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From: Norden M. Kelly (, 12/27/98.
Hey, you characters. I would be beholden to anyone who has the song lyrics to "Hippie from Olema". Jesse Colin Young and the Youngbloods did it sometime between 1969 and 1971, I believe. It, of course, is a takeoff on "Okie from Muskogee" by Merle Haggard. Like most everyone else, it seems that I just stumbled upon this website. Aside from some hyperbole from some contributors, the basic timbre is pretty darn cool and gives me a sentimental twang. My seasonal best to all and good fortune with your projects. I will visit again soon. Don't let the trail dust you, Norden M. Kelly
From: Chris (, 12/27/98.
I've just seen now a Tv program on "digger's mov." I did'nt know about it. Here in France, we had "hippies consequences" both coming from England and America that people like me took with a lot of prudence, or "dig - over" to see what it was about, discovering situanionist movement (Jerry Rubin - Do It)political ones (Angela Davies & Black Panther's mov.). It gave us a kind of view from people outside Europe on a certain way to organize about Life. I'm happy that all that arrived and i'm sure that "diggers soul" is something that neither political power, nor money could ever kill... A french digger......... Thanks to make me feel that there are other people who guess better life for everybody
From: Jacques GUIOD (, 12/27/98.
I've just seen a document on PLANETE, a French TV Channel. I did not even know that the Diggers existed. Really interesting. But I have a question : apart from gifts and robbery, where did the Diggers find the money to make FREE things or just to go on living?
From: Dara M. (, 12/25/98.
I live here in hawaii on kauaii's a very nice place here and it never did snow here for the 13 years i lived I was born here on kauai any ways it is a very nice place to be when it snows were you live you can come here where it does not snow well merry christmas and have a happy new year !!aloha!!
From: Jack Moore (, 12/24/98.
I was editor of International Times in London 66-70. I received a lot of San Francisco and other sctivists in the sixties in my home and also in our cultural center, The Arts Lab. I had a theater troupe - The Human Family who toured the continent doing anarchist Game theater and promoting experimental theater in general. I would love to hear from anyone who worked in these projects or who have memories of the performances. Since we created each performance from scratch each day, almost no records exist of the performances and personal recollections are of great interest as I am trying to assemble some sort of collective record of it all. Keep up the good play!
From: Ramon Sender (, 12/20/98.
Good to see the continuing flow of info here! We've started a listserve for Morning Star, Wheeler's and Star Mt. habitus and graduates. E-mail me for more info. Badaba!
From: Cathleen (, 12/20/98.
We love Black Bear Ranch and her lovely inhabitants, and may go back there. But I would prefer a commune-ity that is less remote. We are presently in Colorado. Have 1976 moterhome, will travel...
From: Cathleen Swanson (, 12/20/98.
great fun. thanks. I'm looking for a community to live in with my toddler daughter.
From: Paul Williams (, 12/19/98.
Very pleased to find this resource. Delighted to be able to print out a copy of Linn House (Otis Driftwood)'s great GARBAGE OR NOTHING, I was just wondering the other day if I could find a copy somewhere. Regarding the Chester Anderson papers...also delighted to see ComCo pages online!...Chester and I had long planned to sell his "complete set" to Bancroft to raise money for our project publishing other Anderson books. I was able to make that transaction after his death, helpful to get me and my backer out of debt incurred publishing FOX & HARE (PUPPIES sold better. If somebody wants a copy of FOX & HARE--not ComCo or Digger related, Chester's novel about a Friday night in Greenwich Village circa 1962, gloriously illustrated by Charles Stevenson, email me. Meanwhile, it seems appropriate to mention here that a history (and full text) of the International Bill of Human Rights can be found online at Oh, and the spirit of Don McNeill asks me to say hello to Richie and anyone who knew him or Don... --PW
From: (), 12/19/98.
From: Jeffrey (, 12/16/98.
Dig this -- I'm looking for any and all info, memories, whatever on Emmett Grogan's mainman, Albie Baker. Albie was a jewel thief extraordinare, a slick cat who knew the game better than anyone. I've gotten a copy of his autobio, and I'm looking for any other information on this hero of the people. Please e-mail me with what you know. Dig it.
From: Chicago, Illinois: (, 12/16/98.
Hey what's up everyone, I think this is a great web site. I am a student at Northeastern Illinois University if anyone has any questions about it. I will also try to answer any other questions that you guys might have to the best of my knowledge. Happy Hoidays, V.
From: Gustavo. (, 12/15/98.
As long as I am responsible for whatever decission I take I can do whatever I want. Isn't that great?
From: David L. Barnes (, 12/05/98.
Just heard about your web site, I am going to spend some time here. I was in Height-Ashbury News years 1967-68. wish I had stayed longer. We are all responsible for everything we do or say. Be well !
From: Tomas (, 12/04/98.
Erica, stop by and read what nice people can do. tomas_yada@morningstar
From: Andre (, 12/03/98.
Erica do not fear, Love is here, it's everywhere you go. I also found my way to this so-called hell in Sacramento. I was born in SF living in the haight on Clayton St. most of my life. Want to chat e-mail me. LOVE.
From: Andre (, 12/03/98.
Rusty Ranney's post asked of Gary Brown aka: “King of the Hippies” Actually at the age of six or so he was the "Prince of Haight Street" and sat upon a massive wood chariot with huge wheels that marched down Haight street. He had a brother Jackie (my best friend). Also bro & sis Tommy & Dirdra and of course mother Michelle and father Tom. Hello to all from the best times of my life. Peace & Love or as it is now PLUR....
From: eric bain (), 12/02/98.
From: David Benjamin (, 12/02/98.
Can anyone help me? I am looking for a resource that lists hippy-friendly jobs. I have a BA in History and I need a job that accords with my morals and ethics. Peace, David
From: erica (, 12/01/98.
I really enjoy your site I just moved here to California from Pennsylvania about two months ago and it is nothing but hell here in Sacramento I was looking for a way to get out so I can live in peace away from this insanity....I miss my the family I have never known if any one sees this and can help me find a place where I can be with my brothers and sisters people who understand the way please help me I am desprate enough to come to the internet for help!!! And I know most of the people who are reading this are family...I live with some very unkind people right now...Please email me at
From: Ginny Clark (), 11/30/98.
Good thing to make a site on.
From: stp candyman (, 11/27/98.
feel free to e-mail me with any information on the where about of any survivors of the STP FAMILY. is started out in the lower east side of NYC back in '67 and the rest is history, glad to see the the dream is not over and that we all are missing the times (good and bad) that we had trying to start the revolution. love ya all, candyman
From: peter chuckwagon (, 11/26/98.
lil mcCracken yer fodder was legendary beat seminal influence fer allus crazies an wannabe christlike subteraneans et al sic so sorry he cant tel all like lazarus, but you wanna talk with swedish susan aka heglund or spider queen of gorda or whatever her last known whereabouts north beach 78"she claimed to be his sole true friend and ally. all I know of him are tales she did impart to me during the 60s' one in particular concerned a certain chinatown bank and a trash can and some plateglass and perhaps jail time ?if you love art and oriental women you are on the road he travelled so they say...
From: peter chuckwagon (, 11/26/98.
From: jonathan motherfucker (, 11/25/98.
i would like to get copies of those two or three apocalyptic manifestos on legal-size sheets that alan hoffman-- olevhasholem- put out. did anyone save them? i think this website is a pretty interesting place & even if memory plays tricks there's no shortage of salt anyway. . . thanks annie!
From: Annie MF (, 11/24/98.
I would like to find Kenolis e-mail address if he has one--Hi ken--and i would like to say that I (for one) never fucked Peter Coyote!
From: eyeless at Gaza (, 11/24/98.
Knew an Eric used to wear a buckskin coat ala Buffalo Bill-66-69? Hawaain Tom and Conrad? Anyone remember Prince was up in North Beach- later lived in a tree house in the Panhandle? The Super Spade? What about North Beach scene the Mod Room and the two brothers that owned it or Madam Chi Chi's --was a far out and beloved cat "Bill?" ran the light show for the strippers. There was pancake house one block off Broadway there open 24 hours all the club people and musicians used to hang there after hours.
From: daf (, 11/24/98.
dig deep enough and the whole becomes full/filled.
From: Anna Hjalmarsson (, 11/17/98.
Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like if i had been there !!!! and thanks for a cool site !!!!!
From: Anna Hjalmarsson (splash53`&127;), 11/17/98.
From: Anna Hjalmarsson (splash53''&127;&127;), 11/17/98.
From: Anna Hjalmarsson (splash53''&127;&127;'^), 11/17/98.
From: Anna Hjalmarsson (splash53''&127;&127;'^), 11/17/98.
From: Anna Hjalmarsson (splash53''&127;&127;'), 11/17/98.
From: Anna Hjalmarsson (splash53''&127;&127;), 11/17/98.
From: Art Lee (, 11/16/98.
Looking for folks who remember me from Waller St., The Hobbit Commune and MorningStar -Went by Either Brooklyn or Erik back then :) Homepages or Still Truckn' :) Still Bein' :) Always
From: Art Lee (, 11/16/98.
Looking for folks who remember me from Waller St., The Hobbit Commune and MorningStar -Went by Either Brooklyn or Erik back then :) Homepages or Still Truckn' :) Still Bein' :) Always
From: Art Lee (, 11/16/98.
Looking for folks who remember me from Waller St., The Hobbit Commune and MorningStar -Went by Either Brooklyn or Erik back then :) Homepages or Still Truckn' :) Still Bein' :) Always
From: devans (devans_yada@, 11/12/98.
If this message reaches either Abel Eregore or his biographer William J. Craddock I would suggest that you read these two books by Marvin Harris: "Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches" and "Cannibals abd Kings." May be worth your time.
From: devans (devans_yada@, 11/12/98.
If this message reaches either Abel Eregore or his biographer William J. Craddock I would suggest that you read these two books by Marvin Harris: "Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches" and "Cannibals abd Kings." May be worth your time.
From: Michael McCracken, Jr. (, 11/09/98.
Anyone remember 73 Commercial St? The three painters: Arthur Monroe, Michael Bowen, Michael McCracken, and the rooster? Looking for those that knew my father. Any fond rememberances?
From: pata de perro (), 11/06/98.
the only free space must grow so more free people can exp.and grow like cells divide grow. what a great bunch uh idears some of that free store stuff wuz good ..... and the foot er food wuz tooo... after infiltrating mainstream am amused to hear of aliens quoting grogan, they got clearer pic than mosta his countrymen....
From: Melissa Potter (), 10/27/98.
I am so glad to have found this web site. I feel I am a lost digger at heart. I am greatly into theater, and when I heard them say the world was their stage, I felt I was home. Before this I had never heard of the diggers. Thank you for helping me find my ancestors.
From: (), 10/26/98.
From: leon leon (), 10/24/98.
the free food , free store , free streets, and free people can only lead to more free stuff, watch out for tans in vain,anyone hear of the fourth waiver ?
From: Paul Daniels (, 10/22/98.
Hello, My name is Paul Daniels, and I am a Yr. 10 student at Scotch College in Australia. My Literature class is studying Ken Kesey's "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". I am searching for any indepth information as to Ken Kesey's links with LSD and the Merry Pranksters. Any help here would be greatfully appreciated. Have a nice day,
From: Melissa Birch (, 10/20/98.
I'm an art history student at SFSU and am currently reseasrching for a paper about the art of the Oracle, the Maverick and the Vanguard. I'm trying to contact a person named Eric Noble..Andy Stafford suggested I talk to you, if you are willing to be contacted
From: Ed Fatzinger (, 10/19/98.
Jeesh! This all brings back such memories. I was with the Diggers at 1775 Haight st. and then at Morningstar. Anybody know of or what became of Jack the Rat, Rafael, Neal Hartnagel, or others from 1775?
From: Steve Boyd (, 10/17/98.
This is a friends e-mail address . But you still can get in touch with me at that address . (Steve Boyd one of the original olema ranch people 1970 will get in touch soon . "FREE DUMB"
From: Steve Boyd (, 10/17/98.
From: a.k.a.ivan eye (), 10/15/98.
on the night before allhallows all the cognoscenti were all abuzz about grogan in the wake of john and yoko in the 1967 year of our lord rusty gun rusty star rusty is the bailiff wapner still the star bananas and blood , a real peace, amerikan soacialisis the true culprits,grogan lives in all save those elitists all abuzz ,any one for a right winger from central casting to lead this free feed? guevarra lives ,fontainbleu lied, more weak men lied , magick never died , rememberto remember
From: 23 is real (), 10/12/98.
I'm uncle sam that's who I am been hiding out in a rock and roll band. And on the internet. Who are these Jerry Bears and Merry Pranksters really. Why do they want to box us in ther boxes of rain. Also think Phish space Pythagoras tones colors mental melt down. They all got you. right Wavy.
From: Werner Grause (, 10/11/98.
From: Jeff Spica (, 10/06/98.
Read Ringolevio by Emmett Grogan...Was utterly fascinated...What ever became of him...I read about a wake...Did he really die or was it a hoax...If true,how and when...How did he spend his later years...Can anyone provide me with any further info on him...Thank you
From: chuckwagon (, 10/01/98.
Suzanne the face of" 64" she was an old north bitch regular aka .swedish susan .was friend of bill wheeler remember new years eve 1965.was we there? looking for pictures of this scandy goddess model type hypster wino panhandler infront of anxious asp ,or coffee gallery,or blue unicorn,eating at the rescue missions or the diggers in the panhandle or big sur two meter tall blond last name lutken- or heglund. clara venus ala rimbaud , beat poets dream .introduced bill wheeler to the grimy side of san francisco so iam told. J.C.Burris the harmonica man any body ? used to be available on vinyl also best work done in streets; for wine ,so they say the cowboy , character from connection shirley clarks fable about mikes pool hall in north bitch the cowboy talked of jimmy carter the fabled street person , the lytany of acid speed and grass sing song sung by lumbering youth all along the haight. faster than a speeding mind anyone?
From: Craig Bell (acenlil), 09/24/98.
The diggers now have a home page -- Does this mean the 90's are dead? Flee the city --- help the diggers saving the salmon and the forests on the Mattole River.
From: Craig Bell (acenlil), 09/24/98.
The diggers now have a home page -- Does this mean the 90's are dead? Flee the city --- help the diggers saving the salmon and the forests on the Mattole River.
From: george darling (, 09/23/98.
with al rinker did switchboard. where is al?
From: Heather Stewart (, 09/23/98.

I came across your webring (not created yet) and that's how I found you. I love the 60's and have a website dedicated to it. It will hopefully have links to pages like this in a "short" chronicle of the 60's that I will be creating. Most of all I love the music, but I feel for the people of that era. I was only born in 1977. I think that so much more was done to give people the voice. To me Bob Dylan was the voice. As well as M.L.K and others. It was a time when people were worried about Nuclear threats. It was a time when the Civil Rights moment broke through. I may not know what I'm saying, but I try to think I understand. I would've loved to be there. If anyone would like to talk to me more about the 60's feel free. I need to know more.

From: Monkey (mike) (, 09/21/98.

New bears have taken over. Hold on to your past remember 1%, how bout it.Black Bear Ranch 1998 wants you. year 2000 ??? where are we gonna be. Any one with any contributions,kick downs feel free to send or drive them up.Peoples interested in The Black Bear news letter Please send your address,donation(last publication april 98)next publication nov 98, so hurry. Black Bear Ranch box 3 forks of salmon,CA. 96031. Or just write if you would like to keep in touch or visit. See ya soon

From: Andy Fieldflower (, 09/19/98.

It feels fine to give my share to DIGGERS guestbook! And to all of You thats reading this: Remember our spiritual goal, Love and peace! LOVE for the Universe and Gaia,Mother Earth! Lots of hugs, Andy

From: max (, 09/19/98.

anything on light shows (handi crafted)with lots of watts and colored liquids

From: MAX (TERVE000_yada@WXS.NL), 09/19/98.

HI THERE i used to do the light shows in paradiso and fantasio between 66 and 69 in amsterdam the netherlands anyone anywhere working on lightshows in that periode of time please mail

From: Judy Steele (, 09/15/98.

So what happened to Sandy Archer? You didn't let us know in your book. Tell me she didn't marry Danny Caldwell.

From: Aron Kay (, 09/12/98.

howdy, this is the yippie piethrower...some of you may remember me from the days of the griffith park love-ins working with green we are 30 years later after the chicago riots still feeling like unrepentant hippies, yippies or zippies....i feel that way at the age of 48!!!now i would like to hear from some 60's unrepentant hippies, yippies or these times of clinton, gingrich and yeltsin, i feel there is a multitude of issues to dela with!!!therefore never stop carrying the torch of justice.... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!RAINBOW LOVE please visit me at my page

From: Russ Norris (, 09/11/98.

wasn't the whole earth catolog an offshoot of the diggers? i had a copy of a canadian whole earth book that we learned everything from baking bread & brewing beer, to making leech beds. loved those days on the farm in northern maine. keep on, keeping on...

From: Tom Diaz (, 09/04/98.

Cynthia, You want to talk to Sylvia Williams, Huw Williams, Joan S., Ramon Sender, Kathy Sweeney, Doris Clark, Kyle Banks and Robbie C. These human beings saved me from the bog of despair in 67.

From: Russell Harrison (, 09/01/98.

Seeking Community Russell Harrison on Sat 08Aug98, 09:23 PM (EDT) Hello! Our family of three (two adults and a teenage boy) are seeking community in rural Canada. We wish to live in a Y2k aware cooperative environment based on secular communal values. Any group who would like to associate with a hardworking family willing to adapt to an agrarian lifestyle can reach us at tel:(514) 765-3965 or e-mail: Russell Email Address:

From: Cynthia Kitts (, 08/26/98.

Hello! We are doing a documentary on the History of San Francisco for The Learning Channel. We are interested in interviewing anyone who can tell the Digger history to our audience. We will be in town interviewing on Sunday August 30th, and Tuesday September 1st. Please let me know if anyone in your organization is interested as soon as possible. I can be reached at 818/783-3456 ext. 117. or I can call you right back so it will be on your dime. Thanks for your help and I hope to be speaking with someone... Cynthia Kitts 818/753-3456 ext. 117 4215 Clodwater Canyon, Studio City, CA

From: Eric (, 08/21/98.

Just got back from 3-week trip to ancient Anasazi ruins and associated unbelievable environs of the Southwest. Anyone interested in viewing a few favorite photos can go to: --en

From: Don Monkerud (, 08/20/98.

Coyote's book and now this anthology on Black Bear that several of us are working on. It's refreshing and encouraging to see that so many folks continue to think about many of the same issues that began this whole movement back in our youth. Many strains, many streams can build into a powerful current. Keep things flowing.

From: Don Monkerud (, 08/20/98.

Coyote's book and now this anthology on Black Bear that several of us are working on. It's refreshing and encouraging to see that so many folks continue to think about many of the same issues that began this whole movement back in our youth. Many strains, many streams can build into a powerful current. Keep things flowing.

From: dan'l (, 08/16/98.

live free or die!!! from Artemis & Calliope

From: (), 08/16/98.


From: Hans Happe (, 08/14/98.

Dig, I see we meet again! I am from Germany and I am reading right now the biography of Bill Graham, where the Diggers are mentioned often by Bill. Its really groovy to see you all (or at least some of you) still alive and well. I'm a digger too, from my heart, although I don't live in San Francisco (what a shit!) but in Germany...

From: Teraporng (tommy_123456), 08/12/98.


From: david leach (, 08/10/98.

looking for classmates from poly high , we were supposed to graduate in spring, 1969

From: danoconnell (, 08/10/98.

lived at marningstar in 1966 with a buddy named buck. we had an old chicken coop we lived in. met jerrine and normal that yr and jerrine and i started living together on clayton street our stepdaughter was named artemis and in 1968 we had another named calliope. we moved to wheelers during the summers and had a great time. still a hippy!!! after all these yrs. see peter and judy every now and then. we had some great times!! i was the guy who gave emmit the 58 ford station wagon for digger food gathering. i volunteer at the catholic worker food kitchen, 225 potrero on wednesday afternoon. Babara and charles and the catholic worker community is what i am tuned into!! dan'l

From: Madeline Matz (, 08/09/98.


From: eyeless at gaza (, 08/09/98.


From: (), 08/08/98.


From: PETER HOLDSWORTH (, 08/03/98.

We are currently researching a project on Emmett Grogan and Ringolevio and would be very interested to hear from anyone who knew or worked with Emmett. We would also like to hear from anyone who has a contact number for the two French women who are making the Digger Documentary.Our telephone number is London 0171 288 1337. Our we can be reached by E. mail at the address given. If anyone knows of any film of Emmett then this would be great to hear about. Best Wishes Pete Holdsworth

From: Shelley Muzzy (, 07/24/98.

Oh, jeez, is ANYBODY out there from 408 or Kendalhang? These websites make me sad, nostalgic and a little depressed. Also heartened and amazed that not EVERYTHING has been co-opted, contorted and abandoned. Its nice to know some of us inhaled, injested and are still alive. And books? I've been working on one for the last 30 years. Too bad my name isn't Peter Coyote so someone would publish it! I loved "Sleeping..." but am jealous as hell. I also loved "Be Not Content" and agree that it was one of the very best works done about that time, or, more acurately, about an acid trip. Oh, sigh. I lived in the Haight from April of '66 until January of '68 and then again from the end of '68 until '73. Istill have some Digger broadsides, I too remember the first Free Store on Frederick. Would love to hear from anyone.

From: Jef Jaisun (, 07/23/98.

Art Lisch??? Man, you pulled off one of my all-time favorite routines on Haight one day. The street was jammed with cars full of tourists, all being funneled towards the park. Naturally, they had their windows rolled up and their doors locked, despite the fact it was a warm, sunny day. ("You can't be too careful around these hippies, Martha.") And while they tried to snap pictures of us by holding Instamatic cameras up to the closed windows, you, Arthur, stood there on the sidewalk, a few feet past the Straight Theater, holding up a huge mirror! Now that's what I call Art. Inspired by your example, I commandeered a Greyline tour bus and ran up and down the aisle hawking Barbs to the bewildered passengers. (Too bewildered to buy any, that's for sure.) The bus wasn't going anywhere anyway...those weekend traffic jams, y'know. So I tried to sell 'em Barbs and you showed 'em how ridiculous the whole scenario was. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From: David Barlow (, 07/18/98.

(A revision to the email address which I sent earlier - which, I think, I gave incorrectly).

From: David Barlow (, 07/17/98.

From Australia: Great site! I am researching "psychedelic art". I need (serious) helpful ideas, material, and good personal web contacts. It strikes me that if anyone can give some honest help, Diggers and their family of friends and associates can!

From: Tamar Zucker (, 07/14/98.

I remember the Digger store In NYC. I was 10 or 11. What a summer! The Digger's fed the neighborhood out in Tomkin's Square Park while this new group, The Grateful Dead played for free. Brown rice and veggies, apple cider. Lots (lots and lots) of free smoke, drums beating, incence, frisbees and homeless teenagers from middle America, canny neighborhood junkies, people reading EVO (The East Village Other-a newspaper) and R Crumb comix on the benches. One day I decided to go shopping. At the Digger's free store were piles and piles of clothing. Some good and some not so good. Old, new, ancient, cool antique, ripped, you had to really hunt. Nothing was by size. There was a sign on the wall that said "NO STEALING" I wondered how you could steal from a free store. It was a few days later while hunting up a replacement for my old white jeans that I had worn for 3 weeks straight that I found out. This felonious friend of mine Blues, never a respecter of signs, proceeded to stuff a shirt under his shirt. He was seen as I guess he ment to be. The dude up front was really pissed off. An argument ensued. BLUES: How could I have been stealing, this is a free store? STORE CLERK: You were stealing. You put that shirt under your shirt. I saw you. It's people like you man... BLUES: .....and you call yourself an anarchist, HMMPH! We were both thrown out. Wore those funky pants a few more weeks.

From: Peter Coyote (, 07/13/98.

Aron, the last numb er I have for Jane Quattlander is:415-669-1684

From: (), 07/12/98.

Hi Eric- got your note, sending out the free pass Mon Morn, best Harry

From: richard ehrlich (, 07/11/98.

a girl named rachel, from long beach, california's woodrow wilson high school, ran away to be a digger in 1967, or 68 or 69. she came back to school one afternoon and told us all how wonderful it was. an inspiration to us all! where is she now? me, i'm here in bangkok, thailand... and also at website: cheerz, richard

From: peter blackrabbit aka chuckwagon (petbro _yada@mci2000), 07/10/98.

"oh noble chuckwagon" the voice on the other end of the line intoned; it was tony from 625....... ashbury that is;food conspiracys , partys actors, roadagents , werewolfs, boogiesand other assorted bonediggers, remember the soupin the panhandle remem some bonedigger reciting from cue card on way to a buy like its gonna put him in w/ flynn, did it ? any one remem 625 howsabout 1090 ? tracys donuts the allnight bikers,superspade /caped crusaderthe psychedelic chop ,oracle ........then we woke up put on bowties name tags took the slams and basted; till the lilplastic popped outta ma chest whattabout the trashman; christopher ,the scottish clansman in front of the blue unicorn .....then we woke up and ...weathered the familial insults putdowns stares inuendos etal. oh yes the name tag and off to werk

From: Dennis Long (, 07/05/98.

cool, I searched my own email address and got this site. Mumesons are only detectable, other wise they do not exist. i thought someone elese was hot for that, maybe a buddhist is the no/something word. a hangup, but none the less here i am with my friendly old digger buddies again. ai was in el rito nm in 67, livin with my old lady and this dude who looked just like Gandolph, smoked a pipe,too. had a name like 45, or something. we visited evey spring in that area, we even rediscovered one. it was very funky. when raootin-tooters set up shop saving the world twennty or thirty miles over the mountain, we were anxious to meet them and see if they had any dope. they were friendly and invited us to stay.

From: stuart Tevendale (stevendale, 07/05/98.

I first read ringolevio when I was 14 years old and again when I was about 29. A fantastic book that mad me feel the same way I did the second time i read it. The final score was also a great book. A tragic waste of a life when he died of a heroin overdose.

From: Coymoon (, 07/03/98.

For those of you who are looking for either more info or the latest on Peter Coyote, he has his own web site at It now has over 150 pages! On his "Sleeping Where I Fall" page are his book reviews, interviews, '60s photos, his first chapter, and his own reading of the Preface and Introduction via RealAudio. Also, on his Online page, you can read a letter from him in which he describes his feelings about his recent book tour. Enjoy!

From: Natural Suzanne (, 07/02/98.

I just got back from Kauai'i where I saw the photograph of Emmett, Peter Berg, Roberto La Morticella, Kent Minault, Brooks Bouchier, et al (on the steps of city hall) in a little antique store in Hanalei! Aloha, Shaka Brah, Natural Suzanne

From: (), 07/02/98.


From: Brian Tanguay (, 07/01/98.

We need the Digger philosophy more today than it was needed in the 60's. Wake up, one and all, before it's too late, and before the forces of "free-market capitalism" destroy the world.

From: 333 (, 07/01/98.

Glad you guys are still around and operating, someone's got to keep things free!

From: (), 06/25/98.


From: Alex (, 06/19/98.

I just heard about this site. I'm proud to have been the co-owner and driver of the "Mother Truck," a homemade camper made from a 56 Chevy pickup truck. We lived in a house on Clayton, about half a block from the Panhandle, and the Mother-Truckers helped do the free food distribution run to other communes. My favorite two memories of that are picking up day-old stuff fromt the Ukrainian bakery, and the time we were given bushels of just-on-the-edge apples, and made great big vats of applesauce and give it all to all passers. Mary B., an old friend who lived at Black Bear, and who had her son Libre there, is still in touch, if anyone wants to contact her through me. Alex, from Clayton Street ('67-'68)

From: Eric (, 06/17/98.

Stefan from Sweden -- Haight Street runs through two zip codes, but the area that is the heart of the Haight-Ashbury is zip 94117. Hope this helps.

From: Stefan, Sweden. (, 06/17/98.

I need the zip code for Haight Street, San Francisco. If you know it, please mail me the correct one.

From: Stefan (, 06/17/98.

Hello. I just wondered if anyone could help me with a little problem that I have. I need to get the zip code for Haight Street, San Francisco. I have the address, but I have no zip code. If anyone can help me, please mail me the correct zip code. Thanks.

From: (), 06/15/98.


From: Paul Shippee (, 06/15/98.


From: Pete Bennett (, 06/12/98.

Trying to find the Berkeley Barb, and found you. Do you think it would be alright if I crash here for awhile?


[Sure, man. In the morning a bunch of us are going on a food run if you want to join in. We've got to be at the Produce Market by six o'clock <g>]

From: Hans-Hinrich Taeger (, 06/10/98.

Great, that you saved and honoured documents of a spirit that was so inspiring and powerful that it changed the world from grey into color. With love from Ireland, Hans

From: chas (, 06/04/98.

Just curious--did Coyote ever wind up meeting that woman who wrote about her fantasies about him in Salon 'Zine? I met her in Seattle and she looks a lot like Nichole. Really good book, but can'y say I share her feelings...

From: (), 06/01/98.


From: Nelly (, 05/31/98.

Great page! Great Info, bookmark added and will be coming back very often. Possible link to my homepage: Long life to Anarchism, Peace and Freedom!

From: Aron Kay (, 05/28/98.

hello again...i hope to see some of u at the 1998 rainbow gathering in i am at the age of 48, considering myself an unreconstructed flower child out to change the status quo.....there are many of us everywhere still commemorating the summer of love, the love-ins(which i helped focalize at la's griffith park w/green power), the protests, etc. all that still exists in our hearts!!!!there is no need to give up!!!meanwhile visit and

From: Ingrid and Helena ( and, 05/27/98.

Rock n Roll!

From: Hans-Hinrich Taeger (, 05/26/98.

Not an easy time for Ex-Hippies to keep all positive vibes and wisdom insights alive in the late ninetieth. With love from Ireland, Hans

From: Anonymous (), 05/23/98.

Emmett Grogan Lives!

From: Freedom (), 05/23/98.

Don't talk about it ,do it!

From: Redwood (, 05/20/98.

Moe, did you ever run across any of the Crazy Richard clan in Ecuador around 72' or stop at my restaurant in Otavalo circa 73'? Ran into Marta(Lew Welch's ex) at Coyote's Berkeley book signing. Hadn't run into her since seeing her in 1972 on a beach in Taganga, Colombia.

From: (), 05/20/98.


From: moe armstrong (, 05/20/98.

I was there. The first issue of PO San Francisco has an interview with me. Neal Cassady was my room mate. I'm still going like hell. Living it and loving it. Went to New Mexico after the summer of love to live with Larry Little Bird. Lived in a Diggers Commune in El Rito, New Mexico. Stayed in New Mexico and South America for the last three decades (including Cuba) I'm back in heart of urban America. moe armstrong

From: David Weissman (, 05/19/98.

HI - I'm making a documentary on The Cockettes. I'm looking for film, video, stills, and stories. got any? Thanks - David W

From: Eric (, 05/15/98.

Dreamt of Jane Quattlander last night, anyone out there knowing her whereabouts, I'd like to send her a hello! (In the dream, Jane was leading a group of us to a Fall Equinox gathering at a desert mesa with sandstone cliffs and petroglyphs, and teepee poles set up ready to be covered.)

From: Laurel and Tomas Diaz (, 05/13/98.

Does anyone know where Ambo and Kathy Sweeney are today? I had heard that Ambo was seen at Lou Gottlieb's memorial in California several years ago. If you know, please refer them to us. Thanks.

From: Kurt Hibner (, 05/10/98.

Glad to see you've always been there. I'm a digger too.

From: Mark Hebard (, 05/09/98.

I just came across this site while wandering in the net. I have often wondered what became of Black Bear. I came to Black Bear in the spring of 1970 with 3 others and stayed a few weeks. . We managed to careen a VW bus from Sawyers Bar into the ranch and contributed psychedelics for all during the spring celebration. I remember Malcom and Balew. I stayed in the Teepee in the meadow next to the main house freezing and nearly croking on smoke from the fire we built inside. I remember wonderful communal dinners, cooked on a huge iron woodstove, served on the long table in the main room. I still laugh at the memory of Balew and two of us literally willing an old chevy pickup over the outrageous road to Sawyers Bar to buy gallons of wine only to lose a good portion of it from the bottles breaking from the jarring ride. Also building a fire next to the stream and heating stones for a sweat bath in a crudely built sauna of poles and mylar . I was only there a short time but I remember intense discussions about social and political issues. I was young and very wild then, but the experiences there helped me construct myself. I am very grateful for those weeks and wish all who continue more success. I live in Aptos and sought treatment from Michael Tierra some years ago and never realized the connection until tonight.

From: Peter Coyote (, 05/08/98.

Need new address for Claude Hayward and/or Bob Slade. I have copies of my book for them and no idea where they've gone. I'd appreciate any help.

From: Chris Parry (), 05/07/98.

Looking for info on original Diggers (1649) for a book. Anyone with info please call at (250)338-6788

From: Ferny Mu Kraken (, 05/07/98.

Proud to be a hippy from Misippy. Here in the belly-button of the Babble Belt, the '60s started in about 1967 or so. Sun say they ended in 1980, when a mollusk was finally elected President. But as for me, I, like the Captain of the Titanic, forgot to exhale. Delighted to have found your site! Try mine, "Camino Surreal Cantina" at

From: Quinn the Eskimo (, 05/06/98.

Everybody's gonna want a dose.

From: TestName (TestEmailAddress), 05/06/98.


From: Paige Matthews (, 05/06/98.

well i was gald to see this page!!!!!!!!!!!! I just did a huge research paper o the merry pranksters. i learned sooooooooo much, i just wish i got to actula people who were part of it i have read tons of books my fav, the electric kool-aid acid test! well thnks agian, much aprciation Sincerly, page Matthews

From: Paige Matthews (, 05/06/98.


From: Karen Day (, 05/06/98.

Always considered myself something of a digger but now I know that there are other diggers beyond compare.

From: Emily (, 05/03/98.

Remember the nice od man at Fish 'n' Chips? The Haight-Ashbury Street Band--Oceola? The trippy dude name Gypsy? I used to make stuff and sell it in H-A and loved every minute of it. Well.......Altamont kind of was weird for a minute. Love Lu

From: reggie barbee (, 05/02/98.

was a digger the 1st time around, how many life times ago now but missed it in the sixties...would like to correspond with likeminded freaks...............later

From: Lisa & Melody (, 04/30/98.

hi, we just thought you all might like to read this poem we wrote as we were coming down from an awesome high. Hey there hi there ho there cunt. i smell the smoke of a freshly rolled blunt. take a hit and hold it in, remember how it wuz. soon we will feel lighter, as we begin to buzz. pack a bowl and spark it up, smoke until we die. or at least it'll feel like that because we're really high. Hit the bong, yeah suck it up, we laughed so hard we cried. but some of us have pissed our pants, we are completely fried. now grab a snack we're still not done. there's still a kite to fly,. we all smoke another bone, now we're in the sky. as we lay there on a cloud, we're sinking in the air. we have none left, we're coming down- a thought we cannot bare. find more money, buy a bag and do it all again. just don't forget to smoke it with your very bestest friends. hope you enjoyed it. we're sure you can relate. peace & love, lisa % melody

From: Tomas (, 04/30/98.

Some people see the light. Some people see the moon. Some see a fifty seven chevy. Some see a MorningStar.

From: Peter Coyote (here), 04/29/98.

It's gratifying to read all these comments. I'm writing from Boston in the midst of this whirlwind tour with my book. It seems to have touched some sort of nerve: it hit the SF Chronicle best-seller list at number 13 after only a week in print; has sold out the first printing and the second ships Friday and they are tracking a third printing. Questions and comments from around the country are deep and interesting and their is much agreement that somehow, someway the pernicious denigrating of our efforts and intentions by Reagan/Bush pundits has done damage and needs to be reversed. I hope my book is just one among many soon. Much thanks for all the support from Digger brothers and sisters, and apologies for where I didn't get it quite right. Peter Coyote

From: Tomas (, 04/25/98.

Hi Joanie, Winnie the Poo is Great. Ramon thanks for the websight. Who decided to destroy all the records?? Poor Elvis. Do you remember the man with poison ivy all over his body. There was a young man sitting in the corner picking crabs, I came by and said whach ya doing. He smiled and I said oh and walked away.(The story is a little longer with a family tree). What a Life, it is still great. Hi Klye,Ambo,Kathy ,Doris,Larry,Sylvia,Hugh,Robbie,Send a Line.

From: Arthur Lisch (none), 04/25/98.

Following on what Jane said . . . I went to a reading by Peter at the book store in Mill Valley last night, driving from Calistoga where, as Jane says, I paint signs, make metaphorical chess sets and am active in community affairs. I drove down the Napa Valley to Vallejo and then turned west on Route 37, passing the power lines that snagged Bill Graham out of the elevated fast lane while flying from one venue to another. This set me to thinking about all the tragic heros of my generation who are no longer physically present. Some of them are present in the pages of Peter's book and all are present in our collective memory. I went to Bill Graham's wake in Golden Gate Park and was crushed in consciousness by the huge crowd and mega-speakers. I thought of the irony of Bill's helicopter being clawed from the sky by the electic wires which beastialy race across the landscape to power the electronic circuses from which be profited. I was at Ron Thelin's wake in San Geronimo Valley and felt Ron's loving presence weaving through the hundreds of friends who had gathered in his honor. I saw Lou Gottlieb there. He had been inspired by diggers to open his land, Morningstar, to all, and eventually was moved to attempt to legally deed the land to God. A while later I was at his wake, at Morningstar, with some friends I had seen at Ron's celebration. Later, back to Golden Gate Park and the anniversary of the "Summer of Love". The giant inflatable beer can would have been a great hit at the original be-in. Someone floated down in a parachute to wows, ooohhhs and ahhhas at the be-in and now the Blue Angels roared overhead (to more exclamations of wonder). There was a small stage at the be-in for the celebraties, many now deceased, and in present time a giant stage and speakers for surviving celebraties. At sunset, as at the be-in, people went to the ocean to watch the sun set. At this time John Denver was crashing into the sea in his little airplane. His music carried on from the 60s into 90s. He fell into the sea as the last strains of the "Summer of Love" jam was fading away. So, arriving at a packed book store I found a place to stand and listened to Peter read from his book the chapter on the tragic story of Bill and Lenore. Lovely, sensual, poetic people drawn into the hell of biker gangs, drugs, bruising fights and destruction. Peter mentioned the sad, poetic end of Emmett Grogan in 1979 in the subway at Coney Island. I thought of other flawed heros such as Neal Cassady and his sad end. Both burned bright for a time but what's the message? I was very aware of the lovely presence of Peter's daughter, Ariel, who was standing near me. My mind was wandering when I heard Peter mention my name in relation to the story aboutf Ron Thelin and I at a breakfast table on the freeway. I raised my hand and waved and Peter recognised me (even with whiter, thinner hair and other signs of approaching the 60s again). He said, It's Arthur Lisch. I saw your daughter, Eleuthera, (at a reading in Seattle) last night. That sort of interweaving, including Jane's comments on this site, are a wonderful side-effect of Peter's deed in publishing this book. After the questions (more on that later) I met some other aging survivors. I also had a great talk with a fellow with Food Not Bombs who was among other things concerned with freeing Leonard Peltier. We exchanged a lot of stories in a short time and I thanked him for carring on with the diggerly work. The conversation brought to clarity some ideas I have been struggling to formulate more clearly. Its great what a good conversation can do! After the event I was driving back to the Napa Valley thinking about how so many heros who had set out to transform the Beast had instead been devoured by the Beast over the years. Well it's never over and there is no need to brood about that. The task is still at hand - as it ever was, is and shall be. I was inspired by the thought that such wonderful people as my daughter, Eleuthera (who Peter saw in Seattle) and Peter's daughter, Ariel (who I saw in Mill Valley), my children Sara and Damon and so many others have come through out of all those sad and gritty times, that Peter chronicles so well, to be shining and strong people in this crucial time. I find the words of Winstanley as inspirational as ever and have continuing belief that out of all our life experience the Beast will be transformed and good will prevail. Thanks to all those who have died on the fields of battle.

From: Emilia (, 04/25/98.

Hearth School now has a homepage: Internet's a blessing to a farflung group like ours.

From: Redwood (, 04/22/98.

More for the record...In his chapter on Black Bear, Peter describes my having come out of the Oakland Free Bakery scene. I did participate to a minor extent at the Free Bakery but that was after my association with the Diggers. Before the Diggers I was involved in the L.A. Free Clinic. In those days I had a certain gift for hustling resources, especially from the film making community. Peter Berg and Coyote got wind of my cinemagraphic aquisitions( film, processing etc..) and determined that such resources belonged to their much more worthy undertakings. I had seen myself as a gifted hustler but after a very short phone call from them, I realized I was a rank amateur. You can only imagine what it was like to be hustled by the Digger nobility in those days. I was on the road to San Francisco before I hung up. The next day I arrived at Willard Street and have been in the Bay area ever since.

From: Eric (, 04/21/98.

Saw Jane's message below, and it occurs to me that perhaps we should set up an area on the web here where folks can leave messages "setting the record straight" (so to speak, although I don't think straight is exactly the right word. <g>) I checked in the book and Peter still has the Oct. '66 dating for the closing of the Psychedelic Shop and Death of Hippie, which should be corrected in the historical record (should be Oct. '67). Minor point — and really when you read Sleeping in its context, it's not a history of the diggers so much as a memoir that gets inside the head of someone who was at the center of much that was happening. It really pulls back the curtain and reveals the inner Peter and others. I always thought actors were supposed to hide their real selves, but not apparently so. Jolly good read, Peter!

From: Jane (, 04/21/98.

Saw Peter Coyote last night at Black Oak books (that was fun) & bought a copy for our family's history. However, the actual first Free Store seems to have been left out of the book, just as it was left out of Emmett's book. Here's the story: In 1966-67 I was married to Arthur Lisch, lived on Waller St. & had two little kids. I was cooking for the park (with food left early every morning on my doorstep; Richard Brautigan used to eat some in my kitchen before it was delivered to the park), helping teen runaways to figure out what to do, stepping over the sleeping bodies in my living room, dodging the media (also thick on the doorstep), taking in a schizophenic homeless person to live with us, and trying, unsuccessfully in the end, to reconcile family life with the new paradigm. One of the strains on our relationship was the actual first Free Store, which Arthur opened on Frederick Street before the Free Store on Cole & Carl came into being, and which created considerable time and money demands on our anemic household economy. I don't remember how long the store was open, but it certainly did exist, and I'd like to set the record straight. After all, in only a few years, Arthur's and my grandbaby Max (whose daddy Damon, our son, and his sister Sara spent a lot of time at the Willard St. house after Arthur and I split up) will be able to read. For those of you who knew these folks, and maybe me too, here's what became of us: Arthur lives in Calistoga, paint signs, makes chess sets with metaphorical implications, and is active in community affairs. Damon is a molecular biologist at the University of Arizona (post-doc); Sara is an artist who lives near Seattle, and I write songs for kids and sing with them. Cheers to all.

From: Scott J. Regner (, 04/21/98.

Freedom is still my "Frame of Reference"....Peace to all of you. It's obvious we need Diggers now more than ever.

From: Blaine Dixon (, 04/18/98.

I downloaded Peter Coyotes chapter and took them to work, were I spent most of last week reading them instead of working. It was a real nostalgic trip for me. I was there too, but insead of diggers and communes and free love it was sleeping in a rat-infested basement with a film lab, doing self-assigned support to radical groups at SF State and Berkeley..Peter was right..some of those hard-core leftists would have put the Diggers "up against the wall" along with the captialists. But we all have mellowed out..but then I try to hang on to my dreams of that era...thanks for your site and thanks to Peter Coyote for his book.

From: John Coveney (, 04/16/98.

What a treasure! thanks for the website. As a current member of the Gnu Circus, formerly the commune The Circus in Berkeley, Bancroft and Grant, I'd be happy to hear any stories from any of the many who passed through ... Someday we will have a reunion part

From: Rand Knox (, 04/15/98.

..and the Titanic, which wasn't, crashed to earth, too. Democracy? Who's steering this ship, anyway... its seems to be on auto pilot, and that's no way to run a democracy, unless you wish to fly into terrain...Was that Constitution or Corporatution...? Corporataucracy vs. Democracy... if you hate democracy, try monoply! If you think open space is expensive, try sprawl! Or, perhaps the Great American Car Deal metaphors America's problems... talking about ditching democracy... afterall perhaps alittle skulduggery won the West for the loopholed afterall... The car deal repair job is now at: ... its a free non-commercial village and family valuing site dedicated to banking the costly dings out car deals for dummies and stuff you should have learnt in High School, but didn't... A vicarious Digger (East coasted at the time) Rand

From: mjs (), 04/14/98.

Just wonderful!

From: fish (none), 04/13/98.

Did anyone else notice that as the final jam was taking place at the Summer of Love anniversary gathering and some people were going over to the ocean to see the sun set, that John Denver was crashing into the ocean in his ultra-light. See Maria Van Franz on the proclivity of the Puer Eternus to extend youth as long as possible and how the metaphor of the aviator and crashing to the earth fits into that picture.

From: judy wood (, 04/10/98.


From: Mark R. Barnett (, 04/08/98.


From: (), 04/08/98.


From: Jon Young (, 03/29/98.

Good to see another perspective on the Digger story other than just Ringolevio and small snippets in other texts. Peter Coyote comes across a tad less self important than Emmett. Information is power!!

From: Michael Winstanley (, 03/27/98.

I'm interested in uncle Gerrard's mystical nature .

From: aron pieman kay (, 03/26/98.

check out this site for old times sake: Virtual Acid Trip

From: Aron Kay(pieman) (, 03/26/98.

I am back to send my love to my many comrades in the rainbow-woodstock nation...especially to folks like diamond dave, plunker,feather,etc. anyway, i am still an unreconstructed flower child at the age of 48... i would LOVE to hear from anyone who went to the green power-sponsored love-ins at griffith park in la...however all are welcome to contact me via my email or at the sixties live!!!!

From: emily cunningham (, 03/21/98.

hey all...i dont have anything intelligent to say, ill just make a fool out of myself....this was quite intellectualizing.....enlightening even peace out, yo : )

From: E Cutrer (, 03/18/98.

The logical extension of our communal existence is caring for our own dead. When our friend Jasmine(from Hearth and other adventures)died last fall, we were able to follow her wishes and provide her with a loving and personal home wake and funeral. She was cared for at all times by those who loved her. We did this with the assistance of the Natural Death Care Project, a nonprofit group in Sebastopol, California. They have been included in a segment on home funerals in a very good article on the funeral industry in the March 23 issue of US News and World Report. You can access it online here: Have a joyous spring.

From: edi (, 03/17/98.

I NEED HELP! I am writing a paper on the diggers. I can use any info anyone can give me. It would help a lot.

From: Coymoon of Woodstock (, 03/15/98.

Those of you who have read some of Peter Coyote's Free-Fall Chronicle chapters on this site might be interested in knowing that his book will hit the bookshelves come April 1st under its original title of "Sleeping Where I Fall." Information on his book and book tour schedule as well as upcoming interviews can be found at his Web Site at This site with over 100 pages encompasses Coyote's lifetime work as actor, writer, narrator, activist and even musician with his songs now on RealAudio. Check it out!!

From: Alice Gaillard (, 03/15/98.

My friend Celine and I are planning a documentary movie about the diggers story (since 4 years now!!) and we are still looking for archives and footage.

From: harris pankin (, 03/14/98.

all right hello test one two three

From: harris pankin (right now none), 03/14/98.

hi my brothers jack just died i wish i could have been in san fransisco on march 3 thanks for the tribute i lived there in 84 ill be back in july after the pinball tournament in vegas. anyways come to nyc and join nyc in paying tribute to jack at cbgb's april 1.2,3,4,5,66 and the rest of the year. april 18th at the knitting factory bring love and peace im throwing the party. call cbgb's for band bookings steve miller just happenens to be in town just a son of a fool.

From: Emilia (, 03/10/98.

Hey, Eric, I like the background. Happy spring.

From: Kirstin (KMV3077_yada@STUDENTS.SSU.EDU), 03/09/98.


From: Clane Hayward (, 03/07/98.

I have hazy memories of burning dollar bills and a favorite tricycle in Digger bonfires when I was 2 years old; of my mother H'lane getting arrested for shoplifting stuff that I later understood was to be given away at the Free Store. Trying to escape my parents' hippie nostalgia, it wasn't unil I read Todd Gitlin's "Years of Hope, Days of Rage" that I realized how interesting the Digger history is. Nice site. Any other Adult Children of Hippie Parents out there? We of the funny names, the third-grade tofu sandwich outcastes, have to stick together!

From: Robert Greenwald Productions - bd (, 03/06/98.

Please spread the word. My name is Brad Durante and I am currently (3/6/98) conducting research for an upcoming feature film about ABBIE HOFFMAN, based on the book "Abbie Hoffman: American Rebel" by Marty Jezer. We have the full cooperation of Abbie's 2nd wife, Anita, and Gerry Lefcourt, Abbie's legal council. We are seeking any "Home Movies," 8mm or 16mm footage of any Yippie activities, including: 1.) the Oct '67 March on the Pentagon, 2.) demonstrations at the '68 Chicago Democratic convention 3.) the Yippie "Festival of Life" at Lincoln Park August 26-28, 1968 4.) "Bring Home Abbie" Benefit(s) Also, we are looking for any original memorabilia from that era. Please contact us online or at 10510 Culver Blvd Culver City, CA 90232 (310)204-0404 office (310)204-0174 fax Thank you for spreading the word !!!!!!!!!!! bd

From: Lisa Derry (, 03/06/98.

An amazingly informative site!

From: Claude Hayward (, 03/04/98.

Thank, Eric, for your continuing efforts. Nice work. BTW, H'lane can get e-mail c/o

From: Phyllis Willner (, 03/01/98.
From: Ted Sheridan (, 02/26/98.

Hats off! I am currently offering an experimental online course at SFSU and this site is an excellent resource. Students are reading T.E.K.A.T. by Tom Wolfe and going out to web and finding information. I will recommend this site to all of them. Congratulations on a job well done!

From: bruce glasgow (, 02/25/98.

i lived at the corner of clayton and waller with mark,sophie,juston and amy anderson,before that the red house above the haight bootery,best years of my life.can`t and won`t forget them.anybody remember me??gene nelson,patrick who took me apple picking and put me on the rainbow road??hey,i`m still here and the spirit is strong!!!!

From: Bud Cloyd (, 02/19/98.

Just checked in. Havent looked at the site yet. But... I spent many nights crashed at the Diggers place right off Haight in 67. Was stationed in the military at an Air Force site down by San Jose. On days off, I would come into the city and crash at the Diggers. Now I teach school in Mexico City. Peace, Bud

From: Gahmelah Mahal (, 02/11/98.

Just found this sight, pretty interesting. I'm looking forward to having my daughter (Khalila) in Ocean's wedding this spring. Also, talked to my mom (Siena Riffia aka Natural Susan), we're both looking forward to the book. I'll check in soon. Aloha to all.

From: Dan Colen (, 02/09/98.

I travel,ask,see and wonder, what the hell happened. It was about the idea not all the bullshit. Emmett once told me very few understand the situation[what situation?], all these years later it's still true. Don't ask just do! Has the world made cowards of us all. Old friends never forget that for a while we did whatever it took to help!

From: Pam Hanna (Read) (, 02/08/98.

Leonard - If you mean Manhattan around 1963-4, I was there (New Orleans in 1965). Do you remember the Metro on 8th Ave. where people packed in to read & hear poetry? That was in the days when they called us beatniks. I first heard the word 'hippie' on the lower east side. I'm not sure about a NY Emmett, but do remember this weird little shopfront place with no signs that said 'art gallery' or anything to tell what it was & there was this guy who sat on a folding chair in a scruffy-looking overcoat & watched people go by. (I'm not making this up.) The 'pictures' were just vertical multicolored lines in different widths & when I looked at them, they started waving (a well-known optical illusion device now) & I rubbed my eyes & looked again & said WOW or somesuch & the guy saw me & came out of the shop & asked me what I saw & I told him wavy lines, what else? & he wrote that down on a dirty notepad & he seemed to dismiss me, so I went on wondering whether I'd passed or flunked some kind of test. That was when the Village was just turning the corner from selling out & you could still get into the coffe houses without buying anything, but everybody lived on the Eastside. Pam

From: Leonard Iye (, 02/08/98.

Have visited Guest Book 3 or 4 times during the previous 10 months and have been disappointed that no one from NYC seems to remember the Free Store, Emmett ( how do you forget Emmett ), and Billy who according to a childhood friend, is living in his old neighborhood and working in Manhattan. Give your memories a good shake.

From: (), 02/08/98.


From: Maure (, 02/08/98.

Far-Out! So anyone around from summer 1969...Haight/Golden Gate Park.. Or L.A. Diggers Summer 1969...Contact me AZAP... Let Party Ya.............../////->

From: Maris (), 02/04/98.


From: Dave Hicks (), 02/01/98.

"Whatever it is that's happening keeps on happening no matter what."

From: mike nagy (, 01/30/98.

bless you all

From: Eric (, 01/30/98.

The guestbook is working again, yay!

From: (), 01/30/98.




From: fish (none), 01/12/98.

Who will be in Golden Gate Park January 15, 1998? Be-In original site.

From: Rusty Ranney (, 01/09/98.

Grew up in Haight. Looking for some old childhood friends. Looking for a brother and sister named Scott and Morgan, another b/s named Greg and Valerie and another kid named Gary Brown who _yada@ 7 yrs. old referred to himself as the "King of the Hippies". One could only aspire to such greatness!

From: beth (, 01/09/98.

i'm writing a show based somewhat on the history of san francisco, including summer of love info. i pose a question to anyone interested in responding. what is the difference between now and then? in other words, you see these new young hippie kids on haight street now, some junked up on heroin, etc. what is the difference between the two generations. any input is greatly appreciated. thanks.

From: Jessica Hruska (, 01/09/98.

This sight was pretty groovy!!!!!

From: Carter Hall (, 01/08/98.


From: fish (none), 01/07/98.

Be-In Original Site January 15, 1998

From: Eric (, 01/04/98.

A new year, new guestbook, new background image — this photograph shows some different Anasazi rock carvings from last year's Guestbook (these possibly from Mesa Verde, Colorado.) [For those who haven't figured out, the ancient ones are a passion of mine.]

From: Gerrard (, 01/04/98.

It's Free because It's yours.


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