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MOST News July 1996

Morningstar, Wheeler's and the Free Land Movement

North of San Francisco, across the mythic Golden Gate inlet, lay the rolling hills of Marin and Sonoma counties, golden in summer, verdant in winter. For many of the Haight's denizens, suffering burnout, ennui or police heat, the siren call of the North drew their embattled souls to the land of the red-tailed hawk and live oak shrub. Morningstar was the first refuge with an open land policy. Founded by Lou Gottlieb, a former member of the folk-singing trio Limeliters, Morningstar was known as the "digger farm" in the Haight, supplying apples and other organic fruits and vegetables to the Free Food programs. We have a growing collection of materials here, due to the diligence and labors of love of many graduates of these Free Land communes.

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Index of Materials

Ramon Sender Baryon's meticulous undertaking to document the history of the Free Land movement through reminiscences and painstakingly edited oral history interviews.

Home Free Home

Pam Hanna's vivid personal recounting of both the California and New Mexico branches of Morningstar. Part I (California). Part II (New Mexico).

Morningstar Chronicles

The Morningstar Newsletter, Vol I, No. 1

Most Vol. I #1

The Morningstar Newsletter, Vol I, No. 2

Most Vol. I #2

The Morningstar Newsletter, July 1996 Issue (Memorial to Lou Gottlieb)

MOST Newsletter July 1996

Aerial view of Morning Star Ranch. In the upper center of the photo are the Upper House and Egg Shed.

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(Scan of original page from the Morninstar Scrapbook by Tom Lance.)


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Cover page of Manifesto Two

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