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I've used several search engines for the Digger Archives, from the Glimpse system that Webcom had set up, to the Microsoft Frontpage search page, to the Atomz search service. Now I've added Google's site search. It is by far the most complete search engine to date. Google even indexes the "new Guestbook" pages that are contained deep inside the Forum database. There is one definite (and one potential) drawback to Google. It insists on putting its sponsored links on the search results page. The potential drawback is that Google is a dynamic search engine. Every month its search spider updates the index. It's possible that one month it might delete sections of the index for our pages. For now: here's Google. (Thanks to Leonard Raznick for suggesting this enhancement.) Let me know if you have any disappointing results.

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"Things are getting a bit out of control"

[Communication Company, CC-020, Haight Street, 1967]




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