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The Diggers

Video clip from Tribute to the Summer of Love (2017)

NBC Bay Area produced an hour-long documentary about the Summer of Love as part of the Revelations series. It aired twice in June, 2017. One of the segments of the film highlighted the Diggers and featured an interview with Vicki Pollack who had joined the Diggers in early 1967 after arriving from New York. In this interview, Vicki presents an articulate description of the attraction that the Digger vision offered to young people who had been drawn to the Haight-Ashbury. Peter Coyote narrates the film and this segment.

Many thanks to NBC Bay Area who gave the Digger Archives permission to post this video clip here.

The film producers used photos from Chuck Gould's Digger Family photo galleries, a clip of Nowsreal that showed a free food delivery to the Willard Street Commune, an image from the Free City News, and some rare footage of the Digger Free Store.

The Diggers (video clip from NBC Bay Area)

Screen shots from the film:


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