Les Diggers de San Francisco

Film by Céline Deransart and Alice Gaillard / Book by Alice Gaillard

Alice and Céline first contacted us via the Guestbook back in the mid-90s. Like many who first hear of the Diggers, they were enthralled by the prophetic vision and the action stories that are the legacy of this moment in time. Alice and Céline decided to do a film that would bring this history to the youth of France. They trekked to California in the late 1990s and spent several weeks tracking everyone down with their video master, Jean-Pierre Ziren, to capture interviews and still photos of the archives.

In 1998, Les Diggers de San Francisco was broadcast on the French cable channel Canal+ and has been rebroadcast over the years since. In 2009, Alice published her history, Les Diggers, Revolution et Contre-Culture a San Francisco (1966-1968) which included a DVD of the film. [See book cover below]

Céline passed away a few years ago. I hope that Alice and Jean-Pierre do not think it presumptuous of me to include a copy of their wonderful film here. After all, as we used to say, "what goes around comes around." Bon, et merci. —eric

Présentent le Livre...

Présentent le Film ... "Les Diggers de San Francisco" (French version)


... and: "The Diggers of San Francisco" (English version)

Note: this version is shorter and is edited sharply different in places than the French version. It doesn't have the "1990s examples" of Digger-like activities, but it has a cleaner "Sixties Counterculture" narrative. 

Timeline of Action Shots in Les Diggers (French version)

Opening scenes of Haight-Ashbury (late 1990s)


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