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From: Eric (, 12/31/97.
Pam's comment (below) about "it's the FUTURE" reminded me of an amazing story. A couple weeks ago I stopped in at the California Historical Society, where we had deposited a complete set of Kaliflower in 1973. Over the years, various researchers had reported their unsucessful attempts to locate this collection at the CHS library. To make a long story short, I suggested that the Librarian search under the name we used in 1973 to make the donation, and this helped her finally locate the as-yet-unopened suitcase that we had given to them. Right in the middle of the library, she opened the latches and it was as if a time door opened to that moment 25 years ago when I had packed the materials away -- everything was untouched. And get this, the agreement we used gave CHS publication rights to the collection as of January 1, 1998. TOMORROW! (It seemed like such a far-off future back in 1973.) What a strange wonderful solstice season it's been -- finding long-lost treasures. Starting with the Serendipity quote which I'd misplaced for 15 years (it's now at the bottom of the main digger page.) May all your lives be propitious in the coming year. --en
From: Pam Read (Hanna) (, 12/31/97.
Greetings & hallucinations to all as we ring out the olde year. Overdue reply to Corky Meyers in this guestbook (from 11-7)- you asked about a lot of people I knew/know. Larry & I used to hang out with Jon Jon & Terry. Haven't heard much about Kathy Sweeney & purple Paula, but Cable Car (John Nelson) & Friar Tuck (scroll down - they're both here) probably do. Don & Sandy King are in Tompkinsville, Kentucky with a huge spread of "God's Land." E me & I'll give you their e-mail address. Rena is in Hawaii - has a daughter, Melodica she renamed Oceania (Lou & Rena's son Vishnu renamed himself Bill), Mystery is still alive I'm told & shows up periodically in Sonoma County, "Dopey Dorris" - do you mean Jade? She's still in Sonoma County too (not online, but I have her snailmail address); Cindy & Herb now - they didn't remain Cindy & Herb for long & I never heard word one about Herb since he left Morningstar (ask Ramon - if anybody knows, he does); Cindy married Kell Robertson & had a daughter - named her Penny after Penny Pratt (David is in Austin BTW - has an art gallery there - not online, but I also have his snailmail); Penny remarried & lived in Phoenix but I've since lost track of her). And Nevada is still alive & well & crazy as ever. MOF, Lou e-mailed me about seeing him just before he died (before Lou died I mean). Everybody's winking online like a bunch of first-magnitude stars - Joanie for one. With this network going, it should be easy to find just about everybody. Say hi to Terry for me. EVERYBODY - check out Stephen Gaskin's article in the December High Times entitled "Thirty Summers of Love in a Single Kick-Ass Be-In." Happy 1998 to all - my god! It's the FUTURE!!!
From: Valeri DeCastris (, 12/30/97.
Too cool. I'm only 41 1/2 years old, but my face was pressed up against the proverbial glass as a pre-teen absorbing the 60's in the midwest and it shaped my life. Born of a conservative (relatively) jazz musician and ballet/jazz dance teacher in an Italian household, I lived a straight and not-so-straight life. Did well in school, got a Master's and was a revolutionary at the same time. Have been elected to minor political offices and had a bit of an impact on people's lives here in Illinois. Thanks for the beginnings...may the revolution still come. Peace and love is more relevant today than ever.
From: Jphn Ward (, 12/29/97.
Been looking for this stuff for years. Thanks
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From: (), 12/20/97.
From: David Benjamin (, 12/09/97.
Outstanding webpage! Thanks for all the great info.
From: (), 12/09/97.
From: George Coologeorgen (, 12/07/97.
From: Pam Brennan (, 12/05/97.
Thanks Eric. I was just digging around to see what Haight Ashbury stuff has found its way onto the Web and saw a link to The Diggers. By the way, after you provided me w/Scott's phone number, my mom took off for Fire Island, she's since come and gone again, this time to Mexico, but we both agreed that we WILL give Scott a call in the spring when she returns for GOOD to SF. Everyone but my eldest bro will have moved to SF in my family. How does that go "and a child shall lead them..." Only kidding. Anyone w/taste and brains knows SF beats NY. I missed you at the Oct. 12 SOL event. I got snagged to serve beer all day long. It was OK since I could see the stage and all the goings on. When you're next in the Haight, do give a call and stop in to see the B&B we got going on here. I think you'd enjoy the visit. We also have the Psychedelic History Museum and have been doing the Haight Ashbury Flower Power Walking Tour. Hippy Holly Daze. -Pam
From: Agency Music (), 12/05/97.
SPILLMIND (spill me'nd) Welcomes the Merry Pranksters
From: tony seldin,vagabond poet (, 12/04/97.
the heart is the greatest pathe, planet for slow learners peace and love and all that shit, vagabond still on the road warm regards to all my freinds along this road
From: MISSOURI BRAKE (, 12/03/97.
From: (), 12/03/97.
From: John Nelson (, 12/03/97.
The diggers helped me in my transition from New Orleans schoolteacher to Morningstar hippie. The Switchboard sent me to lodge with the estimable fledgling cartoonist R.Crumb while I located the commune I had read about in an April Time magazine. I was never more than a spear carrier in the opera playing itself out in Sonoma Hills and transitioned back into the workaday world. I saw the open land movement an avenue to global salvation and Lou G. as an entertaining godsend. I live in the home of my boyhood in WI and part time in my house in SF. It was a long strange trip - eh wot?
From: Redwood (, 12/02/97.
Anybody seen Gandalf in the last 10 years?
From: Lauren Leahy (, 12/01/97.
This site has changed a lot since i last checked it out over a year a go. It's really fabulous what you've done with it! I've found your site to be a fantastic source of info for papers i've written, etc.. thank you, i look forward to seeing more! LML
From: Friartuck (, 12/01/97.
Check out my new Morningstar Faith website.... The url is : BIO: One of the original Diggers !!!!
From: James Ricardo Feld (, 11/26/97.
19-year old art student here rediscovering all that came to be known as "The Sixties." Started with a hit of delysid after reading passages from Tom Wolfe's Kool-Aid manual at age 14. Continuing my Search for Truth, as cheesy as it may sound, my final goal being a resurgence of "insurgents," hoping the first ten years of the next century makes the 60s look like the 50s. Love Sex Dream and 25 years of adventure. E-mails welcome to stimulate this developing intellect and white trash kid
From: wild river (, 11/26/97.
Peace On Hippie Digger Friends! Love you in the morning Love ya in the evening We need to energize and blow this scene wide open. Show the world that Love is energy and there is plenty for us all to give as much as we can. To the sweet folks who manage this page.......Thank you. hugz,blessings,righteous focus. w.r.
From: Helen Donlon (, 11/26/97.
Desperately looking for friends of the late, great Richard Brautigan, as I am working on his life story. Any help welcomed.
From: Sherry Heitman (, 11/21/97.
I arrived in The Haight the day of "The Death of the Hippies" march down Haight Street in Oct. '67. Literally and figuratively speaking; it was the fall of love. The Diggers had just closed the Free Store a few days before, I think. I was so disappointed to have just missed The Diggers with the food in the Panhandle, the sharing ect. My friends had a place on Haight & Ashbury - 609 Ashbury- and one of our box springs in the front room came from The Diggers Free Store. Six of us in a three room apartment. We had some of the highest highs and lowest lows, but LOVE was still in the air.
From: Lee Kanegson (, 11/21/97.
Saw a comment from Arthur Lisch back there, but no email address. Does anyone know where he is?
From: Lee Kanegson (, 11/21/97.
Why did it take me so long to find this URL? Of course cyberspace is the natural home of the Digger souls, and I shoulda looked sooner. A message to all the young folks expressing such sadness at being born too late for the Sixties: You're here now, yes? DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!
From: Dave Junius (, 11/21/97.
I am a masters student in the nonprofit admin program at USF. I just finished a paper about the SF Mime Troupe's melding of art and advocacy. I used the Diggers as an example of people (along with Luis Valdez/El Teatro Campesino and Bill Graham)who went on to affect social or cultural change and were influenced by the Mime Troupe. Although hey only lasted a couple of years, the Diggers were indeed one of the first "grassroots nonprofits."
From: Tippeterious (, 11/19/97.
Hiya, all! Well, I certainly can't call myself a digger, but I think that whatever the hell it is that I am shares plenty in common with the diggers. I think that it is time forus to dismantle this rusty, malfunctioning jalopy of a civilization we live in. Where do we get the blueprints for a new one? Well, you guys already have some great ideas going. . . why not add on a lot more? Visit, and you will see how we can break out of this ten thousand year old cage. We are the ten thousand year reich. . . let it end with us.
From: greg feil (, 11/15/97.
great site!!!!!!!1
From: Dan Colen (, 11/08/97.
I worked at the old Hip Pocket Bookstore, that lead to acid tests, thunder machines, Emmett, Kesey, Fillmore and Oak, Mexico, and never trust a prankster. Where the Hell is Hassler or Benny Prieth or Ray McAlpine or Big John? I realize we all fled for various reasons but the statute of limitations must have run out. All you survivors make an appearance or send a message.
From: (), 11/07/97.
From: Corky Meyers (, 11/07/97.
My wife, Terry Blue, lived at MorningStar Ranch with John-John in Eds shed, behind the upper house from early67 until Sonoma County shut the place down. She is interested in the whereabouts of Kathleen Sweeny,Don and Sandy King, Rena, Purple Paula, Mystery, Dopey Doris, Cindy and Herb and Nevada. Peace love and light.l
From: lacy (, 11/05/97.
i lived at wheeler's '70 & some of '71. soo good to read ramones garbage mike still around? love ya all, lacy
From: Phil Bond (Phil.Bond_yada@USA.Net), 10/31/97.
I enjoyed reading about some times I personally lived though, but did not experience anything like the ways described here. I was in the Navy, on a small ship serving in Viet Nam, during the "Summer Of Love", until the end of my active duty in mid-'68. I didn't even hear about The Diggers until years after they disbanded, to my regret.
From: jojo adu (, 10/30/97.
I'm organising a short series of events at Cyberia Internet Cafe titled Atomic Cafe Culture. The first featured cyberwriters Douglas Rushkoff and Paul J. McAuley and the theme was anti-apocalyptic. The second featured Orphan Drifts electronic voodoo and reading from Pat Cadigan. Obsession of the night was Identity. On the 7th Nov .97 culture jamming and media subversion will be it. If anyone from a digger background or any other countercultural disorganisation would like to contribute I would love it. This can be in person, in London, or online. Anyone interested in participating or simply lurking please contact me via my e-mail : Thanks, Jojo.
From: Chip Seward (, 10/26/97.
Foe-toes...of mythic & Imperial Hipdome... Were taken of the October '66 Love Pageant in the Panhandle (the day acid went illegal)...and displayed on the back wall of the psychadaelic shop...anyone know where those are now? Likewise, the night the Blue Unicorn was supposed to be shut down by the health dept, I think the end of September, '65, someone took a bunch of shots...anyone know where they are today? yrs from the H/A, Morningstar, & the road...
From: Josh (, 10/25/97.
I just finished reading "Ringolevio" a couple of hours ago, and have been surfing this site since. When Ringolevio was reprinted by Citadel Press in 1990, I was working as a typesetter, and I set much of the advertising and cover copy for the reprint. It's one of the very few of the hundreds of books that I worked on which piqued my interest -- and it only took me seven years to finally get around to reading it! I live only about a ten-minute walk from the Brooklyn of Kenny Wisdom, and things apparently haven't changed much in forty years. I couldn't find a copy of the book at any bookstore, either in Brooklyn or in Manhattan. It finally occurred to me that the only way to get the book was for FREE, and I found my copy at the Brooklyn Public Library. I'm returning it intact, except for having written "" inside the front cover. Those of you who knew Emmett Grogan must remember him as being a brilliant, impossible, inspired, funny, fast, crazy, tough-as-three-day-old-digger-bread visionary. The website is an excellent supplement to the book, and an excellent free resource in its own right. And it's free because it's yours!
From: Julie Boone (, 10/25/97.
Greetings from Winter Park, Florida. Although I continued to be connected by many threads I am glad I now have this particular "web" as well to include in my tapestry. With love.
From: anne-marie (), 10/24/97.
i am a grade twelve student from hamilton, ontario. i am doing a independent study about why san francisco was a focal point of the counter-culture of the 1960's. this web site is wonderful. while i do my research, i must listen to the music of your generation and i wish i had been there. i wish i had been part of that era! thanks for such a wonderful site!!!! i hope that some how i will communicate with one of you diggers, maybe i will look back here in a couple of days to see if any has responded. i have a few questions! p.s. sorry but i don't have an e-mail address
From: John Friel (, 10/23/97.
I was one of the diggers. I lived out back of the Hip Job Co-op with I helped run with another Digger Peter Mc Guinese. I was also envolved in starting the Free Clinic. with a dropped out private eye named Bob who put up his unemployment check for the first months rent. I later became known as John The Baptist.
From: pamela morrison (, 10/23/97.
i'm writing a dissertation on direct action protest in US 1968-72. if any yippies, hippies or anyone else has an interesting story to tell about their experiences, or more importantly, if anyone was at Chicago in '68 for the Democratic Convention, or took part in any events surrounding Kent State in 1970, I would LOVE to hear from you! Also, if there are any Stonewall veterans out there, your input would be greatly appreciated too. please write soon. cheers, pam.
From: David Bryson, MD (Yale '63) (, 10/16/97.
I've just sent Peter Coyote praise and request that he contact me - perhaps join forces to get a diggeroid woman President to kick off a better century, after the "Terrible Twentieth" - my online opus is at the next President could shut down all the glitz at the White Whore House, live by example, and put Service before Fame & Fortune
From: pat beson (, 10/15/97.
From: pam huxtable (, 10/15/97.
being an aussie a digger to me is the name given to aussie soldiers during the wars. sorry to be so ignorant-what are your diggers? cheers, pam
From: Mark Richardson (, 10/12/97.
Lots of changes with ourselves, some with the world. We need the thoughts of the ""Diggers"" more now than in the 60's. Times are a changing and Remember: "Angles fly because they take themselves lightly". ALL of us should be doing good work, with and for each other. And we are..
From: suzi _yada@ see'r (, 10/11/97.
EXCELLENT!!! you are now bookmarked! .. keep on keepin' on! suzi
From: Bill Donovan (Bdon4_yada@AOL.COM), 10/10/97.
From: loren basham (, 10/09/97.
I have begun to live in the past, Memories of the 60;s are coming back. By the way, the California Historical Society has a large storage of the digger papers.
From: Jon Brooker (, 10/07/97.
In case anyone wonders how the struggle finally came out, it was game, set, and match to the counterculture. Think about it... We changed everything (not always for the good). But I grok that we mostly tried to do the right thing - and the world is a better place for it! We should all be trying to recapture some of the activism, generosity, and humane spirit of the Sixties in these cynical Nineties. Just because we've all morphed into Baby Boomers is no reason to forget the dream. sPeace.
From: Jade (, 10/03/97.
I'm only 15, I'd never heard of any of the ideas/theories of the diggers before now. I'm completely for it.. I wish I'd been around to witness the 60s.
From: diamond dave (), 10/03/97.
will be doing free space free stage free speech free food free store with Food Not Bombs Diggers of Today at the Summer of Love soccer field October 12th, SUNDAY everybody's invited Welcome HOME Rainbow Family 415-864-3842
From: Quasar (, 09/30/97.
Geeee, the Diggers never received much media attention waaaay back then. After moving from the BAY after 30+ years to a Nebraska cornfield, nobody knows what I'm talking about when mentioning the Diggers. And, the immediate preconceived ideas when the word "hippie" is heard is of a thieving, zombie-like creature who hasn't cleansed the body in months. Arrgghhh. The struggle's hopeless. I think that's why 'Hip' died. The hopelessness of it all. Peas on Earth. Hi friends :) you know who I am. So many in Oregon. Others scattered. It's easy to wax nostalgic. That's why I named my '77 Toyota pickup 'Nostalgic', cause it's easy to wax !!!!!!!! Have Fun.....may the future be wonderful as the memories, dear friends
From: An Old Hippie (, 09/23/97.
I never knew the diggers, poorer am I for it. But the Love for everyone else is still beating strong in my heart. Theres no hope without our brothers united for the good of all!
From: leah setka (, 09/23/97.
if i'd just been a dozen years older than i was during the 60s what a trip i would have taken... ;)
From: aron kay (, 09/19/97.
high! i am back visiting all you comrades!!!i sure am celebrating the 30th smoking some kind bud...... anyway..we must teach the children well in the arts of the woodstock nation..... visit me at
From: Jon Herbert (, 09/10/97.
I bought 'Ringolevio' for my mother as a birthday present in '73; I thought that she would enjoy it, as it had been parcelled as a sort of 'Papillion' type paperback. Anyway, I was wrong on both counts. I gather that the hero of the book (the author) is deceased (Someone on your home page said that they attended his funeral and wake). What happened to him? If anyone is interested, how much of his auto bio was fancification?
From: Doug Green (, 09/09/97.
FSM, 67 Harriet Alley, Floating Lotus Opera Company, Living Theatre, Family Dog, Mendocino/Humboldt/Mateel
From: Shaunet Olsson (, 09/06/97.
I lived in Haight till 1970 - fantastic to relive the 'old days' - much love to you all - I've been living in Stockholm many years, found you via link from Moby Grape newsletter - wish I could be there in October!
From: (), 09/06/97.
From: butch chabert (, 09/03/97.
cool site man
From: The free Andy Fieldflower (, 09/03/97.
Yes,free,free,free!What a wounderful idea.Wery free&fine homepage, I can`t remember such a glittering site in my short time as a PC-user!! Well I looked at a TV-program here in Sweden namned: 1967,Beatles 20 year since Sargent Pepper,hippies,HA street,and so on. Peter Coyote was taking,and other "non"-leaders,can`t remember all now,it was about Beatles,Byrds and Paul McCartny&John Harrison was in the show.A Derek ?,who was one of the first to introduce Sg.Peppers in the LA area was the Beatles manager,said that the Diggers was the best people that you could have a ´fight´with,without any violence.Derek Taylor? priced the Diggers as the groundcore in the hole hippeera!
From: Anders Hedblom (, 09/01/97.
It`s surprising to come to a Diggers homesite.Was mostly looking for Grateful Dead(is a Swedish Deadhead)!And I came around with Merry Pranksters,Haight-Ashbury,Summer of Love,Dr.Timothy Leary & much moore of,what I belive was a central point in a philosophy,that is standing for itself even in the future. Love from Andy!
From: Linda Plyem (, 08/22/97.
I remember the Diggers! Free food (revolutionary concept) really made the powers that be feel threatened. Anybody out there remember Earl Gould or Cedric Green, originally from Chicago, lived in the Haight for a while; supported the Diggers. Know where they are?
From: Bob-O (, 08/20/97.
Hiya Kids! Gettin'close to my 50th birthday,(whoda thunk it?) so I thot I'd twist one and take a saunter down memory lane. Ain't it great? Love from Siskiyou county where some of us old BBR farts still live on.
From: Emilia (, 08/19/97.
New mailing address for HEARTH SCHOOL: PO Box 210631, San Francisco, CA 94121.
From: Emilia (, 08/19/97.
New mailing address for HEARTH SCHOOL: PO Box 210631, San Francisco, CA 94121.
From: Lauren P. (, 08/11/97.
I didn't live through the 60's,but my mother did,and she passed all of her memories on to me.I'm 13and have no friends with the same interests as me.They don't know who the Jefferson Airplane are or where or what Haight-Ashbury is.So if there are any flower child teens out there,please e mail me at Peace and love always!
From: Bill Barry (), 08/06/97.
What an excellent suprise!!! I origanally heard about Digger's when I read High Times obit for Emmitt Grogan in the '70's. Been going to GD shows since '77 and hearing the lore of you guys since then. I'm out here hitchhiking the Web on a friend's computer and would love a way to stay in contact by Earthbound communication. My address is Bill Barry 1016 Larchmont Ave Havertown,Pa 19083
From: Brian Cameron (, 08/05/97.
Thanks for being here! A pleasure to see ya'll!
From: Keith (, 08/05/97.
A simply fascinating site! I'm happy to have found it! Keep up the great work!!
From: Don Monkerud (, 08/03/97.
Looking back at this revamped website gives me hope, not for things lost, for we were moving too fast to freeze our experience, but that our grandchildren will rediscover the past and attempt to create a new era of freedom and creativity. Rather than beat ourselves up for not being pure enough, true enough to our ideas, understanding enough of what we were trying to do, we can at least give some encouragement to those who are trying to change things. Our children are rebelling against the way we lived, so I figure it will take our grandchildren to forsake fear and security to create a sense of hope, a sense of their own power outside the increasingly rigid corporate mind think of today. Letšs face it! Most of the people from the 1960s were hangers on, getting with the style and missing the substance. Should we be surprised that things are so conservative today? The public mood is more reactionary today that I recall it being in the 1950s. In the 1960s, we thought that all the reactionary old farts would die and things would change, but the seeds of the past were contained in the present. Therešs lots to be optimistic about today, but the public domain is controlled by the Jesse Helms, the Christians and the almighty dollar. Few take risks today. But the spirit lives on.
From: anarchy soup (, 08/02/97.
anarchy rally in portland maine august 16 1997!!!!! celebrate the ideals of anarchism, learn and discuss! clothing/book/music swap, free food, live music! come celebrate in MONUMENT SQUARE PORTLAND MAINE with anarchy soup
From: (), 07/31/97.
From: (), 07/31/97.
diggy dank
From: Sally (spetri_yada@hsonline), 07/29/97.
Just returned from an adventure in San Francisco with my sixteen year old son. He is obsessed with the 60's and early seventies. I was amazed that I could see myself through his eyes. I saw the same wonderment and excitement I experienced driving over the Bay and seeing the sites of he said "we ain't in Indiana no more!" As we walked through Haight,I related several stories to him about the Diggers and their fabulous free bread...the Diggers came through when no food money was in my pocket. Their kinship came out when looking for a place to sleep. Memories, ah sweet memories...seems like only was a good time...the spontenanity...the people...the fun we had...the sharing...the kindness...even several kind and thoughtful cops...I found what I was looking for...did you? After all she has been through, still today SF/Haight summons us and shares it bounty. Thanks SF/Haight for all you taught me. At least now my kids have experienced apiece of Mom's history...and found the aging Hippie did have a life and did have convictions and was part of "the scene". THANKS DIGGERS for feeding me when I was hungry and sheltering me at night. THANKS SF/Haight for letting me experience you! I am forever grateful. Some day I will return--maybe with my grandchildren!
From: ryan antigov 1 (gringo4537), 07/29/97.
We have the right to take back our freedom from tyrrany.We need to united and reinstate the Constituion with its original intent.Government FOR the people, BY the PEOPLE, and OF the people!
From: Donna (, 07/28/97.
I used to help out in the kitchen baking those loaves of bread in the circular cans. I loved cooking and being around when people were acting mellow. Coming from a combative family to this family, however briefly, was a blessing to me, and gave me a glimpse of what it might be. Happy that when I was a runaway, this one one of the places I landed. Thanks to the people there who helped me learn a new definition of family.
From: bobbi (, 07/28/97.
~~FaRoUt~~! We'Re StIlL bReAtHiN'...wE'Re StIlL sErViN'...wE'rE sTiLl AlIvE mAn! ;)
From: Dina Saber (, 07/22/97.
From: bill donovan (), 07/20/97.
From: John Hagan (, 07/20/97.
From: diamond dave whitaker (415 864 3842), 07/18/97.
the past shakes hands with the future through the now
From: H.B (, 07/17/97.
Hi, I am Korean student of contemporary American history, especialy on the New Left and Counterculture. I find that your site is very useful for my research. So, I want to say thanks to you. Please keep going your effort and i promise i myself keep checking your site.
From: Michelle Marquis (, 07/16/97.
I am a senior at UCLA who just took a history class on the New Left and Counterculture with a professor who was a member of the Red Rock Commune in Colorado that Peter Coyote mentions in his Free-Fall Chronicles. My professor, a friend of Coyote's, mentioned that she would love to see someone do her or his research paper on the Diggers, but that it would probably be too difficult to find enough primary and reliable secondary sources on a group that was generally shrouded in mystery and anonymity. Then I stumbled upon this site and realized that it was a twentieth-century historians' dream, so I wrote my paper on the Diggers. The Digger Archives (especially Coyote's Chronicles) proved invaluable to my research and is, in my opinion, everything an informative, creative, funny, attractive website should be. To Eric and all contributors: Keep doing your thing with the Archives and I'll keep doing mine - reading it and loving it!
From: Jon Brooker (, 07/16/97.
Does anyone but me remember the Canadian Peace Research Institute (CAPRI) in Vancouver BC, early sixties?
From: BLUZMAN (JAX), 07/13/97.
From: Susan Druding (, 07/13/97.
Hi, A group of Free Speech Veterans are working on getting an FSM-Archives site up soon. We are looking for people with photos, journals, comments, and such for the pages. We can scan photos, too. If anyone knows anyone or has anything to share - get in touch. We'll have our own domain name soon. Susan Druding
From: John Coate (, 07/13/97.
very glad to see this site. This si what the web is all about. If only it had been around inthose days..
From: (), 07/13/97.
From: stuart levitan (, 07/09/97.
Listening to live Dead on local community-supported, non-commercial radio (WORT-FM)... cybercareening thru time warps with old friends and role models. Does this mean we won? Who knew that the Free Frame of Reference would be so adaptable? Great web site, whatever your particular reality.
From: (), 07/09/97.
From: Sally Gustafson (, 07/02/97.
What a wonderful stroll down memory lane this has been.
From: Kevin (), 07/02/97.
From: roger evers (, 06/29/97.
thank god for the memory bone! may the evolution of consciousness continue to flourish
From: Sally (, 06/25/97.
My kids have discovered the 60's/70's. I am so thankful there is a site like this. Hats off to you! It brings back soooooooo many memories. Now the kids can read/study/ and believe ol mom when she tells them stories. Spent some time in Haight in '68, finally returned with each of my kids. The faces have changed, the buildings are still lookin good, the atmosphere is still the same...alittle more conservative, but still makes me smile as the memories flood my eyes and mind. Looking for familiar faces, and sounds, remembering the music, the people, the free....and free......! Thank you Haight for giving so much of yourself. You will long be remembered and cherished.
From: Seth (, 06/24/97.
my favorite bands are jefferson airplane and quicksilver messenger service
From: Pam Read (Hanna) (, 06/24/97.
Greetings & hallucinations to all! Nice workover of Digger site Eric. I haven't been around in awhile cuz i've been so preoccupied with an online Catastrophism discussion, hobnobbing with some heavy-duty scholars about the polar configuration of the earth, catastrophes mankind has witnessed and lived through and our collective amnesia about same, i.e. trying to come up with a new paradigm of reality. I didn't even realize that Ramon had put up the new Morningstar chapters. On that, in chap. 9, Gay Wheeler said that after i was found guilty at my trial (for obstructing an officer in the performance of his duty at Morningstar--his duty being to haul my ole man off to jail - that i laughed, choked, vomited, cried & threw myself on the courtroom floor. That's apocryphal. I WAS 8 months pregnant, DID kick the cop in the balls, did laugh, choke & cry - but didn't throw up or throw myself on the floor. Please. I had SOME discretion. Also, I scrolled down & saw Dennis Long's name here. He mentions Goat John, Little Joe, Cave Dave & Reality Construction Co. and he's talking about the New Mexico Morninstar--a story that still needs to be told. You must be the Dennis I know (I delivered one of your wife's babies, remember?), but Dennis, I tried to e you & msg. came back undeliverable. Where are you? Also, much enjoyed Peter Coyote's excellent interview (done by Etan Ben-Ami)- which gives me a good segue to recommendation of a book by my friend Tim Miller called THE HIPPIES AND AMERICAN VALUES (Univ. of TN Press,1991). It's an overview of history, culture (sex, drugs, music) and philosphy of the hippie - um - experience. Dig? As always - stopping by this website is coming home. Thanks. Pam
From: Blake Davis (, 06/20/97.
My interest stems from the chance finding of mother reading in or about 1972 of Ringalevio by Grogan. (I used to play the game when I was a kid). Great book--a truly existential character! (Is it true?). Read his second book--not bad--heart attack at 45--(drugs involved?). Thanks for the interesting site. P.S. I used to have a hard cover copy of Ringalevio--it had pictures which I think you would have used--were you aware of this? Good luck!
From: mobey (, 06/20/97.
lived at Hearthshire at the Valencia st. House and shortly at Capp St. remembering Anna oswald, leslie, steve, phil, carol tickner,carol hanley lucky, strider (rip), eddie, david zappington, phil, richard selsdorf(rip), and Jack Nottingham from next door,john lovejoy, and many more. If any of you are on line or remember me , would love to hear from you. I was 15 then , am 40 now! YIKES! Love to All of You, -mobey
From: David Farber (, 06/17/97.
Many thanks for the good work you've done in creating such a rich and powerful source.
From: BILL (BGERTZ_yada@AIFS.ORG), 06/17/97.
From: (), 06/17/97.
From: michael fluty (, 06/16/97.
New to site and scene but enjoy studying history.
From: Kirk Wattles (, 06/14/97.
It's happening. I see a lot of gaps in the new site, but you can't wait for perfection, gotta move ahead! Anyway, I'm working on webpages and looking for feedback. The site focusses on what was happening at the time when the Diggers first started digging, and other groups that have carried on the traditions. So check it out, everybody. We love you.
From: Emilia (, 06/13/97.
HEARTH SCHOOL - Meeting date changed to Saturday, June 21, 6pm. (Too bad original announcement didn't get erased!)
From: Eric (), 06/13/97.
Woops! Just uploaded the guestbook from local hard disk and overwrote several days of postings. I'll try and reconstruct from cache, but if anyone whose messages are missing would care to leave another message, please do.
From: Ricci (, 06/10/97.
This is one of the coolest websites I have ever seen! I'm only 17, but hey, great minds think alike, don't they?
From: Neill (from the young ones) (, 06/10/97.
Heavy man, far out, I like hippies.
From: Rick (, 06/08/97.
I saw HENDRIX, CREAM, FLOYD, ......... at the Electric Factory in Phila. If you were there or at any other event anywhere around that time period & want to share your memories, feel free to e-me.
From: Rick Del Rio (, 06/08/97.
I am currently writing a book on the sixties. What I hope will be the STANDARD. Looking for concert dates on all sixties bands. Please feel free to e-me.
From: Eric (), 06/08/97.
Just checking out the new guestbook location...
From: George Coologeorgen (, 06/04/97.
The diggers, in what little experience i've had, have truly impacted society. I wasn't alive to see it, but, goddamit, I wish I had been. We should try it again!!!
From: Charlie "Purple" McCoy (, 06/04/97.
"LOOKIN FOR A DIGGER......." I;m looking to get back in touch with David "Yonder" Breedlove. I spent some time at his ranch in Jeffersonville GA and the last time I saw him was at the Nevada National Gathering a few years ago. If anyone can direct me in his direction or give me the latest I'd be mighty beholdin!
From: Fred Mindlin (, 06/01/97.
Glad this site is still going. Keep up the wonderful work!
From: Emilia (), 05/27/97.
HEARTH SCHOOL - Annual meeting on the land, Sunday a.m., June 22, 1997. For more info, contact me c/o .
From: (), 05/25/97.
From: (), 05/24/97.
From: Judith Israel (, 05/24/97.
I love this site and look forward to coming back.
From: Jolene Maillet (, 05/23/97.
Hellooooo!!! I hail from the lovely southern state of Virginia; the birth place of a couple important people and the home of me!! Write if you so desire, or dare....
From: Beverly (, 05/21/97.
What an amazing discovery - this website. Cyberspace is probably the inevitable home of flower children everywhere. I didn't make it to S.F. until September, 1969. Got homesick for snow in November and trekked home to Boston with my two year old son. I crashed with the Cambridge chapter of the diggers after I hitched to Boston right after high school graduation in 1967. Does anybody know if they have a home page? I'm glad this site is so alive. Now my 20something children won't think I'm the only aging hippie in America, and they can learn other folks stories about 'being there'. Many of us have stories we've kept to ourselves all these years. Some of us jumped into the fray, ran for office, became Rotarians so we could turn the old system inside out. Has it worked? My thanks to whomever set this up and is keeping it going.
From: Alana (chuck_yada@stlnet. com), 05/21/97.
Ithink that the movements of the sixties really reflect my views of the world and I wish I was there. Wish Upon A Star. Peace! :)
From: Ville Tapio (), 05/21/97.
Thank you for this site. It's quite hard to find this kind of stuff from anywhere. Free your mind and your ass will follow. tune inn...
From: giovanni alessi (, 05/18/97.
Yes... the diggers fed me! I remember Mr. Straight (at least that is what he said his name was) serving bread out of his station wagon at the panhandle. I remember Jimi playing. I wonder... does anyone else remember Foghorn Fish & Chips or was it just a hallucination? Or Captain Bubbles? or the crash pad on Ashby street in Berkeley that served day old pies every morning?


From: IRENE FITZGERALD (IJF_yada@MSN.COM), 05/17/97.
From: Jef Jaisun (, 05/17/97.
Whoa...1997? And it seems like just yesterday, not 30 years ago this month, we were dodging cop riots on Haight Street. I was out of the country when the 30th anniversary of the Human Be-In rolled by. Was there any formal observance of it in the City? Also, this being the 30th of the infamous "Summer of Love," are there any plans to commemorate the event? Let's see...Greyline could bring back their special H-A tourist bus, Art Lisch could stand on the sidewalk holding a mirror up to the people inside, and maybe I can commandeer it (a repeat of the 1967 routine) and wallpaper the passengers with Berkeley Barbs. Or maybe Allan Cohen can hold a press conference and tell Willie Brown that 100,000 retro-"hippies" are coming to the City this summer, and he'd better put porta-potties in the Panhandle. Or else. How about some music in the park that the cops can bust by citing the "unlawful assembly" statute? Who can ever forget the robust echo of dynamically-challenged bullhorns intoning, "You have five minutes to clear the area!" I've already located the horn player from our old band (yep, he "Yahoos"), and I still have the set lists. And with my new gold American Express card, renting a flat bed truck would be no problem. (ACK!) Oh, how the mighty have fallen. :) (P.S. I could kill for some of that coffee can bread from All Saint's Church!) Jef JaisunBerkeley Barb H-A correspondentBass player, The Phoenix
From: Cyberpsy Viber (, 05/16/97.
Blows my mind, people! If there's a website to send me reeling this is the one!!
From: John Alexander (, 05/15/97.
hi, high, to you all. was there remember it fondly as all the best
From: Ken Timlin (, 05/12/97.
Wonderful Site! I read about the Diggers many years ago, but I'd almost forgotten about them. In fact, these days it will be hard for many people to believe that these people and their movement ever existed. Keep up the good work....
From: jen (, 05/11/97.
go to ZiM69ZuM's FuCkEd Up WoRlD oF MaKe BeLiEvE
From: Bruce Wheeler (, 05/10/97.
Time is a funny can trip through it all you want, but - in the end - it takes you back to NOW! I missed San Francisco in the '60s, and I've been missing it more, since '83. However, the '70s were...oh, hell, the '70s were the '70s, and I was there, more or less. I can still remember coming across the Red Bridge (for the first time!) in late August, 1970, with the fog misting through its towers that glossy Wednesday afternoon...the effects of a bowl of good Afgani still having its way with my mind. San Francisco! At last... I headed straight for the Haight (how can one head straight when one's head isn't?) There, in all its funk, there amongst the junkies and the trash, was what remained of the dreams of "glory days". Nevermind that I got there two years late, nevermind that I wasn't there for the "Love" of '67, or '68, because - in reality - I was "there", and though I had to close my eyes, and tune out the Muni noises in my ears, the VIBE was there. Isn't that what it was all about? Colorful pschedelic images danced through the darkness behind my closed eyelids that day, drawing me ever closer to what was...and to what would really never be again. It took two more years before I could call S.F. "home" Two more years of framtic changes. Two more years of "No More War!" chants. Two more years of saying "Fuck this town!" (Washington, D.C. - if you *must* know...) I finally ended up in Cow Hollow, on the 15th of November, 1972 - in a purple and yellow pad on Union St. Ahhhhhh... Yeah, Hippie was dead, but his spirit was all around. The funny thing (not "ha ha" funny - "odd" funny) was that no one who was "there" wanted to talk about having been there. "They" really wanted to take Ram Dass literally, man..."Be Here Now!" Herb Caen (R.I.P., Herb!) gave me more insight into "the life" than just about anyone I ran across the first year of my "EssEff" experience. Yet, despite it all, people began to loosen up a little... Their stories became known, and - for awhile - the true concept of "Hippie" came through, loud and clear - told to me in glowing terms. I may not have been in GG Park for the be-ins, nor did I savor the hospitality of the Diggers, or the compassion of the Free Clinic. But through the wonders of the Dead, and the Airplane, and with help from some excellent Windowpane, and some dear, dear people, I "got it"! It's still with me, to this very day! "What a long, strange trip it's been!" _yada@loha!
From: Bill Cornett (, 05/08/97.
keep it commin, whachagot on Presidio 7 and Ralph Bunch? let me know ok?
From: Ryan Chodnicki (Ryan, 05/07/97.
From: mindy corliss (), 05/06/97.
I need info on The Haight. Just put it anywhere I'll find it.
From: david grace (, 05/05/97.
Hi all, I'm in SF & have been making a chronology of the Food Not Bombs story, and I have a passage where we have the "Digger's Song" used as part of the story. It would be nice to have some footage of digger feeds. Are there any? Other stuff might do as well... Look forward to hearing from you. David Grace
From: Christian (Christian), 05/05/97.
From: Eavonka Ettinger (, 04/29/97.
I was born at St. Francis Hospital in San Fran. 1/13/67 to Dianne Ettinger. However, I was not made aware of who my real father was until much later. His name is Joel Kaplan. It was a one night stand. He made experimental films (including stuff from Big Sur of the Dead and Ginsberg) which were shown at the Avalon Ballroom. Do any of you know more about him? Please email me with any information. Thanks for putting up with the melodrama. Peace.
From: Lisa (, 04/29/97.
The sixties is over, but if you take a look around in the world right now you`ll see that it is beeing born again, in a new refreshed form, in the techno/rave-culture!!!!!! Some things have shanged ofcourse, but the main lines are still here, such as peace, love, happiness, expending our minds, space and psycedelic...........etc. It`s beeing born right now, don`t miss it !!! This is what the world been waiting for, we`re taking on where the hippies went of, learning from there mistakes, this time we`ll make it !!!
From: Annica* (, 04/27/97.
I wish i could build a time machine... to take me away, away to the age of love and understanding, i wish... love forever / Annica*
From: mikveil (), 04/24/97.
Wake up please where did your revolution go?
From: Jimmy Mc Laughlin (, 04/23/97.
Always wanted to find out more about the diggers. I will be linking to this site from my sixties page, when I get it up and running.Jimmy Mc Laughlin 'luck, Jimmy.
From: Andy Dugas (, 04/22/97.
I'm just an old beatnik born in '62. Went to the Ginsberg Memorial in SF. Really something. Oranges representing consciousness were free for the taking. Orange, anyone?
From: Harvey Scodel (, 04/22/97.
This site may prove to be a great boon to me for some research I am doing.
From: TOM.M (, 04/22/97.
I'm looking for any of EDWARD ALRICH art work or paintings if anyone could help please do.I miss my dear friend.
From: TOM.M (, 04/22/97.
I'm looking for any of EDWARD ALRICH art work or paintings if anyone could help please do.I miss my dear friend.
From: (), 04/21/97.
From: Francis Penkava (, 04/21/97.
All I have to say is that it's good to know that those magnificent visions still thrive.
From: Ken Weichel (, 04/20/97.
Great to find this space. Have been interested in reading more about Diggers so this is GOLD. Thank you for this lode.
From: Gwyllm Llwydd (, 04/13/97.
The Diggers were the true hero's of the Haight, they saved alot of peoples souls by being there! A world without Diggers is a sad one indeed.
From: Dean Sluyter (, 04/09/97.
Well, well, the Haight in 1967 was a different planet, wasn't it? And now here we are on this one. (Which one?) Thanks for the memories, and be here now!
From: Bill DeLaVergne (, 04/05/97.
man, what a great site...brings back the times.....Sam Rayburn..class of 67......lets do it....keep the site up because it prevents the luxury of forgetting why it all happened...and what about the warriors of the rainbow?
From: bill delaney (, 04/05/97.
this is wonderful, thank you Peter for writing it down.
From: matt s (, 04/04/97.
hey man i thought there were hippies here guess not )-:
From: Birgit Fowler Burke (, 04/03/97.
Thanks for a valuable resource. The Diggers are important.
From: Ruth E (, 04/03/97.
This is just TOO COOL!! Thanks!
From: Jenn (, 04/03/97.
What a great and extensive page!!! I'm very thankful to have this resource at my fingertips. Currently I am researching a variety of things from the 60s.... Vietnaam, Anti-War Protest, and Communal Life. If anyone would like to contribute interesting stories or information it would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you. Take it easy.
From: Teddy (, 04/01/97.
Somehow I stumbled onto this page by accident. As i read some of the mail posted in here I can remember the times I used to travel to S.F. and party with those on the Haight. Still have fond memories of good times at the Fillmore, at the time (1967) Moby Grape was one of the area's many great bands. During the summer of 1967 I and several friends traveled from Merced to the Diggers location there and we distributed a van full of fresh farm eggs. I can still see the smiling faces as we handed out those cartons of fresh eggs. I have since moved to Oklahoma and manage a dance studio. Until next time, "Happy Trails". Remember the Purple Osley days? P.S. I shared some words with Janis J. on the panhandle and I believe the Quick Silver Messenger Service were playing that day.
From: Tom Jacquart (Tommie2Tone_yada@Msn.Com), 03/31/97.
Great Web Site ! Wish I had some acid to view it from another perspective. Diggers Live Forever.
From: (), 03/27/97.
From: Jessica Underwood (Jerry-Underwood_yada@Pall.com_yada@internet), 03/27/97.
Hey!!I am doing a report for American History and I am doing it on the vietnam War era. It will include the culture of America at that time. I was researching it when I stumbled into here.
From: keri kacz (, 03/26/97.
wow this looks like a busy site(joke)the board is empty. Well hey what's up this is my first time on the net so please feel free to email me. Hows things on the Haight?I heard the new mayor sucks. and people aren't really allowed to hang there anymore. Most of the people went downtown or whereever. I could be wrong. Afterall I'm in Rhode Island so how would i know anything. well im gonna check out the page . later
From: rhonda ironsides (, 03/25/97.
soo i lived in palo alto 66 went live to montery pop fest now living in annapolis after all these years. so what's new in ca or frisco other than earthquakes and alviso?
From: Szczepan Holyszewski (, 03/25/97.
I'm launching a Web project on 'the subjects' in Poland and in Polish. Your site will be of great help.
From: apryl douchi (, 03/24/97.
I came to your site looking for info. I am writing a book about the 60s from a different perspective... I was born in the mid 70s and didn't experience them. Thank you for your info.
From: Kate (, 03/23/97.
From: Agnes Tomorrow (, 03/22/97.
Wow....this has been here all this time and I only now discovered it? I noticed a comment from Arthur Lisch further down, and it brought up memories of the wonderful music he used to bring along to the free food in the Panhandle... If anyone from the Provo Free Store in Berkeley, or from Strawberry Fields in Decker Canyon, or the Blue Unicorn, circa '67-'68, happens to read this, I'd love to hear from you! I think I was still going by the name 'Barbara' at that point... I wish I could stay and read all the archived material here and now, but the world is too much with us...however, I shall certainly return! Thanks so much for this little trip into my past. I was horrified when I told a 19-year-old, "When I was your age, I was in Haight Ashbury," and he responded, "What's Haight Ashbury?" What's becoming of these kids today, I ask myself.....?!?!
From: Susan K. (), 03/22/97.
Back in the days of 17th St./Olema/Blackbear, I remember thinking, 'We have no elders.' Our grandparents venerated youth, it seemed to me. But WE would become elders when our time came around. Well, my husband got his draft notice from the AARP in the mail the other day, and mine will be coming soon. My own kids are in their late teens and 20s. I work sometimes at a small private college, so I get to talk to young people -- and people in their 30s too. Part of what I hear from them is a good deal of resentment towards our generation, a feeling that we guzzled at the trough as bad as anyone we criticized, but made it worse with our cosmic self-righteousness and self-absorption. I cling to the thought that our revolution achieved something important. But what? I tell my son, 'Our generation didn't blow it. We produced you.' In my heart I feel that we have not failed yet, but that it's important what we do now. Watching Woodstock II on TV a few years ago (I loved the idea of crowdsurfing!) I thought, 'We could really be allies to these young people.' But how? Anoy thoughts on all of this?
From: ED-I Grant (, 03/21/97.
Come to the Barter Faire! Take a walk around the circle. PEACE EDI
From: Jimmy "Luke" Peyton (, 03/20/97.
Greetings. What a nice surprise finding this site. Stay loose...keep this DECAF?
From: Harvey Kornspan (, 03/19/97.
From: Ladybug (), 03/19/97.
Hi all. I would appreciate it much if I could get some info first hand from some Diggers. Maybe leave me an e-mail address so I can get back to you.(I'm on my school's computer.) This is for a paper and presentation- A tribute to the people who made the sixties. Thanks!
From: Calvin Dunn (, 03/15/97.
From: Alex Streeter (, 03/12/97.
I worked for Diane and Peter Krug at "Wild Colors" on Haight St.we danced every week at the dance halls together and I wonder if anyone knows their whereabouts.......A great web site .... thanks peace and love
From: Dennis Long (mumeson_yada@msn), 03/10/97.
Use to live down the hill from the mesa. can't beleive you motherfuckers talked up morningstar without mentioning old Mike Duncan. mike let some others build up on the mesa- some were really funky hippies like cave dave. good old cavedave. and REALITY Bunch a newyoork reactionaries got drunk one summer and bilt a whole fucking town. Yeah morningstar was cool, until the winos moved in. of course the puebloes were a little astounded at the lack of clothing during prayers and sternly rebuked the folks who tried to enter the tipi dressed in nature's fashions. Joe(G) thought it was cool but he always got off on naken people anyway. Oh the stories i could tell. anyway everybody moved away from the commune and Goat John turned it into a barn. Reality turned into mud and Mike married a Thai Princess.
From: Keith Light (, 03/10/97.
So cool that "the net" can bring us together in this way!!!
From: George Coologeorgen (, 03/09/97.
This stuff sounds really cool. If any one who lived it would like to tell me something about it, please email me
From: Elaine Ho (, 03/09/97.
I lived through the Sixties!
From: mike (, 03/07/97.
Wow, just dropped in on this page! Hi to you all. Hippies forever!
From: (, 03/05/97.
Interesting new background, ENoble!
From: TALHA NASSAR (, 03/05/97.
Iam a student at JORDAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. I study at the electrical engineering faculty, and now I'm working on my graduation project which is about HTML, JAVA&JAVASCRIPT, CGI SCRIPTING IN C, and many things concerning CREATING FORMS. PLEASE, send me a free copy of the cgibook besides your guest book. my address is: J.U.S.T. IRBID JORDAN P.O. 630859 ELECTRICAL FACULTY and please send me a mail on: or: I will be very grateful to you.
From: Sri420 (, 03/04/97.
What a great website! I learnt a lot about this counterculture through this website. I am interested in conversing with folks with similar interests and views to learn more and hear about your perspectives and experiences. Feel free to email me at
From: jill s. (, 03/02/97.
I am a graduate styudent and I wrote a paper on the Diggers which I will hopefully be able to get published somewhere. I would like very much to send a copy of this paper to Peter Coyote, because my take on the Diggers is very different from other historical analyses (for one thing, i take them seriously)and I think he might like to read it. Do you know how I might do this, or get in touch with him to do this? (if he is interested-- I don't push my work on others.) Thanks, Jill
From: Terri Lloyd (, 03/02/97.
Great stuff! Thanks! It is nice to read the history that formed and shaped this Bay Area kid.....
From: Bo Yerxa ( ;, 02/27/97.
Tickled to find this site... Did the 60's countercultural thang in the Mysterious Downeast, a fairly bioregional scene informed by Scott/Hellen Nearing, A.Huxley, etc...Had already heard of Diggers B4 my '68 pilgrimage to SanFran. By '71(72?), when a subset of Mainiac activists were planting the seed of Clear Light Farm in the tiny fishing village of Cutler, a van rolled in w/Cal plates. 'Twas Judy & Peter Berg/family, seeking respite from the overwealm of SanFran daze & reconnecting with the continent. They were a wonderful addition to our community, with a wealth of lore, notions, context & ideals, much of it Diggerish in nature. As winter loomed, Peter & Judy slipped on down the coast & played a part in what became the cultural/physical revival of the Old Port district in Portland, Maine, B4 returning West... Those of us at Clear Light went on to establish the 1000-acre Sunrise Community Land Trust, through which we attempted to manifest our collective vision...
From: Neely Karl Slinkard (, 02/27/97.
From: Suzaan Boettger (, 02/27/97.
Thanks for emailing me about your work here after I put the question on the discussion group -- I should have checked out the web page first. Marvelous compilation of information. I'm just surprised that all the '60s pages' material has so little on the advanced art of the '60s.
From: yael "hippie" peled (, 02/26/97.
peace and love! I AM a young HIPPIE from israel and very lonely. till i got to this wonderful far out site i almost believed i'm the only hippie left in this world. thanks you to communicate me with my brothers an sisters around the world! let us all carry on the hippie spirit! love - yael "hippie"
From: Guin (, 02/25/97.
You people have been an inspiration to me for many years. I too have been working on the concept that we should feed the hungry, house the homeless and create a peaceful environment. Thank you for your great work and teaching me that we can live outside of society's constraints. Live free!
From: Chet Helms (, 02/24/97.
Great Job! Eric. I enjoyed visiting your site very much. We haven't spoken in years,but all the best to you and yours.I am at 415 3912423 should you want to say hello. love, Chet Helms
From: Lorrie White (, 02/22/97.
Lived at the Golden Gate park awhile sorry I missed seeing you.
From: bill foley/ryan travis (, 02/21/97. to see the freaks are getting together again now if we could only legalize it we'll be ok The Party Line is the opiate of the People.
From: bill foley/ryan travis (), 02/21/97.
From: Merrie Krell (, 02/18/97.
From: Beth Lucas (, 02/18/97.
I was two years old when my ma & pa were wheelin' me around Golden Gate Park checkin' out the burgeoning scene...and i still dig it !!!
From: Carol Seran (, 02/16/97.
Holy Cow! This is UNREAL !!! Old diggers UNITE!!!! We must connect !!!!
From: Carol Seran (, 02/16/97.
Holy Cow! This is UNREAL !!! Old diggers UNITE!!!! We must connect !!!!
From: Aron Kay (, 02/16/97.
i was the yippie pie thrower. i helped organize the love-ins atr griffith park in la with the green power organization. anyway, i could share a little info for you to consume. check out the folloeing sites:pieman hom-payg (, cures-not-wars(, JFK assassination Home (, Dylanology (,Garbology ( anyway, i like to hear from u folks. especially some of my old comrades from the park.SIGN ME UP AS A DIPLOMAT!MY ONLY OFFICE IS THE PARK-Paul Kantner(Blows Against the Empire)
From: JWLongman (JWLongman), 02/15/97.
Anyone know of or have seen Steve Gaskin and family of the Family Dog circa 1970?
From: Jim Longman (, 02/15/97.
Peace, Love, Flowers, and Happiness!
From: Jim Longman (, 02/15/97.
Peace, Love, Flowers, and Happiness!
From: january newland (), 02/08/97.
From: Don Monkerud (, 02/08/97.
Lenore Kandel's book of "fuck" poems was prosecuted by San Francisco in 1967. Ron Thelan and Alan Cohen were brought to trial for carrying the book in their shop on Haight St. I'm trying to track down the trial transcript. Does anyone have any stories about this case? Anyone who was a witness?
From: seth katzman (, 02/03/97.
I'll repeat prior comments about "Twilight Candelabra." Craddock lives in Santa Cruz, where he has been a journalist, I understand, for years. I knew him in the sixties and recently heard he had had a heart attack that left him with severe complications. The book is worth reading--I haven't read his other(s).
From: (), 02/03/97.
From: Amanda Wahl (, 01/30/97.
I never realized that the Diggers live on in the underground computer world in such force. I love learning about a time period through the words of those who actually know first hand what they are talking about.
From: Jerry Roos (, 01/30/97.
Can anyone steer me towards a book called "Twilight Candelabra"? The main character's name is Damon Dusk. I read it 25 years ago and have forgotten the author's name.
Rooster, here is the full biblio record: Craddock, William J., Twilight Candelabra. [1st ed.] Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1972. FORMAT: xix, 214 p. 21 cm.

This book is widely available for interlibrary loan. --eric (30 Jan 97)

From: Brad Davis (, 01/29/97.
I Love this Web-site !!!

Lost in the 60's, Brad Davis

From: AnnMarie (ahoncon96), 01/27/97.
This web site is incredible, it has helped alot with my thesis work on the diggers.
From: (), 01/27/97.
From: Indian Traveler (, 01/22/97.
Great Website! I am from SF Bay area. Some of my interests include sixties culture, sixties music, indian classical etc. Email me if you share similar interests.
From: Richard Marley (, 01/20/97.
Kindly note my new address. I lost my email address book due to a technical glitch but am again online and welcome correspondence.
From: Shady Backflash (, 01/18/97.
I have been looking forever for the Trip Without A Ticket. I learned a great deal reading Charles Perry's History of the Haight Ashbury and am totally inspired by the Diggers' contributions to the psychedelic underground. Thank you for carrying on on-line. Feel welcome to contact me at my e-mail address and I will keep in touch.
From: michel wakeland (), 01/17/97.
Good to know you're here--or is it there?
From: Susan Keith NOel (, 01/14/97.
A wonderful resource and moving, educational tool!
I have already made great use of your website in my Phd work.

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