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The 60s Date Machine

[Note: if you get an error message on any of the Chronology pages, try refreshing or reloading the page. Active server pages pull the data from my research database. ASP is notorious for having problems if the server is busy. If you don't get these pages to work, please send me an email. --ed.]

Chronologies are an important but often overlooked tool in writing history. Getting the facts straight begins with having accurate dates. This is my attempt to research the dates of events in the Sixties. One thing I have discovered is the problem of presenting a chronology: what to include and what to exclude. For example, the Digger chronology should include the history of the Artists Liberation Front, but what about the Fillmore Auditorium and the San Francisco rock 'n roll scene? What about general Sixties events, or the New Left? Civil rights movement? At a certain point, the original intent of presenting a chronology of the Diggers becomes diluted and overwhelmed by the other threads in the tapestry of time.

My solution is to create The Sixties Date Machine, a database that will contain all sorts of events, from JFK's assassination to the Merry Pranksters, from Free Store to Free Huey. The database will have multiple keywords attached to each event and will be searchable such that the user can create her or his own chronology. I have had search pages up for the past year or so, but recently decided to shift emphasis. For now, I will present the chronologies that are relevant to the Digger history and will relegate the search pages to a secondary place on the web. 

Please use the feedback form to send any suggestions of events I'm missing. Thanks for your patience while this feature gets finished. And thanks to Michael Doyle whose preliminary work is currently included in this chronology.



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