09/20/96.
Collective writing and storytelling is beautiful and good. Let's do it. What could be a more perfect vehicle for it than a World Wide Web? (At least until we figure out how to connect to one another withOUT machines.) But the collective work will never squelch some individuals' INNER IMPERATIVE to wrestle with the stuff of life -- to MAKE something of it. To give itl personaltheir own personal expression and form and yes, to sign their name..
From: Ici (), 09/18/96.
Thank you for your words, too, Eric. I guess we all understand about compromise, although that word suggests to me that something must be given up, and as you have shown, one can earn an income without giving up ideals, or even, as S. Keese suggests, by doing what one loves. I think the question for a lot of us, though, is at what point does something turn into exploitation? Perhaps this is what Digger Allways is cautioning us about. We've all certainly seen enough of our collective experiences commodified, as Free Spirit points out. So, yes, let us "struggle over What's Right" together. PS, I like the idea of an "organic" book, written communally over the internet.
From: Eric Noble (, 09/17/96.
Beautiful words, from s.keese (below). As I approach that mid-century mark in my life, things don't seem nearly so finely hewn in the way of moral certitude as they did 30 years ago. I want to keep the digger idea alive, thus these web pages. Yet, I have a "straight" job that (though not destructive of life, soul, or gaia) would've been unthinkable in my youth. So compromises I understand. Yet I also appreciate Free Thinker's and Digger Always' contributions to this discussion. I do wonder to what extent the moral certainty of their arguments corresponds to the fractious splitting of our movement that occurred in the early 70s. In Kaliflower, we fought these same wars it seems, and I don't think there's ever been a healing of those wounds. Perhaps we can put things right this time around.
From: s.keese (, 09/17/96.
The urge and necessity to give form to our collective stories (mystory and yourstory are herstory and history) is an ancient and venerable urge. For me it was the single, basic urge I was born with. Then history intervened. It seemed obvious to me that we had entered a post-literary age in which words would be irrelevant and unnecessary. S uddenly "art" was about anonymous broadsides and tie dyes that disappeared after a couple of good rains. Looking back, I think some of the dumbest things we did were the things we did (especially at BlackBear!) to squelch Art. But we were really trying to live in an ecology/economy without money, where nobody based his or her identity on some professional activity that could be bought are sold. "Two dollars is a cop-out" the diggers used to tell the counter-revolutionary merchants on Haight Street,. For a meaningful transaction it's necessary for each party to find out what the other person NEEDs. It was a great idea -- I still believe in it. But after the smoke cleared , after it became obvious that I would need a JOB to raise my kids and survive the next few decades, after I'd been turned down by the last convenience store... I was left with the simple fact that what I could do was tell stories and WRITE. If you have to do something for money, why not do what you're good at and throw your heart into it? We Diggers have never let a little inconsistency stop us in the past -- au contraire. Logic is overrated. Follow your heart. (Peter C., despite his many gifts, has also always struggled over What's Right, I believe.)
From: (), 09/17/96.
From: (), 09/17/96.
From: Laurinda (), 09/16/96.
Sorry, Peter, you probably have good intentions, but using dead friends to justify a lifestyle is bullshit.
From: Z. Juarez (), 09/16/96.
True, Diggers live(d)in the world of form, but never in the world of commercial enterprise.
From: Z. Juarez (), 09/16/96.
True, Diggers live(d)in the world of form, but never in the world of commercial enterprise.
From: Free spirit (), 09/16/96.
To Peter Coyote - Does living in the world of form mean writing a book about our experiences, putting your name on it, and selling it? Who gets the movie rights to my life? There's a list of the living who can tell you the limits side of the equation has to do with personal responsibility and accountability, Peter, not turning yourself into a commodity and calling it living in the world of form. If you're writing to share important information, to encourage discussion and learning, great - how about keeping it free and accessible on the internet, let us write our own history. Create the condition you describe, right?
From: Peter Coyote (), 09/14/96.
pps - Just returned from the Chicago Convention and typed up a forty page journal. If folks are interested, I'll post it here. Some parts were excerpted and posted on MOJO WIRE, mother Jones magazines Web site.
From: Peter Coyote (, 09/14/96.
To, A Digger Then, Now, and Always, Seems to me you have one half the equation, which is "free". There's another half called "form" or limits. You either haven't learned about it or aren't being honest. If you live in the world of form, you are subject to the laws of form. The Diggers are/were theater: they were never "free" they were only without money. I'll give you a list of the dead sometime and perhaps you'll learn something about real cost, real limits, and real freedom. Peter Coyote ps Redwood. I have a copy of Garbage or Nothing. Send me a fax numbeer and I'll send it along. Also, Eric has it and could post it I'm sure. Hi all. Sorry I missed the party for Malcolm and Sue, although I got to Butler two days before they left.
From: Jill (jill bean) Kamphefner (, 09/08/96.
I wish i was old enough to say i'd been there, but all i can do is dress up for hippie day at school. It sounds like everyone who could was high, and everyone else loved you for it. Must have been nice. Peace!
From: Claude Hayward (, 09/07/96.
On line and open. I'm preparing a piece detailing the boundary defence against what smells strongly of an old-growth timber grab. The Land is needing of donations to pay lawyers and surveyors.
From: Dick Moody (, 09/07/96.
Any body from Shire School ?
From: Tim Miller (, 09/04/96.
Greetings, Eric, and all-- I've logged in here a number of times lately and always get quite absorbed in all that's here. Thanks for the great material! Eric, the 60s Communes Project is beginning to wind down and I realize I haven't interviewed you, who should be a great source. I'm going to be in the Bay area for a week after September 11 doing interviews--any chance we could talk then? Thanks again for the Digger Archives. It's a marvelous piece of historic preservation. Tim Miller
From: (), 09/04/96.
From: Ici (), 09/04/96.
"Digger organization" an oxymoron, might as well research an acid trip.
From: (), 09/04/96.
From: (), 09/04/96.
From: Keely (, 09/04/96.
I am a college student doing a research paper on the Digger organization along with otherr counterculture groups--does anyone know where I can find some info on the topic.
From: Andreas (, 09/04/96.
actually the computer ate the best of my text - the shifted beginning !
From: Andreas (, 09/04/96.
feeling free to add doesn't mean to know what to add, except for the feeling of beeing free and how to use this language which isnt really the language for me to think .... and because of that it looks how ot looks and it looks quite unthought... (except for the fantastic beginning in shifts)
From: Marcos (, 09/03/96.
From: Hud (, 08/30/96.
Damn, what a relief. Figgered we were all dead. Hud (late of L.I., Boulder and S.F.)
From: (), 08/27/96.
From: Frank Doyle (, 08/23/96.
This is, by far, the largest guest book I've seen, but....very interesting!
From: Steve (, 08/21/96.
Thanks for the great site! Check out the John Cipollina Website at Happy Trails!!
From: Claude Hayward (, 08/20/96.
I'm back online. Claude
From: Michael Ferrucci (mferrucci), 08/20/96.
I was there. That's where I learned to retire early and often!
From: Michael Ferrucci (mferrucci), 08/20/96.
I was there. That's where I learned to retire early and often!
From: Eric Noble (, 08/19/96.

Herein lies the tragedy of the age: not that men are poor -- all men know something of poverty; not that men are wicked -- who is good? Not that men are ignorant -- what is truth? Nay, but that men know so little of men.

--W.E.B. DuBois (The Souls of Black Folk [1903])

The two contributions below (from Free Thinker and Digger Allways) call for responses. I have been trying to formulate a reply, but more mundane concerns occupy my attention presently. Do not interpret my silence as peevish indifference, dear reader. -- en.

From: Bob Roman (, 08/18/96.
"What do we do, now that we're happy?"
From: Greg Pabst (, 08/18/96.
Nostalgia... is the cruelest month. (To hell with April) Nonetheless Keep on... keepin' on! (Shrader & Oak, July/August '67)
From: Free thinker (), 08/15/96.
Seems to me the net is the logical extension of digger philosophy and ideal site for its cultivation - accessible, anarchic, and impossible to co-opt (so far). I understand the concerns re commercial expoloitation of digger papers, but agree with Digger Then, etc., that copyright is a bit antithetical. I know, pureheart, that you'll figure out something though. All love and support.
From: A Digger Then,Now,and All Ways (), 08/14/96.
To Noble Eric: Re copyright. One of the clearest, most cogent, truest aphorisms ever coined - "FREE MEANS FREE." You can't expect people to learn about Free by reading something that isn't Free. True for everyone, even, or maybe even especially, for commercial structures and people prone to exploitation. Who needs Free more than "business" men and women and those institutions that support them? As far as people contradicting themselves, in terms of rationales like "Do I contradict myself? ... I contain multitudes" - this particularly poetic "reason" devolves into ambivalence, fence-sitting, conflict, hypocrisy, and ultimately ineffectual dishonesty. Contradictions are problems, meant to be solved, resolved. There are bunches of people aggrandizing power and money from the bare bones of the truth they experienced during the 60's, ie, Peter Coyote, Supreme Charlatan, who "acted" the part of a digger so successfully that he is now able to collect residuals from his credulous readers and viewers. And others profiting from our unique history, ie, Da Power Junkie, a.k.a. Da Flower Punk. They either faked it then or now, or both. For the true believers in Free, the ethics are as simple now as then as forever: "Do your thing." It cannot, should not, be argued that this means any "thing" one does is cool just 'cause it's one's "thing." That "thing" must stand on its own merit as "Free." Remember, Eric, "Protection is murder." (Ouspensky, one smart dude)
From: Glenn Jones (, 08/11/96.
Awesome site. As one who spent much of my wayward youth in and about the City during the late 60's, I thought the history of that time had disappeared. I'm glad to see it is in good, loving hands.
From: Elizabeth Gips (, 08/11/96.
Imagine finding you here, whoever you are. I had a jewelry store on Haight At. and paid the rent for the Stanyan store many times. Peter Berg, who has been on my radio program, Changes, twice willl remember. Ultimately I dropped out and followed Gaskin around the country....I hope to explore the page when I.m less sleepy, and will link to it eventually. You might want to check ouit my homepage with some memories on it: URL is let me know whis doing this, and would you like to do a radio interview some day?
From: (), 08/07/96.
From: Chloe (), 08/07/96.
reading through the digger sheets and the free fall chronicles, i feel an acute pang of jealousy. my generation doesn't seem 2 have inherited their idealism and sense of mission. they were people who had the ingenuity 2 do what they believed in...these days i see my friends getting wasted on drugs or alcohol, complaining about their problems that r miniscule on the cosmic scale. i see a lot of selfish people who don't know how 2 care about others. i see people who won't even donate a penny for any cause, be it the environment or starving children, while they themselves r rich & sleek and well-fed. i see people who stare inequality, poverty, and misery in the face, yet feel no compassion. i see a generation incapable of GIVING or LOVING. i know exceptions,but everywhere i go, it seems like these people r the majority. i love the digger archives! i was born in 1981 and i live currently live in japan, but i will be moving 2 san francisco shortly. i hope some of the old diggers' spirit still lives on there.
From: Steve Keyser (lizard_yada@ix.netcom), 08/06/96.
The John Cipollina website has a new URL - check out
From: Don Monkerud (, 08/06/96.
Guess this is what they mean by virtual community. Yet, I've lived with many of you and haven't seen you for years. A sort of coming together, at least communicating. The people I lived with at Black Bear continue to be friends. Liz just moved to Santa Cruz where Marianne, Glenn, Al, Mark, and Tierra along with Shasta and Senta live. Tanks for putting this together and getting me back in touch with people I spent years with. Now we begin to cobble together a continuing history. I'll have to correct Peter's mix up with me and Glenn -- he's the sociologist, I'm the leftist that Peter Berg warned everyone to watch out for. I recall he was afraid that I would "steal" the Digger ideas for the "new left." Funny, Alan Hoffman never had that fear despite all the hours we spent arguing over "politics." Anyone think I should put up the article I wrote on the 25th Anniversary of Black Bear?
From: Jay Jeffrey Jones (exsell_yada@dial.pipex,com), 08/05/96.
From: Redwood (, 07/29/96.
Just returned from a Forks of Salmon bon voyage gathering to see Malcolm and Susan off for Haiti for 1-2 years. A few days before the gathering my 14 year old son and I made a side trip to Black Bear which is inhabited by a brand new freshman(woman) class of 20-30 young as we were folks. Great to see BB with a full compliment of inhabitants. Personally, I had a hard time with the time warp aspect of being there. It was a Black Bear meets the Twilight Zone sort of thing. As the wrinkless younguns would turn to introduce themselves, ghost halucinations would flashbulb pop in my minds eye and I would see my peers as they were 25-30 years ago. Kept expecting to be sucked back into 1968 never to return. Stayed for about 2 hours and high tailed it back to the sanctuary of the old farts on the river. Nostalgia and be-longings can get scary!
From: Fred Mindlin (, 07/28/96.
The root of "archive" is "to begin"-- funny how storing is an integral part of being able to go back and begin again, thanks for this trove of sources...
From: David Savage (, 07/26/96.
Thanks for the memories. I lived in the Haight and around S.F. during 1967-1968 and in Marin during 1969-1970. I lived in Happening House and Free City Commune. I would like to hear from anyone who lived there then who remembers me, like Rose Lee Solo, Eva Mindlin, Arthur, or Lin House. I played trumpet and harmonicas in the band Indian Puddin' 'n' Pipe (Dennis, Paul, Steve, Warthog) and the band Faun with James Trumbo. Visit my pages at David Savage's Sense and Nonsense and send me email at
From: T. Alexander (, 07/23/96.
It's funny how

As we become older, we some times feel
Reality and the abstract are changing the view
While tradition and change, battle in a circle
And we are left with what we consider real


From: Jeff Buchin aka johnny tipi (, 07/23/96.
Please note corrected Email address
From: laurie kain (, 07/22/96.
smile smile smile.
From: (), 07/22/96.
Bully for you.
From: Jeff(Johny Tipi)Buchin (, 07/22/96.
I see some familiar names already. Will be writing you soon.
From: Bob-O Schultze (, 07/20/96.
Just found the site. Guess this is the best way to keep together these days. Works for me! Best, Bob-O from Black Bear
From: G.Matteson (, 07/20/96.
From: David McClure (, 07/19/96.
Just read Peter Coyote's story about Carla. What a damn fine story about a damned exciting and amazing woman... I forget what real people are and were like now that most so us are hiding behind our suits & ties. The places changed, but the stories are amazingly similar...the 60s were the 60s no matter where you lived them. I often wonder what the young generation has to be pasionate about until i remember, " Oh,"... Somehow the words money and passionate always seemed mutually exclusive to me, but, then, I did grow up in the 60s. Thanks for the memories and keep on truckin'.
From: John Wallach (none), 07/17/96.
Roland and Daniel Horney / Phillip Collins (and all the gang from 1965, west 81st Street, N.Y.C.): are you still out there, and are you keeping the dream alive? Leave message here. I'll check back now and then. I've never recanted! Well, not seriously anyway. Say whatever you wish, the earth has never known a sweeter time. Peace to all my beautiful brothers and sisters. It's all too funny!
From: (), 07/17/96.
From: bethany kropf (), 07/17/96.
I think it's about time we all grow up. We need to look at the thing we did't do , the things we left undone.
From: Kristen Van Kley (, 07/16/96.
Hello. Please tell me who the diggers are.
From: Michelle (, 07/15/96.
From: Susan K. (, 07/15/96.
For a look at some interesting contemporary Digger thinking, check out Freeman House's "Dreaming Indigenous" at -- Susan K.
From: (), 07/14/96.
Michael Tierra's e mail
From: Michael Tierra (, 07/14/96.
What a stoned gas! For me this has been the greatest find on the internet. We forged so many ideals and I know in my way, I have carried them forward. It was a beautiful trip and I continue to receive inspiration from the memories of Peter Berg (when he's not crabby and grumpy), Coyote singing his beautiful songs about owls, people, being and living. Elsa, and her beutifully creative vision of art and life; Richard Marley his easy going socialism. To Truck, always ready to rescue us with our mechanical problems at the Black Bear ranch. Susan Keese's beautiful journal and poetry. I wonder whatever happened to the artist, was it "ama" who would come in each night and pain magnificient murals on the walls of our living room at Willard Street. I think he did his coupe de gras and literally went flying off the golden gate bridge. Noone will ever believe or understand what and how we lived in those days. The outlaw-ism was truly in the spirit of robin hood and it is hard to see that now. I regret burning the American flag in James Coburn's foyer, he is a good man, but we needed his active support and it really bugged me how he would patronize my and our friendship and talk about the glistening silica on the sidewalk of the Haight when we wanted him to come through with real contributions of money, land, material goods to nurture a rugged vision that we were living. In retrospect, I ask his forgiveness but the context was really important. It was a statment about values. Peter Coyote, I enjoy seeing you in even the trashy flicks, I know your trying to make it, your a beautiful soul and I also know that, like me, in your world, you are still living the dream and in this web site, even rekindling the sparks of it. By the way, Peter Berg vision of bioregionalism and Planetary consciousness is reflected in the name of my commercial herbal products (Planetary Herb Formulas) and in my book, Planetary Herbology. I recently heard that some young students are living at Black Bear and working things out communally. I am happy to hear that and support the ranches ongoing liberation as a family trust. Michael Tierra
From: (), 07/13/96.
From: (), 07/10/96.
From: Jann Pearce (, 07/08/96.
Cycling West Cornwall. Veggie meals/Cycle repair/maintainancc
From: Redwood Kardon (, 07/06/96.
Garbage or Nothing! anybody have a copy of this article? Anybody heard from Gandalf in the last 10 years? Does anybody know if the "Up Against the Wall Motherfucker" depicted in "I Shot Andy Warhol" was supposed to be Alan Hoffman?
From: Lolita (), 07/05/96.
Great site, but WHY have Digger Papers been copyrighted?!!!

Editor's semi-gratuitous response:

To prevent commercial exploitation of these writings. If you have a better idea how to accomplish that end, I'm open to suggestions. --eric


From: Ramon Tourgeman (, 07/03/96.
Keep up the great work.
From: Sarah R. (, 07/03/96.
I lived in Berkeley and the Haight in the mid- and late 60's... finding this site brought back so many memories! One of the few places on the 'Net that can truly be called a "home" page. :>) Thanks!!
From: free spirit (), 06/28/96.
dear wonderful, gratuitous, editor - yep, we'se all a bundla contradictions, but then we don't all write books saying we don't "let ourselves off emmett grogan's moral hook" - guess i just hope there's some serious self-examination in this upcoming treatise on hip.
From: free spirit (), 06/27/96.
diggers making tylenol commercials ... ?

Editor's gratuitous response:

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

--Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass


From: Catherine "Betsy" Buck (, 06/26/96.
Went to Bard College where the pretense exists that the "sixties" spirit is alive and well. Everyone jumps on the politically correct bandwagon and acts like freaks 'cause it's cool. Ran into few real people and left with a bad taste in my mouth. Glad to know there are some real thinkers out there that do more than pretend to be motivated by their ideals. Thanks for restoring my faith. Great to make your aquaintance, all! Good luck on the book, Mr. Coyote, I'll be looking forward to it. -Betsy
From: Sparks Fly (), 06/26/96.
Wolanda! Zu arte zings: animo, anima, animus.
From: Sam Yulish (, 06/25/96.
Check out Maybe you can give an old hippy some help in distributing his book Maybe some tips on getting free links to my page? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Sam
From: Craig Todd (none_yada@yet), 06/24/96.
I've been working on an essay about the hippies and their place in counterculture. I've enjoyed your site and hope to be back when I can get increased net access
From: Michael Bradford (, 06/23/96.
Thanks to everyone working to keep this site alive and growing. Really crucial stuff. Peter C. thanks for another perspective.Our education continues. Anybody else? Still creating, and have fun! p.s.
From: Peter Coyote (, 06/22/96.
Hey, found this page for the first time and ran into Susan Keese, Claude, Julie, Tobe and was very excited. I've sent about five chapters from my book, The Free-Fall Chronicles onto the Digger Page. Those of you who were there should find it a lot closer to the truth than Ringolevio. I'm almost done with the third re-write, and then me and old friend, writer Terry Bisson (Hugo and Nebula award winning sci-fi novelist, and ex Red-Rockers communard, and college pal) will edit it together. I'll keep you posted. Would love to hear from Julie, Susan, et al.
From: Brenda Keen (, 06/19/96.
Just want to say thanks for putting out this wealth of information for free. Very much in the Digger tradition. I especially enjoyed Peter Coyote's tales. Peace.
From: victor scott (), 06/17/96.
I really think that the diggers page is one of the most interesting and inspiring that I have yet to run across in my life.
From: Maureen Musial (, 06/14/96.
From: NOT BORED! (, 06/13/96.
situationist site
From: (), 06/10/96.
From: Suvianna (), 06/10/96.
I'm a real 60's fan, although I was born in 1980. I live in Finland and it's hard to find anything interesting here. I was really happy to find these pages. I now know there are people like me out there!!
From: elizabeth rehmel (, 06/07/96.
sixties was a time of great changes and new ideals. It is important to remeber that everyone now has been affected in some way affected by the sixties. History often repeats itself, bewear and watch, trends and ideals often have a way of repeating.
From: Walter Bowart (, 06/05/96.
Ron was so young. We've lost so many. He hosted me to a tour of the Haight in 1965, the first time I visited San Francisco. Emmett was on the scene in NYC where I was the founder and editor in chief of The East Village Other. While our bodies are dying, we remain the eternally young. Have a joint on me, Ron. Walter P.S. If anybody has films or videos or unpublished stills of the Exorcism of the Pentagon ( I trucked the flowers to the site and tried to bomb the Pentagon with flowers) and or visual material of The East Village Other staff and friends, please get in touch with me.
From: Annie F. Pyatak (noonan1, 06/02/96.
This page is a good thing. My Mom (Susan Keese) mentioned that old friends were meeting here and so I thought I'd say hello. I'm planning to move to San Francisco in the fa ll and I'm trying to learn some new names.
From: patrick from guia (), 06/02/96.
i often feel that i was left out, how i never lived in the 60s, at least in this life, i think its great the Digger spirit is alive. i am just 17 but i think its great that people who still care exist. ifanyone out there is interested in forming an international Digger festival or something please post up any ideas. after all we have to live "here and now".
From: Paul R. Rodriguez (sangretoro), 05/25/96.

Finding sites like this always give me a feeling of comfort, not to mention a little bit of excitement.

From: Jeff Sturgeon (Jeffs _yada@, 05/24/96.
What can you say that hasent been said...that's why Peter's writing a book I guess because it's a subject with unlimited depth and width and hidden rooms.
From: Richard Marley (, 05/24/96.
Richard Marley is alive and well and living in California
From: Andre (, 05/20/96.
The sixties happened even here in Africa! Far out.
From: Ramon Sender (, 05/19/96.
Thanks, Eric, for the Digger bread posting! I asked for a recipe, and got a wonderful bit of history also. I'll pass it on to Cynthia on the Well, where I think it was discussed in the cooking conference. (I'm make sure it contains your URL address here) Again, thank you for this invaluable archive!
From: (), 05/17/96.
From: Nick Warne (, 05/16/96.
This link is very informative...I am trying to incorporate some of the material into a research project that I am currently involved in. Thanks.
From: Michael Holtermann (, 05/15/96.
From: Pam Read (Hanna) (, 05/14/96.
Very interesting info & networking. I was in SF in the '60s & frequented a Diggers Freestore. It was lovely. You just walked in & some very cool clothes were on racks & you just picked out what you wanted. The night before the great human Be-in in the park, some Digger friends came by our place & turned us on to some Owsley acid--no strings attached except that you had to take it at the Be-In. We did. We moved to Morningstar as Diggers in 1967. Sent apples from the orchard back to the hungry folks in the Haight. Morningstar was founded on the principle of "land access to which is denied no one" which is why the Diggers & Morningstar communaires got along so well. Yep! They were magical times all right. Keep on keeping on.
From: (), 05/13/96.
From: (), 05/13/96.
From: (), 05/13/96.
From: (), 05/13/96.
From: Tobias Neuburger (), 05/09/96.
I like to be a digger
From: Terry Frost (, 05/09/96.
I'd forgotten what I wrote in the book last year. Just found it again and the words have bounced back and influenced me during a bit of a rough patch. Thanks
From: Paul Rodriguez (, 05/08/96.

Universal Fluidity.welcome

I HAVE READ STUFF ON HISTORY OF YOUR DIGGERS IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS, AND YOU WERE RIGHT WHILE OTHER HIPPIES WERE WRONG AND THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THEY ALL FIZZLED OUT AFTER 1968. I am a son of hippie parent and an hippie of the 1990's. Not only that... I do run a small pro-DEAF political radical Leftist group w/ my DEAF/SIGNING HEARING HIPPIE FRIENDS. So... We're interested in becoming being 1st DEAF Diggers (of the 90's) just to be like you all. We'd like it if you can help by feeding us with more of your philosophy, politcs and stuff like that to feed us and make us grow in greater numbers succussfully. Here is our address: Kolekona Paulo Keo'keo c/o Rebel Deaf Panthers Tribe International 228 Main St Ashland, Mass. 01721 - I have lived there since 1969 when it was a hippie crash pad, and yes, I have been to your S.F. before, will tell you tons of details about us later. :)
From: Julie Boone (, 05/07/96.
I can't believe there is a Digger Guest Book.
From: Walt Sheasby (, 05/06/96.
Let me invite you to a Green candidate's web page: My greetings to all the survivors, especially Diggers and Communications Co. and Mime Troupe and Ramparts and Dead heads and SDS and Jeff Poland and Allen Ginsberg and many more.
From: Tommy (Truck) Soto & D. Gilman (, 05/05/96.
Tommy (Truck) Soto & Deborah Gilman are in San Francisco.
From: Heather Hayes (, 05/01/96.
I just came home from San Fransisco and visited Haight/Ashbury and learned that the sixties are still alive...Peace!!
From: ron jacobs (, 04/29/96.
can't remember if i signed in here before preferring to remain anonymous sometimes. a great page both in style and in content thanks for the frame of reference -- something we seem to have lost in this socalled postmodern age...peace
From: chief lookout (), 04/29/96.
Wanted: One aircraft carrier, good condition. Correspondence to: Emmett Grogan Peace Boat, Star Route 4, Hana, HI 96713.
From: Jonathan Jackson, Jr. (, 04/26/96.
There is one earth, and mankind are its citizens. I'll be travelling this summer...see you all on the road!
From: Emilia (), 04/26/96.
FREE SCHOOL ALUMS: Hearth School (Hearthshire) celebrates its 25th anniversary at the land June 21-23, 1996! For more info, check in at PO Box 492, Covelo, CA 95428.
From: susan keese (, 04/25/96.
From: Hubert Daisley (, 04/24/96.
Listen people! Me and my comrades need information on workers coperatives, food collectives and the like. We are a bunch of students in ottawa canada and we are not going to have much funds next year because of government cutbacks. We've given up on the job or (wage slave ) situation but we're determind to survive. I can't begin to tell you how desperate some of my comerads are. So if you have any info or know of anyone with that type of information then i would be very pleased if someone could forward the stuff to my e-mail address. Ispecifically need information on thew different models of workers cooperatives and the like also information on the ways to go about setting up such units. Thanks in andvance. Peace and solidarity!!!! Hubert Daisley
From: (), 04/22/96.
From: Rod Mackintosh (, 04/18/96.
Left this after 1996 spring visit to Haight-Ashbury ...bought a great pipe there!
From: Joey Morrison (bria, 04/18/96.
From: Mark Wolin (, 04/17/96.
Haight-Ashbury, summer, 1967. It was a summer of love.
From: Jennifer Newland (, 04/15/96.
thanks for carrying on such protests that weren't quite settled in the 60's.
From: Steve Cleverley (70261,, 04/13/96.
Followed it from within/without from here/there and everywhere Amazed to see a WEB-site but where isn't there one?
From: Tobe Carey (, 04/11/96.
My program, Woodstock Summer of '94, Not the Music...Just The Scene, was kindly reviewed on Check it out...They've included some digital MOV excerpts from the tape \
From: mela alexian (, 04/10/96.
ron thelin was my inspiration. i first read about him in college. i always wanted to start a bookstore like his. i thought, here was a balanced human being. he had his own business but he had so much love too, giving so much for free. he was a provider of information. steadfast and true. i'm sorry he's gone.
From: Scott R. Payne (, 04/09/96.
From: joe roberts (, 04/05/96.
when I was about 14 I read a bok called Ringolivio by Emmet Grogan. I've always wondered where kenny wisdom ended up as he and (the fictional) Billy Jack typified the heroes of my youth. Any help?
From: Steve "Tuber" Gunter (, 04/04/96.
Keep On Thinking Free! Summer of Love was Summer of Truth until the bad vibrations disturbed the field...but the faith of the flower folk shall forever find refuge in my heart. I rediscovered these ideals not long ago and nothing, ever again, shall compell me to lay them down. Thinking is the best way to travel, thinking of the sixties, Peace.
From: Matt S. (), 04/01/96.
hey all a place to dance in the streets and let your mind wander free. I love it here I just might stay awhile.
From: foxforcefive (), 03/30/96.
the 60's never happened>>mannnnnnn>>it was all your fucked up imaginations. The only good things about the 60's were Ronald Reagen and Charlie Manson and the concert with hell's angels~~~~~~We'll stop the peace movement if it takes a bloodbath.
From: tom costello (, 03/28/96.
poet seeks information re: one warren whiting, former member of san francisco mime troupe during period of digger movement. please send your reply to thank you.
From: Jeremiah Gaster (), 03/28/96.
My parents were HIPPIES and now I am proud to declare myself one too. There are a few problems-NO voices on the LEFT!!!! Where are there some?
From: Nate Kasper (KASPEN01_yada@tigger.stcloud.msus.e), 03/25/96.
.edu.......... 1% almost free, time for change.......
From: Rusty Ranney (, 03/24/96.
I grew up in the Haight a 7-10 yr.old kid who went everywhere around the area including spending evenings _yada@ the Avalon. It was easy for a kid to pretend he was with someone and just walk in. I'm wondering if anyone knows of somewhere on the net that someone could find other childhood hippy friends. Please EMail me _yada@
From: Ramon Sender (, 03/24/96.
Nice job, Eric! Places like Drop City, Tolstoi Farm, Morningstar Ranch and it's satellites, Wheeler's/Ahimsa were perhaps the first tentative steps towards stopping to carve up our mother Gaia's body and renting/selling the pieces. As a dear brother once said, "Free Rent hits at the heart of the beast." The Diggers came real close.
From: Shareef "Reeve" Rashedi (, 03/23/96.
"In wilderness is the preservation of the world"-Thoreau Diggers are alive and well down yonder Sierra-Nevada foothills! Thars gold in dem hills! (I in no way condone mining, I'm refering to the wealth in beauty)
From: Lacey Weidner (, 03/22/96.
I think that the summer of love was a very great time in the 60s'
From: Beth Palmer (, 03/22/96.
From: mike o'brien (, 03/21/96.
interested in knowing more about emmet...digger movement...ringolevio (was it all true? semi-fictional?) appreciate any feedback!
From: Steve Keyser (, 03/20/96.
Thank you for this wonderful page. I invite everyone to visit The John Cipollina “Electric Guitarslinger” Web Site John Cipollina was the classic San Francisco electric guitar player. Starting with 60’s rock icons Quicksilver Messenger Service, he played his signature style of rock , blues and jazz for 25 years until his untimely passing in 1989. Your visit to this tribute site celebrates a unique man and his legendary musical gift. Please stop by at:
From: Bente B. (), 03/18/96.
From: Claude Hayward (Adobe, 03/16/96.
Howdyfolks. Some of you may remember me. It's wonderful to find you here. Who is running this show, and how may I help? I"ve been out here in New Mexico since 1971, when we passed over stewardship of "The Land" in Covelo to the Hearth Foundation (Hearthshire School).I would love to hear from you. Chester Anderson(RIP) and I, along with H'lane, Freddie, Alan and others, were the Comco. All my archives of Comco were destroyed in a fire in 1969, so I'm delighted to find you.Hope I can help out. Claude Hayward.
From: mela alexian (, 03/15/96.
dig it! most of my research happens in the basement of the university library; the microfilmed archives of the underground press association are buried treasure to me. brautigan's gone but we're on our way to his vision of a cybernetic ecology. check out the brautigan page at! peace
From: Chris Moonshine Ridgway (RIDGWAYC_yada@CARDIFF.AC.UK), 03/14/96.
From: GUILLOSSON (TRAME _yada@ imaginet. fr), 03/14/96.
Is anybody can help me to find film archives about Emmett Grogan and the diggers?
From: GUILLOSSON (TRAME _yada@ imaginet. fr), 03/14/96.
Is anybody can help me to find film archives about Emmett Grogan and the diggers?
From: Jill Kely-Moore (, 03/11/96.
"So let the mind bewarethat tho' the flesh be bugged The circumstances of existence are pretty glorious" Kerouac As long as something is remembered it is not dead. Something as important as the Digger movement must be kept in the human cosmic consciousness. We need a little bit of heaven in this disaster area. Now get out there and do something for a brother or sister-make em feel like life is not just a deadening grind.
From: stephen currie (, 03/08/96.
where can i find the words to "The Times They Are A Changin'" on the internet? ...and the answer is: here--e.n.
From: Janne Friman (), 03/07/96.
Greetings from Finland,the final frontier.Itīs the second time,Iīm "surfing in the net",and,Im really impressed.Istarted with reading about William S. Burroughs,and after many interesting sights,I ended up here.So whatīs happening "underground" today in U.S.A.?Anything,or just commercial "woodstock part two"stuff?Spring is banging doors here,after loooong,cold,dark but beautyful,and romantic winter,and people are starting to dance in the streets a bit more.Iīd like to stay longer in this page,but Iīm in alibrary(I certainly haven`t got a possibility(nor interest,actually)for my own internet system)and now there`s people screaming itīs their turn to use this silly olīmachine.But I shall return and read more about your retrospiritual struggle against McDonaldīs empire.Peace and sleepingbags(on fire).J.F.
From: Jenny (, 03/05/96.
I wasn't alive in the 60's, but I can still admire your work if I want to, dammit!
From: nestor fabal (, 03/05/96.
i am sick with this calamity of mundaneness that is encaged by our fears...poetry and music are the only things i enjoy doing yet..i dont want to be a starving artist..what would keroauc do?
From: John Catlin (, 03/03/96.
From: Al Semple (, 03/03/96.
From: Mike McSwain (, 03/02/96.
Brings back some fond and beautiful memories. I was thinking the other day what my life would have been like if I had never crossed the great divide. I might have made more money but boredom would have replaced the flights of psyche and spirit that have brought me to where I am today. You gotta be allways hip!
From: jeff biersach (), 03/02/96.
a good resource for students
From: Greg Evans (, 03/02/96.
I am writing a book about light shows. Did YOU do them? (Do you do them now?) Can you help me find these people? Even if you just saw some, send me your recollections. Whatdya mean you can't remember?
From: Kristen Bradley (, 02/28/96.
Peace and love.
From: Brian C Dahlen (, 02/25/96.
we're poor and we're pissed, let's rock
From: Roger Mexico (, 02/19/96.
'Twas ever thus!.....Diggers, Luddites, Yippies -- always will be some of us contrary scum around.
From: Virgil Trucks III (), 02/18/96.
Finally, some Digger papers! I've been trying to get this stuff out to the people in Alabama for years! Never the same after "Ringolevio!" Thank you SO much for putting this stuff where freaks like me can find it. It WILL be re-circulated! Emmett forever...
From: budz n brown rice (, 02/16/96.
From: dewey plumes (, 02/14/96.
it was over after '68? right on.
From: James Bear (, 02/13/96.
I think what I have to say is best expressed by leaving it unsaid.
From: Jon Layton (, 02/07/96.
Emmett Grogan never really existed. And I hope he never will. free
From: (), 02/07/96.
From: (), 02/07/96.
From: Sativa (, 02/06/96.
Keep fucking shit up. The legacy of the diggers and their comrades shall never be forgotten. Peace, freedom, and ganja -Sativa
From: Doug Peckham (, 02/04/96.
From: Joe Cliburn (, 02/02/96.
From: Steinar Olafsen (, 01/31/96.
A great WEBsite this is! I live in the 90tease (!) - but I still remember the GOOD things in the 60's - beforee it all became plastic.. If anybody knows anout nice WEBS concerning music (and other related things) from the 60's and early 70's - please mail me. I try to collect them all as pointers from my Homepage at Thanx
From: larry albus (, 01/30/96.
hey. listen first i'm not an ex hippy or some hippy wanna be, the sixties are over folks,so leave them be. second, this is truly the single most important group group that was active at the time, and the one with the most direct social impact. Internal politics aside the diggers accomplished thier goal, to demonstrate that you could survive in this materialist world without being a slave to the almighty dollar. Using whatever means at thier disposal!!! And lets be honest, they were artists sure,but they were also hardened street people before they ever even heard of haight ashbury. This site is wonderful & neccessary to keep the dreams of a truly "free" society alive, and i would sincerly like to see some kind of serious dialogue and/or symposia to discuss digger ideology and its relavance to today's society. thank you for you gift to the future.
From: hoyt galloway (, 01/30/96.
I was at Woodstock my hair was to my sholders. Now there is no hair.
From: Roger Mexico (, 01/27/96.
Hallooo, brothers!....The Diggers is sacred stuff.
From: Dave (yoohoo), 01/26/96.
Blow me down, me matey!
From: Tobe Carey (, 01/26/96.
Original Woodstock (pre festival) type and still here after all these years. So pleased to find your pages...still have copies of the old papers and my old hippie films...also recently produced a video, Woodstock Summer of '94, about the 2nd festival...available for purchase (sorry!)...
From: Al "Hash" Brown (, 01/24/96.
Interesting information: I'll have to come back when I have time to stay longer. Anything about the White Bicycle movement in Amsterdam around the same time?
From: Jeff Shaddock (, 01/22/96.
it's a very cool web page
From: Ann-Elizabeth Nash (, 01/22/96.
From: Brian Jefferies (, 01/21/96.
Greetings from Australia. Great site. The sixties live on! Check out our new project at
From: (), 01/20/96.
From: Boyd Grant (, 01/13/96.
Isla Vista, summer 1968. Digger soup kitchen in front of the Red Lion. Joel Honey vs The I.V. Narc Patrol. The Olive Street House (Lois Thornton, Andy & Barbara Main, etc)...
From: Tim Miller (, 01/12/96.
Wonderful site recording crucial history. I too am interesting in preserving the history of the sixties, when I came of age, and am working on my part of it: a friend and I are collecting interviews and documents on the communes of the sixties era (roughly 1965-1975). We would like to hear from anyone who has stories to tell or documents to share. Check out our project at Thanks again for the great site!
From: James McInish (, 01/10/96.
Beautiful site. Thank you. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the greatest "hippy" book ever written: "Be Not Content". I lost my copy 20 years ago. Abel Egregore(sp) if you're out there: Thank You, I hope you've found happiness.
From: (), 01/06/96.
Gone to find my roots and wandered into your page. Left it all in 1967 and found myself in Sweden after the Army had gripped me. We had always hoped that our voice there had convinced Canada to take in the draft resistors. Maybe it helped, maybe not, but few can say today that it ever was a just war. Many of my brothers I have not heard from since. I always admired the diggers from what we heard about them.
From: Robert Burroughs (, 01/06/96.
From: joe kivak (, 01/06/96.
I found this page while looking for bob fass,, an found don fass..but im sure bob fass can not be far from here?
From: Bob Wynne (, 01/05/96.
Hey Now! Machine burped! I found you page looking for references or archives of the Berkeley Barb or Tribe. If anyone has sites or info on such archives please e-mail me at Loved the site!
From: Bob Wynne (, 01/05/96.
Hey Now! Machine burped! I found you page looking for references or archives of the Berkeley Barb or Tribe. If anyone has sites or info on such archives please e-mail me at Loved the site!
From: Bob Wynne (, 01/05/96.
From: Ben Pagtanac (, 01/04/96.
Hi Eric Just checking out your home Page. Looks nice
From: Zeb Ellis (, 01/04/96.
I need info on the Summer of Love and other Stuff that has to do with the Sixties.
From: Jordan Fink (, 01/03/96.
I', looking for info on current Yippie! or digger groups in Amerika today. Please send any info you have!
From: Bradley (, 01/03/96.
Regarding your web page, a word from my Bart Simpson generation "to yours- "Far out, man."
From: Bradley (, 01/03/96.
Does this thing take dedications?
From: Bradley (, 01/03/96.
Does this thing take dedications?
From: Bradley (, 01/03/96.
Regarding your web page, a word from my Bart Simpson generation "to yours- "Far out, man."
From: Andrei Ferrera (, 01/02/96.
Great to see folks doing graduate work on this fascinating part of American history. Don't miss out on Paul Krassner's "Confessions..." book. Great fun and spooky at the same time. Anyone know how to find Mae Brussell's conspiracy students, the Brussell Sprouts?
From: Astrofreak (snail mail in comments), 01/02/96.
Please send me all the information you can. My snail mail address is Renee Sweeney 1010 16th St. #5, Spirit Lake, IA 51360.

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