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We prepare our minds with. To perpetuate life. Protect Our women and children. Machines we intend never to use Except in defense. And when those of you who would Strangle our only human possibility Die by our bullets--they will have been fired Into your brains thru eyes of our loving you. Your blood soaking the ground will be our blood-- Your death our death. But we shall pass gently on from there in this body To tend further children and other flowers; and Your body shall rot and nourish the planet's new Seeds long before ours.

/?/ ! /? And the winner shall be man; and man shall survive. My people shall live because they know--each one-- Unto himself IS THE LEADER--and every invention Of slave politic trickery will fail and crumble, IMMEDIATELY, in this source dialectic of one to one Confrontation with all things.


YOU ARE THE LEADER the san francisco diggers june--1967

Later that night, the four of them were in a diner in Drag City, Kansas, eating the last hot meal of their trip back to Frisco. There were some hot-rod country boys in the place, hanging on the jukebox and posing for their girl friends. They were big, but there wasn't going to be no fight or trouble or nothing, because they were only as big as high-school football players are big and just as young. The food was good, and the four brothers were glad it took the youngsters a long time to come over to ask them questions about Haight-Ashbury, because they wanted nothing to distract their attention from enjoying the savory meal.

The kids were nervous at first, because Tumble answered their questions, and he was nearly twice their age and hard-fisted tough with a face to match, the kind of a man who would've been a very big fish in the little pond of their small town and someone who would never have even spoken with them, much less politely answered their queries. The boys asked all kinds of things about San [end page 405]


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