Draft Letter from Peter Berg (?) to an Underground Newspaper, n.d., ca. 1967.

[Located in the Digger Archives, Catalog No. DP009.]

The diggers send you best wishes for failure. If the number of your printings escalate; if you join UPS & add additional colors to yr. layout; if you attract more advertisers & get more per column inch you will succeed. If you really turn people on to something other than selling, to something other than fraudulent "now" you will fail because people that know don't need to read how. Will you commit conscientious suicide or not? Mimic Fullbright or the Yellow Monk? NBCBSLIFETIMELOOK are the outlines; ORACLEVOBARB are the inlines; different styles & markets, identical functions: the merchandising of a particular world-view. Oracle is Time magazine of the hippies - a collage of consciousness-expansion; psychedelic advice to the love-worn, love-lorn, love-torn. Joanie Baez merchandised as a peace-love symbol - participate in her purity for $3.98. She can say what she likes - no millionaire can be all bad - it's profit that sends Marines to Vietnam. Bobby, Joanie et al. agents of the dream they think they dispel: actors on sets w/ no doors. 

Any man who claims to sell the truth is a false-poet. False poets turn others onto selling. Psychedelic merchants are merchants are false poets: dropping out does not mean changing clothes. Things on earth are there for those who inhabit it. People who derive profit from those things disenfranchise themselves from man & the natural order. The frame of reference of profit is always exclusive & competitive. It is one-half of a dichotomy bound on the other side by loss. Free has no perimeter. Enclosed are some broadsides by the Communications Co. who print the truth free for any fool in the street. Fed & housed by brothers they pass out their words/acts from hand to hand, like dropping social acid, for no profit, interest or money - life acts of free men.

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