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From: Tom Diaz (, 10/28/99.
If you are a strong willed women, independent and speak freely, check this out. 
From: KC (, 10/28/99.
I'm 26 yeras old with hope and plans of my own... Thank you for making me feel less lonely, diapers and all.
From: Don Monkerud (, 10/26/99.
The Black Bear Commune Anthology At last, to fill in the details of what we were doing off in the woods while others were doing their thing in the cities and the woods. The Black Bear Anthology is coming to print: Free Land: Free Love: Tales of a Wilderness Commune Edited by Don Monkerud, Malcolm Terence, Susan Keese. Over 50 authors tell their individual stories, for example, The object of the game was to get first choice of one's numerous lgood at the game. I always got my number one pick, but there was considerable self-delusion involved...--Estrella, Free Luv and the Feminist Revolution We would sit there in the wintry evenings fingering a copy of Julia Childs' first French cookbook, lusting over dishes that took ingredients we knew we would never see and reading in breathy hushed voices.-- Malcolm Terence, How to Make Chimichangas (Or How I Saved the Commune) For a few flickering years we succeeded in living a vision of life where the boundaries of race, class and social standing were as nothing.-- Michael Tierra, The Roy Ballard Episode Write me for details....
From: Natural Suzanne (, 10/25/99.
Digger Goddesses, we are due for our second millenial gathering and I have found the ideal place. It is a house on Kauai just feet from the ocean where Hula Laus come to practice on the beach. Kauai is the oldest inhabited island. Pele loves Kauai. Kauai is her first born and her favorite. Pele wears white only when she visits Kauai. On the other islands Pele wears red. Kauai is a strong female force in the geography of Mother Earth. What do you think? Would you like to go? Do you know more about Kauai? Please contact me if you are interested and if you want to help organize this event. Kauai is still wild and dangerous with wonderous trails and hidden beaches. I have a second message: I am so happy that I had the great fortune to be with the Diggers and to know the truly spectacular, courageous, and creative people that formed the core and the ever-widening orbits of Digger Charm. Thanks everyone. Thanks Eric, for keeping open a channel of communication.
From: christ ryan (, 10/25/99.
I'm writing a research paper on the diggers for my history honors class it's making my teacher crazy that everything I could ever need is on your web-site. Thank you!!!!
From: Eric (, 10/19/99.
Marie -- yes, Digger bread was baked in the cans (1 lb. or 2 lb.) The trick was to oil the inside of the cans well, so that after the baking, the bread could easily be pulled out of the can. I have no doubt that modern day coffee cans would still work the same. If you want to read more about digger bread, I have a page here: on digger bread --en
From: Marie*** (, 10/19/99.
I know this must be the dumbest question--Digger bread is baked IN the can, right? I mean thats why its shaped like that, right? I feel like an idiot asking but I don't want to blow up the kitchen by putting a coffee can in the oven. Oh, and are the coffee cans today still good for baking??? I would like to know so I can get started... Thanks :) Marie***
From: Devora (, 10/18/99.
Amazing! so sweet to find this here... I was given my name in the storefront on Haight in the Autumn after the Summer of Love.I had moved from the Haight to a commune in Inverness and had come in to the City and crashed at the Diggers for the night. There was a very young kid on his first acid trip there, having a rather bumpy time of it, so I took his head on my lap and talked to him for a long time. When I looked up, everybody was listening, and I ended up talking all night. In the morning a guy came up along with the oatmeal, stood on his head for a while, and then asked me my name. People had been calling me Trip for several years, and when I told him that he said it was the wrong name for me, thought a while and then said I should take the name Devora. It changed my lif in many ways, and I still wonder who he was. If this story sounds familiar-would you email me? All Love and Joy!!
From: xjasonbeattyx (, 10/18/99.
hey! I've been reading a lot of history on the radical groups of the 60's (Black Mask/Motherfuckers, Heatwave/King Mob, The Sits, etc. You know, the really big ones. But where do I start with a really good, comprehensive overview of the Diggers? Besides Peter Coyote's new book? Could you let me know? Thanks! xjasonbeattyx

p.s. i also heard that the diggers were against drug use and used to lambast timothy leary for his "Tune in..." crap. Is this true? I've always felt drugs/alchohol/TV(internet?) was lame and used to maintain the status quo. bye!

From: peterpower (petbro_yada@earthlink), 10/16/99.
would that we were all soo..beautiful again...and a new jerusalem would pass before our astonished eyes and our bright and shiney dreams set to spin on an ancient mtn. hippy hill scene of so many resurrections...and to think it all started w/ beer
From: Rena Morningstar (, 10/11/99.
Aloha! Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of Lou Gottlieb's transcendence into the next world. Of course his spirit lives on. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat issued a magazine titled, "The 50 People Who Shaped Our Century." There's a very good (and humerous) bio of Lou sandwiched in between Luther Burbank and Jack London. Check it out at: Love to All, Rena
From: Chuck Gould (), 10/11/99.
From: davina smith (, 10/06/99.
From: eleyigth smith (eirene743_yada@yahoo), 10/06/99.
From: Kathy Nolan (, 10/05/99.
wow -- it's like old home week -- glad I finally visited! Hi to all Black Bears in the Montery/Santa Cruz area -- love ya!
From: Eldar Apuk (eldar_yada@ptt.yu), 10/05/99.
I am from Kosovo my family home is fired in wor in aprill , 1999year I am inginery of machinery I was private factori in my town Kosovska Mitrovica . I have three suns age 6years 3 years and 4 manths I have wife , old mather and handicep sister. Can you help me and my family make smoll family home.If you can't if your rich friens.thenk you very much.
From: (), 10/05/99.
From: Arthur Lisch (, 10/02/99.
Thanks for your comments and interest, Eric. I was at the Jefferson Stone (on the D.C. Mall)on September 25th. and 26th. representing the True Leveller spirit as best I could. This was done in relation to the Native spiritual elders' prayer vigil near the site. The action received the blessing of various Native elders and from other religious representatives gathering for prayer. The picture now is to have a gathering at the site on April 22, 2000 (Earth Day) for the declaration of a sacred circle at the original symbolic center. The Jefferson Stone action resonates with the efforts to place a (digger) marker stone on St. George's Hill in England. Any True Levellers still out there willing to take part? R.S.V.P.
From: Patrick Lowenstein (, 10/01/99.
I just discovered this web site, I am so happy to see brothers and sisters from our time out there. I have seen so much as I am sure you all have but,I still have my VW bus.Has anybody seen Dave Lucas,Bill Franklin,Joe Cardoza,Bill Crete?
From: Eric (, 09/27/99.
Been camping out in Ancient Pueblo ruins these past two weeks. Just checking in remotely from Arizona. Hope all is well with everyone. I see that Arthur is continuing on in the spirit of Gerrard Winstanley. I visited the Jefferson Stone on Arthur's recommendation the last time I was in D.C. Sorry we cannot be there this time. Salud!
From: Allison Star (), 09/27/99.
Keep ridin till da wheels fall off!
From: Ruediger Drischel (, 09/25/99.
Ich habe gerade den wunderbaren Film "Les Diggers de San Francisco" gesehen. Das beste: "Freiheit und Verantwortung sind die beiden Seiten derselben Medaille". Grüكe an alle Diggers, weltweit.
From: Arthur Lisch (, 09/24/99.
R.S.V.P. re. D.C. A./M. - P.M. 9/25 A.S.A.P.
From: Claude Hayward (, 09/23/99.
Anybody out there who knows what happened to "Lovable Ol' Doc Stanley" (Michael Augustus Stanley) I'd like to hear from or of him.
From: Peter Coyote (, 09/23/99.
I'm looking for anyone who can help me locate Eleygth and Gentry, and a girl named Davina Sweetwater Smith. Her father is a man named David "Davi" Harpine, an old buddy of mine from Olema, serving virtual life in Atlanta, Georgia, looking to get reunited with his daughter. Any help would be appreciated Thank you,Peter Coyote
From: Arthur Lisch (, 09/23/99.
I'll be at the Jefferson Stone at the original symbolic center of the United States on the Mall in Washington, D.C. as a next step in cultivating a circle of Earth dedicated to true levellers here , there and everywhere. I will be working from sunrise to sunset on September 25th. If you are in the bioregional neighborhood join with me. Arthur Lisch
From: Claude Hayward (, 09/23/99.
Back on-line after months and months. Still out in New Mexico and ready to hear from you.
From: Jesus Omalley (, 09/22/99.
From: Jesus Omalley (, 09/22/99.
Viva la anarquia!
From: Rick (Alias Sgt. Pepper) (, 09/16/99.
I love it! I accidently came across the Sixties web site last week. I didn't get a chance to really view it till this week. I was shocked when I found my photo under the Summer of Love gallery. The first photographer, Wolman, has photographs of Grace Slick, The Grateful Dead, and a 19-year-old guy selling papers on Haight Street. That guy is me!!! So cool! I feel honored! Stunned! I thought I was on a cool acid trip. :) I'm so glad to see people keeping the Sixties alive, especially the Haight-Ashbury which I've never forgotten to this day. I'm very proud to be part of peace & love. Rick (Alias Sgt. Pepper)
From: S Ramachandran (, 09/09/99.
Goodstuff. I am a street theatre activist in India with the most active street theatre group here. Into freedom from all social evils....

We are planning a street theatre festival in 2000 and also will be coming out with a book on street theatre. Need info on street theatre of the Diggers and any other group that may occur to you.

Do get in touch

prayer thanks and regards, rama

From: Dean Blobaum (, 09/08/99.
On your page you might include a link to my site about the street demonstrations at the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention which is at:
From: (), 09/06/99.
From: Reginald Eugene Williams (, 09/06/99.
Checking in from the Straight Theater, Haight&Cole Sts SF Ca '66-'69 letting you know our web page will be up and running presently Celebrating the 60's.. More Later. L&P REW
From: Regina (), 09/06/99.
From: Peter Coyote (, 09/05/99.
Eric, you should know that the Black Bear anthology is about done and ready to be committed to print. Roughly inspired by my book, it has entries by any number of folk who homesteaded that commune (still going with a younger generation.) I've read some of the excertpts (and contributed one) and it looks to be a must for the Digger web-site. Thanks for continued great work.
From: Peter Coyote (, 09/05/99.
Eric, you should know that the Black Bear anthology is about done and ready to be committed to print. Roughly inspired by my book, it has entries by any number of folk who homesteaded that commune (still going with a younger generation.) I've read some of the excertpts (and contributed one) and it looks to be a must for the Digger web-site. Thanks for continued great work.
From: Alan Corkish (, 09/04/99.
I'm living in Liverpool England and desperate to find a copy of Ringelevio which I haven't read for fifteen years. It's out of print over here and I've been trawling book shops to no avail. Can anyone help ?
From: 7mad (, 09/01/99.
How are you every Bady ... boy or leadie i want to make frined with any bady ...... pleas write to me and any bady want to me frined can send me a litter,,,,,,,, thankxxxx for all
From: Roy Hanney (, 08/30/99.
I hope you don't mind but I have linked to your site "The English Diggers" as it is has a great deal of information relating to my film, the Diggers and the English Civil War. Perhaps you would consider linking to my site?
From: Marcus Colasurdo (, 08/30/99.
Calling Kellie Colasurdo !!E-mail me at the above address and we'll talk names..greetins & blessings to all !
From: (), 08/30/99.
From: marcus colasurdo (, 08/30/99.
Blessings and greetings to all out there giving light, imagination and food...Hello, Kellie Colasurdo !! Great to see a namesake here in digger-land ! E-mail me and let's talk about our name !! Marcus colasurdo
From: Chief Shoveler (, 08/29/99.
I'm doing a little thing to help save planet by wearing hemp fibered jeans but I've been told that the methane in farts releases the dormant thc in industrial hemp. Can anyone tell me if I'm really getting high on my farts or this is just my imagination?
From: Eric (, 08/21/99.
Jet stopped over this morning with news that Martin Wong passed on to the next plane of his artistic journey last week (after a lengthy fight with AIDS). There was a long obit in the New York Times (8/18/99) that mentioned Martin's "stint with a gay performance street troupe in San Francisco" and later in the article (which is quite long and detailed) explains further that "the Angels of Light [were] a mystically oriented gay street performance troupe in San Francisco." No mention of free theater, but I suppose that's expecting too much. So long, Martin. Happy trails wherever you are.
From: Ramon (, 08/21/99.
Just got news that Steve Stine, aka Friar Tuck, true believer and participant in the S F Diggers' 1967 scene, early Morningstar Ranch resident, got a sudden reassignment off-planet. According to his devoted wife Suzie, "He was laughing one moment and dying in my arms the next. And he was only 49 years old." Memorial service in Boonsboro, MD. Put a memory in his guestbook at: or drop a note to Suzie Stine at his e-mail address: OMMM BADABA TAT SAT!!!
From: mike (, 08/20/99.
You bring back old memories MIKE class of 71.
From: Tony (The Crow) Crowther (, 08/17/99.
The meek will inherit the earth. Hi there, great site. Could I also ask you the source of the diggers song,(Band+Album name)I would love to own a copy of the album, Cassette or CD. Thanks.
From: jah (, 08/12/99.
Hey folks... if you like the Diggers, you should join the Organise anarchist mailing-list! Just click on the list-name for info on how to subscribe!
From: Sylas Kick (, 08/05/99.
Greetings from the top of the world....We shall be FREE!!!
From: Kellie Colasurdo (, 08/04/99.
I did a search for my last name, just to see what I would come up with & decided to sign this book. HI COLASURDO!
From: Linda Fletcher ( or, 07/28/99.
I was very happy to find this archive. I participated and was a member of the Diggers. I stayed at the second commune that was on Haight Street. I got involved through a boy friend who later became my husband. I used to go to Haight Ashbury when I was in High School before the Diggers were a visual element. I was pregnant while I lived in the commune on Haight and the commune was my daughter's first home. I think the address is 1578 Haight Street. I worked very closely with the organizers and remember when the third commune was set up. I can't remember the street at the moment. We were also the organizers for the free store, free medical clinic also. In fact we were riding around in free cars. I went with the organizers to get food and pick up donated items. Our phone rang off the hook. There was a lot of work to do. I was part of the group of organizers that were very busy before the Summer of Love and was there when it happened. Also, a part of the concerts that took place in the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park. I remember a lot. I also remember the first "Be-In" that took place before the Diggers in Central Park and remember seeing Jimmy Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane. Sincerely, Linda
From: bill donovan (Bdon4_yada@AOL.COM), 07/17/99.
Lots of respect for what you`re doing.
From: Skip L. (, 07/15/99.
We miss ya' here in Boston Jer'. The wheel keeps turnin but don't know where to get off...
From: Skip L. (), 07/15/99.
We miss ya' here in Boston Jer'. The wheel keeps turnin but don't know where to get off...
From: Skip Langton (, 07/15/99.
We miss ya' Jer... Give us just a little light!!!!!
From: Mark Janowicz (, 07/14/99.
Dear friends, hello and how are you. This is Mobile Mac, ragged old roue and all-around hobo. And now, I really must be going.
From: Mark Janowicz (, 07/14/99.
From: Mark Janowicz (), 07/14/99.
From: Linda (, 07/14/99.
Color me stunned.... Two days of searching and I finally find things Digger and Black Bear Ranch. I stayed at Black Bear briefly in the fall of '83....7 months pregnant and a 20 month old on my hip. Looking for word on Gaba, Peter(not Coyote), Fran, "Kenoli" and others ......Any info on the Ranch would be appreciated. Linda....Swimming in the memories and heading out to find Peter's book...
From: jessica medd (, 07/13/99.
hey now! hows everyone doin? well if anyone is interested in buying some homemade hemp jewelry please check out my site or you can just stop by and sign my guestbook thanks alot! peace&love to all!
From: khader (, 07/11/99.
الاسم : خضر سمير تاريخ الميلاد : 8/6/1974 مكان الميلاد : غزة - فلسطين الحالة الإجتماعية : أعزب المهنة : محاس
From: Adam Bauer (, 07/11/99.
Checking in from North Leverett Mass. Have enjoyed the company over years of Diggers David & Jane Simpson and other self-exiles to the Lost Coast of California. Give thanks for the inspiration of smart and simple folks all over who are still trying to live in harmony and spread the good word. We're trying to do the same here at Tree Toad Farm in the hills outside of Amherst Mass, and of course we welcome visitors and compatriots. Dig on, mateys!
From: m.s.u jofish (da, 07/10/99.
new zealand digger 18yrs, contact forfree publications, including in-production "free papers from the haight", anthology collection thing.
From: rynno (, 07/07/99.
happy to find these pages at last. for years i have been telling people about the Emmet Grogan Ringolevio book and about Richard Brautigan. besides i am working as archaeologist. best wishes to you all. rynno
From: Bradford Thelin (, 07/06/99.
My name is Bradford Thelin and I live in the USA. I have been surfing the Internet on the Thelin family name as I start to put together my family tree. I was wondering if Ron ever spoke of other family and how I may contact them. If you have any input I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Bradford Thelin
From: Marcin Briegmann (, 07/03/99.
Hello, I'm Marcin and I'm from Poland. I saw a film about you today and I decided to visit you. I'm very interested in your ideas for free life. Good luck from Poland!
From: Rena Morningstar (, 07/02/99.
Aloha. Note a new e address for me. We are busy planting edible landscaping and preparing for consequences of y2k. 60 Minutes did a Y2K segment. You can access it at: Have also been hiking in Haleakela crater with a pack of teens and preteens. When I was a cub scout mother (really) in '78 i taught the cubbies hatha yoga and had them chanting "Om." i have also been teaching infant and toddler swim classes. I hope we can transform y2k into something magical. However, if it becomes a national emergency, anything can happen. get your water filters and know a source of H2O. Love, Rena
From: Danny Clarke (, 06/29/99.
Well, it is summer 1999, but who's counting. I'm thankful to have discovered the existence of the Diggers. I stumbled upon an old Fugs cassette which I had taped off an old roommate. I then decided to surf the net and found an interview with Ed Sanders of the Fugs, who talks with great praise about the Diggers. Jello Biafra also links the early Beats, early hippies, early punks and Diggers as the core of each generational underground movement. I'm happy to have found this information and these ideas as I have been trying to build a life for myself outside of the main. Good luck to y'all and here's hoping for a revolution of the mind and soul in 2000.
From: Frances Fox (, 06/29/99.
Can someone please put me in touch with the author of the legend appearing on a banner posted to the Life Building in London over the J18 demonstration? The message was EARTH A COMMON TREASURY FOR ALL. It reflects the sentiment of the Global Resource Bank, and the GRB may wish to use it. Everybody owns one share of the GRB as a birthright. Please reply to Thank you. Frances Fox, Monterey, CA
From: CHUCKWAGON BLACKRABBIT ET AL (petbro, 06/26/99.
often visit this space and standing; recall all and am still here remem a rena w/ curly morning sun in hair . remem assembly of gawd an those baptists sayin take that sign off yer bus boy...le living unborn dead. straight... miracles every one blind bob...the feather in the hands of a blind master teachin us about aromas in millbrook an all the league wanted a peace o grogan an electric fascists too numberous to mention keep on chooglin...
From: Susan (, 06/21/99.
I was a 70's counter-culture kid. My parents were back-to-the-landers that moved us to the woods of Oregon when I was 10. We co-opped with a local Christian Commune of "hippie".... good ex-college kids mostly. Some 6 years later my parents... who had dropped out, dropped back in. But my Oregon years left huge impressions on me and formed a lot of my spiritual, ethical, and free-thinking foundations that still effect my life today. My husband's and I were both "counter-culture" kids and we are now counter-culture (of another kind) adults. Its interesting, someone asked me the other day, "How can you think and be the way you are? Why can't you just be 'normal' like everyone else?" I had to laugh.... what is normal to you? This, my life, is normal to me. I was RAISED that way.......
From: Gail Marcinak (, 06/20/99.
I was there - had a flyer on something like 'remember what it was like in the beginning' you know before the tourists, etc. Met such a wonderful variety of people...a professor at the Drugstore Cafe and our favorite Hell's Angel Joe Morningstar - that was myself and Donald Thomas Scroggs (whose aunt says he was killed?) and Doug and Frank and Coyote (the same one on the documentary I caught parts of? I have pictures - is it Peter Coyote?) and a guy from GR, MI? There was this wonderful Sunday in the Panhandle Park with bands playing and people dancing on top of vans, etc. Sundays will never be the same. I thought it would be cool to find a site like this and here it is. If anyone knows of these folks or where there might be a copy of that flyer 'In the beginning...' please let me know. Groovey!
From: Tomas (, 06/20/99.
Good Morning, Ramon Sender has opened a web site with more wonderful stories about Morningstar Ranch and Wheelers. The site is under constuction. But you are welcome to visit the site if you like. The site will grow as more people write about their lives at these communes. Peace, badaba
From: David Barlow (, 06/20/99.
Does anyone recall the 'Bill Miller for Berkeley mayor' bid - when it was, who he was, the basic story? I am researching a 'campaign poster' of this event - with platform of 'Legalize Grass', 'Police Review Board', 'Free Food Centres', 'Free LSD'. Anyone who can recall this, or who can point me to likely texts, please contact. With many thanks.
From: Rena Morningstar (, 06/19/99.
Aloha from Maui. I'm enjoying the guestbook. I noticed several requests by aspiring hippies and other evolutionaries for the titles of books pertaining to the 60's. "Communes USA," by Dick Fairfield published in the early 70's is a great look at communal living experiments in the 60's. Love to all. I've been swimming with spinner and bottlenose dolphins in the open ocean. Very high! The spinners leap and spin as many as 8 times before re-entry into the ocean. Rena
From: jamie (, 06/18/99.
Beautiful pictures, man. I am so glad that the yippies, the hippies, the diggers, and all the crazy bohemians have managed to survive admist all of the anal, superficial, and two-dimensional mud pies out there. To exist is by the real- TO LIVE IS BY THE IDEAL feel free to write me, i would love to talk to some fellow bohemians
From: michael bowen (, 06/17/99.
although peter berg,peter coyote and emmet grogan and i were often at serious odds, ( emmet was actually in my gunsights once, thank the gods that never happened)i love them now and i did then for their energy and fighting spirit. their contribution to the future, in which some of us find ourselves now, should be a lesson and an inspiration in the struggle for humanitys right to be. be-in and be strong. like a digger. michael bowen florence italy
From: Gary Moraco (, 06/15/99.
HEY NOW! Get me a subsciption to The Oracle 25TH Anniversary Edition and I'll be your friend!
From: bruce (, 06/13/99.
anybody remember mark,sophie,amy and justin,cool folks that lived in the basement apt. of the haight bootery red house 69 to 71? took me in as a kid and had a very positive influence on my life.
From: Gary Schroeder (, 06/13/99.
I'm trying to locate an old friend named Cathy Johnston who was part of the scene in Denver, Aptos and the Haight Ashbury in the sixties and seventies. She disappeared (lost contact with friends and family) about 25 years ago. If you have any information about her, please let me know. Please check out my web site for scans of Rock n Roll handbills and posters and photos of San Francisco hippies. Peace, Gary
From: Davey MF (, 06/10/99.
Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Siena? (mother of Taj and Mahal) Sent mail to, but it came back....
From: sean (, 06/10/99.
I am a deadhead who is writing (or trying to write ) a research paper examining poetry of the 1960's specifically i am looking for antiwar poetry, poetry from the soldiers at war, poetry from the womens liberation, poetry form the african american's fight for equality, and poetry from the parents of any of the above mentioned i was wondering if you could help me or if you can't and know somebody who can please pass this on. my email is thank you kyndly.
From: Davey MF (, 06/09/99.
Hello to all that remember me (and to those that don't, for that matter! ;-)
From: George Longacre (, 06/06/99.
My street name was Taurus, I lived in Haight in 66 and 67. Later I was in a couple of communes in Oregon. I am/was 6 feet 4 inches tall with reddish brown hair, normally I stick out in a crowd. if anyone remembers me and wants to contact, me feel free to.
From: joeschifferli (, 05/30/99.
Hi there. hope the world is treating you well. Anyone out there from school days? I'm writing a fanasy novel I plan to have finished by late fall. wish me luck.
From: joeschifferli (, 05/30/99.
From: Alan W. Moore (, 05/26/99.
This is pretty amazing site. Glad to see it happening... I'm writing a doctoral dissertation on NYC artists' organizations -- Art Workers Coalition, Artists Meeting for Cultural Change, Colab, ABC No Rio and Fashion Moda, and Group Material. This is basically about artists' collectives. There is a tremendous earlier history of artists' collectives, many involved with art and technology, like USCO, Pulsa, Drop City and others, which is -- so far as I know -- unwritten, and unremembered in common. Like the Diggers, none of this is part of the ``history of the left'' as it is construed by historians writing in the Marxist tradition. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who is working in this area. Oh yeah; why'd I come here? The connection to New York, of course, is Abbie. And the issue isn't his ``stealing'' from the West Coast, it's his battle with East Coast New Lefties to organize hippies and to do revolutionary work in the sphere of culture... All the best--
From: chuckwagon aka blackrabbit (, 05/25/99.
Its always sad to hear that another love has left forever. Suzanne was the pentultimate street person, part godess, part hobo, intensely insanely artistic,open to a fault, truly unattached,the two meter blond sans shoes in front of you in the soup kitchen, the totally hip sophisticate, crashin the party w/ a couple uh spade winos tiny hands and feet enormous heart, tom burns from his death bed called her the spider woman, and opium jones will not sleep alone forever
From: KLO (, 05/24/99.
DAYTON, OHIO: seeking homesteaders in Dayton. We're looking to start a collective in the downtown/inner-north area. Also: homesteaders from other areas, do you have any advice or experiences to share?
From: Michael McCracken Jr. (, 05/23/99.
CHUCKWAGON: Pete...if you still check this site, I spoke to Bill Wheeler (Ranch)this P.M. he says that Suzanne Heglund/Lutken AKA Swedish Suzanne was most likely deceased. Thanks for the lead, though. Hope you check my progress at All the best, and keep the beat.
From: Alexander Millen (, 05/23/99.
I've been into Digger shit for many years and after finding & rereading Ringolevio I had to log on. The "up you" photo of Emmett now graces my desktop as wallpaper and I'm attempting to use it as the new logo for my college's student association. "IT'S FREE BECAUSE IT'S YOURS". Keep the faith brothers and sisters!!
From: Sandra Bolker (, 05/22/99.
What a wonderful site !!!!
From: doug jordan (douglasj50), 05/20/99.
keep up the struggle
From: Jimmy (, 05/19/99.
HELLO ALL I would like some information on the Summer of Love if anyone of you want to answer my questions: What was it? Where was it? What did you do all day? How was the Vietnam War involved? How exactly were drugs involved? Thanks all of you ....... HElP ME MAKE A GOOD REPORT!!! OR IF YOU WANT TO INCLUDE SOME LINKS YOU CAN DO SO>>>>>WITH INFO thanks!
From: Redwood (, 05/18/99.
I sure wish I could attend this film and potluck. Unfortunately, I'll be out of town on June 13th. Please keep us posted if this film will be showing again in the Bay Area.
From: (), 05/18/99.
From: Eric (, 05/18/99.
To David Allen, about the film "Les Diggers de San Francisco". There's going to be a showing next month in San Francisco. It will be Sunday June 13 at 6:30pm. Potluck and film afterwards. Location: Cell, 2050 Bryant St.
From: Eric (, 05/18/99.
To Jim, about guerilla theater resources. I'd suggest the book Ten Years After, the history of the SF Mime Troupe (they were the ones who coined the term Guerilla Theater.) Ron Davis, the founder of the Troupe, wrote the book and there are a couple scripts in the Appendix (if memory serves.) I think Ron is actually online occasionally and may check in and see your message. In terms of scripting, I'd suggest just getting together with your friends and having brainstorming sessions. That's how we used to do it. Do a "interview on the street" scene where a reporter is asking "normal" Americans what they think about the war, and then switch to interviewing Serbs and Albanians. Perhaps have an announcer in the background reading off the budget figures that Clinton requested to continue the bombing, etc. etc. The whole point of guerilla theater is to break down illusions that people have and present a different frame of reference. Hope this helps... from Eric, ex-Plutonium Player and Assorted Nuts cast member.
From: Jim Edwards (, 05/18/99.
My name's Jim Edwards, and as a member of the West Linn High School thespian troop I'm looking for ways to put our little acting community's talents to uses other than blatant elitism. I was thinking of putting together a (or possible a series of) street theater performance protesting the Kosovo bombings/Iraq bombings. I was wondering if you could suggest any guerilla theater resources, online or otherwise, scripts that could be updated, methods that have worked, etc. Thanks for the assistance, and regards, Jim
From: David Allen (, 05/18/99.
Can you help me view a copy of "Les Diggers de San Francisco", the film? I am currently putting together a book on films that frame the 1960's. Thanks and cheers.
From: JB Feirman (, 05/18/99.
Hi, I know you. You won't remember me, but my band used to play at the Digger's Free Store along the Bowery, near Greenwich Village in the late '60s, now surfing the internet in the '90s; what a long, strange trip it's been. Just thought I'd say hey as I glide through. JB Feirman, a/k/a Diggitman
From: freddie (, 05/08/99.
Hi ! I just surfed on and happened to land here on your wery good sites, marvelous job, folks. I like it so much that i putted you up on my 'todays's url' at: freddie (Norway)
From: marty (), 04/29/99.
Whateva! check out the small schools in Cuernavaca. Several of them there, all excellent.
From: marty (), 04/29/99.
I was not a member of the Diggers, but I used to leave stuff in the free box they maintained. A great group.
From: whateva! (, 04/27/99.
I there is anyone that knows about an international little school in Mexico city E-mail me. I want to find a new school that isn't that big and new 0-7 years if you know any school like this please E-mail me OK! Luv ya Dani
From: Mark Healy (, 04/27/99.
It's 'We are the People our Parents Warned us Against.' Lame title but a great book. It's about the Haight and not about Nicholas Von Hoffman. You know what I mean. (I didn't screw Peter Coyote either) Time is a wonder, unreal and that is why it boggles the brain so. I turned fifty last year, sold the house, and moved back to Ca. and near Big Sur (don't tell) because it is as close to Home as I can get. I must have hitchhiked up and down Big Sur thirty times the summer of '67. I still flash on it every time I drive to Ripplewood for breakfast. I camped at Limekiln Creek for two months, after ? lost his lease because of the Equinox brouha and just prior to the Hinkle family turning it into a money machine. Anybody there for the big Labor Day bust? The State runs it now and it is better. The best trip lies ahead and we will follow our brothers and sisters who have gone before us. The Communion of the Acid Flash is/was but a shadow of the Heavenly Choir. I can almost hear the Hum. Say your prayers. Good Night. God Bless. See you All up Around the Bend.
From: Mark Healy (, 04/27/99.
A great book about the Haight in the summer of '67, which was really energized by all the grams of purple acid that Owsley made in early June, is by Nicholas Von Hoffman called "We are the People Our Parents Warned us About." It surprised me to read about events I thought were relatively on the Q.T. The Portland, Oregon library has a copy so I am sure others do. If I had not surfed on in here I would have checked Amazon.
From: Bill Not Bored (, 04/24/99.
Large and free archive of situationist and lettrist materials are available at the NOT BORED! website (please note this is a new location).
From: Bill Not Bored (, 04/24/99.
Large and free archive of situationist and lettrist materials are available at the NOT BORED! website at (please note this is a new location).
From: Eric (, 04/22/99.
Liz, the diggers are mentioned in many histories of the 60s that touch on the counterculture. You might try: Notes from the New Underground, by Kornbluth; Appetite For Change, How The Counterculture Took On The Food Industry 1965-1988, by Belasco; Ringolevio: A Life Played for Keeps, by Emmett Grogan; Sleeping Where I Fall, by Peter Coyote; The Haight Ashbury: A History, by Charles Perry; Revolution For The Hell of It, by Abbie Hoffman. There are others but these are all I can think of at the moment. -en.
From: Eric (), 04/22/99.
Jaime, have you looked at the sources I have on the web here? The Digger Papers was published in summer, 1968, before the Chicago Convention gave the word Yippies to the world. You can read the full text online here salud, eric
From: Liz Sermur (, 04/22/99.
I am a history major with a religion/philosophy composite at a small college in Michigan. I am extremely interested in this stuff, and would like to write a paper about it. However, I have no idea who you are and I have not been able to come across the 60's diggers in any books. If you could help me, that would be great. I have experience in archival work, and if I can learn more about this, I might try and get involved in processing those unpublished archives. Thank you very much, have a good day.
From: davida deutsch (, 04/22/99.
hi, my name is davida. Im a first year Cal student attempting to write a research paper on the Diggers. I was hoping you could refer me to a person affiliated with the group somehow, or if you could recommend any text books or other related source sto help me understand the digger history.
From: jaime fuchs (, 04/22/99.
help, i need help finding about hippies in the year of 1968!!!!! if you have any info please e-mail me at thank you
From: Leah Kruithoff (, 04/22/99.
I am doing a research paper on a counterculter and I am interested in The Diggers. If you could help me I have one major question.. What characteristics makes you different from the rest of society? Thanks, Leah
From: david arbulich (, 04/22/99.
I would really like to say that this web site has been a great help to me. I am a student and needed to do a project based on the activities of the sixties, and looked all over for some help on the matter. I think the whole Digger philosophy is great, and would love it to be the way the world is, but sad to say I think that there is no way for it to happen. People are always going to be quite evil in the sense, and won't trust the way thatothers would. Just look at the killing within the Colorado school. It is evident, and clear to see that there is an evil presence within the world. My beliefs are that it is the devil whom does not allow us as a world to have true peace. Our human nature is to rise above everyone else in any way possible. I am not saying that everyone does this, but all it takes in the Digger society is for one person to be the aggressor. Non violent ways would open the door to these people to take advantage of us and wipe us out. God knows that there are sick people in the world these days, willing to do just that. Look at the Kosovo experience right now. The Serbian leader Milosovich will stop at nothing to gain dominance over his weaker bordering countries. And what about Hitler? Now I am not saying that the Digger way is wrong, it would be the best life for everyone if it ever really happened. But people sin and sin turns to anger, and anger turns to violence, then violence to death. If you wish to e-mail me and comment, I would be completely open to your point of view. Once again, thanks for the awesome amount of information you have provided here....... ........FOR FREE!!!
From: david arbulich (, 04/22/99.
i appreciate this detailed web page here, and think that if this kind life stile happened it would be awesome. yet unrealistic. there are to many aggressors in the world to have this work. what if america became like this, i personally would love it, but we would be crushed by all the other countries,
From: Lacey Collins (, 04/20/99.
Wish I was alive then!
From: Lacey Collins (, 04/20/99.
From: Patrick (, 04/18/99.
Emmett Grogan's RINGOLEVIO is a wonderful book. I truely cherish every page and could read it a million times.
From: allan anarchos (, 04/17/99.
From: Brad Martin (, 04/16/99.
Hi! I'm currently working on an American Studies Ph.D. thesis that deals with public performance in the 1960s. The Diggers are one of my chapters. The Living Theatre, SNCC Freedom Singers, and the Art Workers' Coalition/Guerrilla Arts Action Group are the others. I would love to hear from people who have recollections from any of the Diggers' public performances in Haight-Ashbury, egs., Intersection Game/Death of Money/Death of Hippie, etc. I look forward to hearing from you.
From: phantasmagoria (, 04/14/99.
Food for thought the world is free forming, has been and will be, what's for us is to ride ride ride it out knead, tuck and pull along the way
From: chuckwagon (, 04/14/99.
remember poetry night at the coffee gallery and the folks brayed, howled spoke loudly, spilled beer, and coffee was two bits, and Leo , w/ dark glasses and attache, warm san francisco nights,1965- north bitch, and the news spoke of hate ashbury, who was this ashbury cat that they all hated ? why did they hate him? Woodstock a world away /free food in the pan handle around the corner..
From: Michael McCracken Jr (, 04/13/99.
CHUCKWAGON....and all those that might be interested, I have completed the circle to a rather odd end. check my story at Anyone remembering the Coffee Gallery will remember with some fond memories Max Hartstein and Michael Bowen. I am really looking for anyone that might remember my mother, Carole Joseph.....or my father Michael McCracken
From: chantelle (, 04/12/99.
I used to squat on Avenue D on the Lower East Side,nyc.I was 19 at the time,early 90's and really thought the world was going to end but the somnabulent greed contines.And no courage comes from my part,the natural elements asleep in their fasting.Any stories about pilgrimages,escape routes,or following cats through the night.Greatly appreciated.
From: ronne marino (, 04/11/99.
anyone knowing the wereabouts of pattie davis or mary black 1969 S.F. or russian river(monte rio) would love to hear from you . I live in Santa Cruz, Ca. Pattie lived at the page street house before moveing to Olema, Mary lived on 21st ave. in the city. any of our friend from the old days please contact me. Love and Peace Ronne Marino
From: Aron Kay (, 04/01/99.
Happy Passover and Easter to my comrades who were, are or will be diggers! Does anyone recall the first Easter Love-in in LA in 1967? I was with Green Pqwer at the time, prior to joining the Yippies and becoming a piethrower!anyway, i love getting messages
From: H.Marie (, 04/01/99.
i was born three decades too late, but i can still enjoy this great work of art!!! All of you free spirits out there are one of the worlds last resorts to everlasting peace. Be cool, be stoned and be free!!!
From: Victor K Inslee (, 03/30/99.
From: Victor K Inslee (, 03/30/99.
I no longer live stoned as I once did, yet many of the basic ideas, and principles of love;peace are still very much a part of me. These were what atracted me in the 1st place.
From: boogie (, 03/29/99.
Freedom's just another word, for nothin left to lose. Nothin, It aint nothin honey if it aint free! -The beautiful Janis Joplin
From: Sylas Kick (, 03/29/99.
YIP YIP YIPPIE!!! Just callin out to all the freedom lovers out there...There will hopefully be a new FREE magazine hitting the scene soon, Probably called the "starlite free press". If you have something to say, articles, photos, drawings, personals, etc. I'd love to get them. Just email your submittance to my email...( and I'll see to it they get printed. I'll also send a digital copy of the finished product to your email if you would like. Thanks...Peace
From: nathaniel sun (, 03/22/99.
u guise rock my world. i love the idea of people giving stuff away. like u guise rock.PEACE LOVE FREEDOM, FREE THE WORLD
From: Val (, 03/22/99.
The 30th Summer of Love Anniversary was great. Die skeptic scum!
From: Alex mcBride (, 03/15/99.
look man i am INFATUATED with the sixtees and that whole move and all else, and feel as if i'm at the wrong time, and am wondering whatr makes a revolution, what breaks the cyclical world of narcisism and opens a linear, collective journey into something bigger and greater. A rovolution, whether social or political, must be a collective effort. what will it take to start from where we left off? how do we break free from the technocracy, the anonymity, the system...who will it take to insipiate the journey once again? keep the questions inside, the revolution and reform must be from one's viscera, not skin. we shall begin again.
From: Jon Brooker (, 03/12/99.
Does anyone but me remember the Canadian Peace Research Institute (CAPRI) on Burrard St Vancouver BC, 1962? Come to think of it, they had the first use I ever saw of the "Peace Sign" - it still had the little N and D at the bottom just like Bertrand Russell wanted it. I was just a baby walking around that beautiful city 20 years old. These memories cut like a knife.
From: Aron Kay (, 03/12/99.
hello once again! this is the mad yippie! pieman from nyc....i did partake in green power which was a digger-like trip in los angeles which focalized the griffith park love-ins and fed the i am involved with the million marijuana march in nyc on may 1, 1999. you can visit me at
From: Tomas (, 03/11/99.
Check out the Morningstar Scrapbook CD. It is at "The Morningstar Homepage" Just ask Tuc. It is truely amazing. The word "Far...out" you will now understand.
From: gerry m. finn (, 03/10/99.
hello from the dug out where the original search for good ol Emmett ended on the subway. I was truely saddened to hear that. All his friends here in dublin at the Brazen Head remember him fondly and often get sentiment over the guinness. slan, is mise,Gearoid.
From: robby (, 03/08/99.
i was young then & heard of it only thru the media,but...i still feel the vibe
From: MIKE ADAMS (SSn6786699), 03/06/99.
From: George McCarthy (, 03/05/99.
greetings to all of you in the still-free world. i'm looking to reconnect w/ three friends i've lost track of: Sherry Abstein (of Berkeley ca. '69; Arcata early '70s); Nina Roseman (Berkeley '69 and Austin, Tx. later); & Steve Woolmer (Wash.DC, '76-77 and Santa Rosa Ca. thereafter. please pass the word if you see this and know any of them. other than that -- keep on keepin on -- Jah love & Jai Baba -- geo
From: (), 03/04/99.
From: Jeremy Goett (, 03/02/99.
I don't really have a comment but more of a question? If anyone knows of any communes around the oregon and colorado areas, please let me know. thanx
From: Michael McCracken, Jr. (, 03/01/99.
CHUCKWAGON....and all those that might be interested, I have completed the circle to a rather odd end. check my story at Anyone remembering the Coffee Gallery will remember with some fond memories Max Hartstein. i am really looking for anyone that might remember my mother, Carole Joseph.....or my father Michael McCracken
From: Mike McQuary (, 02/27/99.
Great site. Thanks. M.
From: (), 02/26/99.
From: chuckwagon (), 02/26/99.
old oak grove assembly of god bus pullin its psychodelic paint up to the house of bill wheeler, the artist; just droppin by ,really ,just sayin hi really , we didnt mean to treat the neighbor mean or rude , or whatever; we didnt mean to get into trouble in town with the townies , guess thats just what happens when you try to take hippys out to the country, and bill had a few goats , was one esmeralda? was one picasso? was there a forest fire and susannah carrin the goats over the cattle crossing? there was abalone in them days and wheeler had a cook named tom and he pounded and breaded our poached steaks and they were soo good and we were soo very bad, cept this tall pisces gal that swore she could sing the blues after all was'nt she a pisces ? and could she come w/ us bad boys away from morning star? away from the country away to the road.... alive alive oh!.......the bus went over the falls or railing ,am still flailing , its doors at the tate gallery , not in london, in new spain ......
From: Steve MacDonald (, 02/25/99.
I was on Wheeler's Ranch at The back 'o the land with Kathy and our son Jason for a couple of years. I built the two story house they called the Tower House, which was just over the hump from Ron and TJ Jennings place which stood out in the open against the wind. We sat on Karma Korners singing with Rachel and tripped on the dancing feathers in her hair. We drank at the yacht club when drinks were being served. I still have my Ranch Comic book all about The Big Bust and a copy of Alicia's book, Living on the Earth. Brown Rice Jeff got skinnier and holier every day. Silent Steve stole our peanut butter until we mixed caynenne pepper in it. The munchies often drove us to Sherrif Rod's little store for a junk food fix. Melanie was naked under her velvet robe. Every week people piled onto the big green flatbed truck that flew over Grusome Gulch into Sebastopol for supplies. Everyone pigged out on those days - even those who had nothing! That rancher, what was his name? The one next door who hated us so much...? We threw kisses at him and ignored his rage. The community garden did allright, even though very few ever worked in it. What went around came around. How proud we were of our solitary flush toilet in the center of the land! I hope the Health Department appreciated the effort. We never used it for fear it would break down. The hot rock steam baths were not to be missed. The Oak Grove People were mysterious. The people on The Knoll were even more mysterious! Razberry Sundown Hummingbird's birth was a wonderous event! Too many memories to lay down here... If you were there then you know. I wonder if they still have the Maypole Dance up there every year? I feel a little like dancing...
From: Paul Hayes (, 02/23/99.
Just passing by....
From: C & C (, 02/23/99.
To all our wonderful brothers and sisters wherever you are. We love you!!!!! Visit us anytime.
From: Jennifer hoge (, 02/23/99.
From: Laurie (), 02/20/99.
found this looking for info on my dear friend "Supe" Super Spade. I wonder if any one is out there that used to ride freight trains from denver to chi and got busted in Blue Island. Wonder if anyone remembers Tillie and Monti.
From: Kristina Kumlin (, 02/16/99.
My greatest sorrow is...that I was too young. But I cought the breeze
From: Arthur (, 02/13/99.
Tony, I'm very interested in the digger memorial stone on St. George's Hill and other related events. This ties in with a site at the center of the Mall in Washington, D.C. that I'm working on. Please keep me informed!!
From: redfish (), 02/12/99.
i never thought i would find anything about emmett and the gang was i surprised
From: Jessica (, 02/11/99.
I don't care who you are just E-mail me -K-?
From: Ronne Marino (, 02/11/99.
Hi Everybody I live in Santa Cruz Ca. and I am looking for a Patty Davis from 1968-to 1971 cole street house in S.F. also from "Black Bear" in northern Calif. Patty was orginally from Memphis Tenn. and work with the family also part of Olema, Ca. Family . anyone knowing the were abouts of the Tall, slim beautiful lady. E-mail me I would love to find her. Peace Ronne Marino
From: Tony Gosling (, 02/09/99.
DIGGERS 350th ANNIVERSARY - 1999 - Here in the UK there will be a two-day Digger conference and various direct action including the placing of a memorial stone on the original Diggers' site at St. George's Hill Surrey (now a golf course). All this is being organised by The Land Is Ours campaign, in conjunction with Southampton University. It will be taking place in the weeks around 1st April 1999. Full details on The Land Is Ours' website Original Digger (and Leveller) pamphlets can be found on my own site which is at
From: Paul Batitsas (, 02/07/99.
Amazing grace.
From: Sadhu (, 02/07/99.
Peace and Love to all the good people!
From: Winston H. Taylor (Winston_Taylor_yada@Dell.Com), 02/02/99.
Have spent much time perusing this site and reacquainting myself with memories of those magical (if often troubled) years. I came to Marin County from Texas in 1968; have lived there a total of 5 different times since, the last being 1990-92. Excursions, side-trips, time spent living in Big Sur, Cave Junction, Oregon area (anyone remember the Takilma community?), a winter at Olema (I remember Peter Coyote), climbing Mt. Tam, weeks alone in the surrounding woods on a wing and a prayer, understanding what Brian Wilson meant by "California Girls", Sons of Champlin, Sundays with the Dead and the 'Plane in park concerts in The City, many very good friends (and helpful, too) and some not-so-good ones, Spring, Summer & Fall 1970 at Morningstar Pueblo, New Mexico, Tellus Good Morning. Now living in Austin, Texas which seems closer to being like Marin back then than Marin is right now (but--as Dennis Miller might say--that's just my opinion; I could be wrong)! Worked with Austin psychedelic legend Roky Erickson's (singer of the 60s group, The 13th Floor Elevators) music org 1977-79 while he was recording in Marin; Stu Cook (Creedence Clearwater Revival) and Chet Helm also involved in that project. Anyone remember me?...Can I remember anyone out there? Write if you do (or even if you don't). Beatiful site, folks!
From: Emilia Cutrer (, 02/01/99.
Anyone know whereabouts of a woman named Cam, who lived in/traveled through SF, Briceland, and Covelo, sometimes with a man named Diamond, and last heard of in New Mexico '72-'73? Would dearly love to hear news of this old friend.
From: Michael 'kono' Becher (), 01/27/99.
Hi, I am a KONO and i work in Sydney, Australia
From: John Angel! (, 01/27/99.
Digger Tales are amazing but this walk tale is awesome. The Earthwalker just walked out of town and kept on walking.
From: Michael McCracken Jr. (, 01/25/99.
Anyone remember 73 Commercial St? The three painters: Arthur Monroe, Michael Bowen, Michael McCracken, and the rooster? Looking for those that knew my father. Any fond rememberances? I am Hoping to find who peter chuckwagon ( refers to as "Susan Heglund"/ Anyone????? Visit my site graciously donated by Dan Eggert
From: Al Smith (, 01/25/99.
'There's no such thing as a free meal' not if the Diggers have their way! It's a concept that's just as beautiful today as it was back then!
From: Barry Brown (, 01/23/99.
Really enjoyed reading and looking at your pages. I had no idea any of this survived the 60's! A lot of fun and good to see the Diggers are still at it.
From: marcus colasurdo (, 01/23/99.
To Arthur Lisch: thanks for the encouragement ! send me a communique, giggle or light bulb of your own vision...either here or at my e-mail..I suppose my e-mail would be more appropraite-i.e., not to take up space from this magical diggers !!! feeding the hungry feeds the head !!! avanti, colasurdo
From: WONT GET FOOLED AGAIN (), 01/22/99.
From: louie (, 01/19/99.
I am blown away by this site. Ihave had a copy of "Ringlevio" for twenty years . I am saddened by the dissparaging and conflicting stories I read of Emmett Grogan. On the other hand this history is finally being told in a forum virtually free of establishnent censors.How long I wonder will this wanton exercise in free spech be tolerated ? If only Emmett was here....
From: Arthur (, 01/14/99.
Karen - the diggers did break through!
From: (), 01/14/99.
From: Karen (, 01/12/99.
Too bad the Diggers weren't able to break through to "the establishment". Imagine what could have been acomplished if they had. Love to all
From: Corky Meyers (, 01/10/99.
Thirty two years ago I left Haight St to head up to Morningstar. We stopped at Rancho Olimpali and got sidetracked for a while. This afternoon I drove down the upper driveway with my wife Terry, Kathy Sweeny and Purple Paula. The redwood trees and meadows in the mist were alive with the spirit of Lou and all the folks that the land was home to. It is truly a magical place and I'm grateful that I was able to finally get there.
From: tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE (, 01/10/99.
Does anyone remember a group of people living in caves they dug in the cliffs by the ocean about 10 miles north of Big Sur in California in the fall of 1972? I was a 19 year old hitchhiker drifter then & I stayed briefly in 1 of the caves with a teenage runaway girl named "Angel".
From: Michael McCracken, Jr. (, 01/08/99.
Please visit and see if anything rings a bell regarding Michael McCracken (my father) or Carole Joseph McCracken.
From: cathy maahs-fladung (, 01/08/99.
Wonderful archives. Keep it up.
From: Arthur Lisch (, 01/08/99.
Keep up the good work in Baltimore, Marcus!!!!
From: Derek (, 01/07/99.
From: (), 01/07/99.
From: (), 01/07/99.
From: marcus colasurdo (, 01/07/99.
greetings to all digger sorts out in this strange glow of terrain...writing to let you all know that inspiration travels the wavelengths of serendipity and leads directly to the 4 chambered center of hope. Me ? founder of gimme shelter productions in Baltimore- theatre group that raises funds for homeless folks also does free food and clothing giveaways. Trying to keep the warmth turned up during this cold-assed east coast winter..hope to form an S.F. branch soon. Recently did a show exposing sweatshops (Nike,et. al.) called "Fashion Slaves"--proceeds went to feed 200 folks an amazing pasta dinner on the freezing streets of baltimore right outside city hall...very sweet....very tasty if i do say so..Anyway, keep the poetry in yer hearts alive---the beginning resembles a flashbolt of blue sky lighning over the vastest desert imagineable !
From: marcus colasurdo (, 01/07/99.
to any and all digger sort upstarts and ancient 4 chambered thinkers: greetings from Gimme Shelter Productions in baltimore--we are a theatre group that does benefits for homeless folks and providers of real community heat....keeping the warmth alive a wee bit here during a cold, cold esat coast january....feel free to e-mail..planning a S.F. branch. Taking on the sweatshops with a show called "Fashion Slaves". Keep the poetry alive !!!! Free words lead to free thought--or is it the other way around ? Either road wakes the heart up ! Feed the hungry......Avanti ! Marc colasurdo, gimme shelter productions, baltimore
From: marcus colasurdo (, 01/07/99.
to any and all digger sort upstarts and ancient 4 chambered thinkers: greetings from Gimme Shelter Productions in baltimore--we are a theatre group that does benefits for homeless folks and providers of real community heat....keeping the warmth alive a wee bit here during a cold, cold esat coast january....feel free to e-mail..planning a S.F. branch. Taking on the sweatshops with a show called "Fashion Slaves". Keep the poetry alive !!!! Free words lead to free thought--or is it the other way around ? Either road wakes the heart up ! Feed the hungry......Avanti ! Marc colasurdo, gimme shelter productions, baltimore
From: Pam Hanna (Read) (, 01/06/99.
To the French Digger fans: Chris ? and Jacques Guiod: I'm glad the Digger documentary got on French TV. Question: did it include some footage of interviews at MorningStar? Reason I ask is that I happened to serendipitously be there when a couple French ladies & their cameraman shot some footage of us (Ramon Sender, Vivian Gotters, Sandi Stine and me)in the redwood grove at Morningstar. Asked us a bunch of questions about how the Diggers came to be connected to M* & I just wondered whether that sequence made it off the cutting room floor or not. As to your question, Jacques, about how the Diggers could keep body & soul together apart from gifts and robbery, first you have to understand that the U.S. economy was different then from the way it is now. At that time, you could buy 100 lbs of brown rice for $10. The Diggers just skimmed off the fat of the land & made use of food and goods other people would have thrown away. There was work involved. They had to gather it. And it's still true that we waste enough every day in this country to feed another good-sized country. Sad but true. Neither through gifts OR robbery, the Diggers GLEANED (like gleaning the wheat from the fields). Would that we had more gleaners now and fewer wasters!
From: Robert Kutchar (, 01/05/99.
Stoney move... forgot to give the Hendrix URL... here it is...
From: Robert Kutchar (, 01/05/99.
Check out the official Jimi Hendrix - Experience Hendrix site! Groovy sound bytes!! Peace and love for the new year
From: Billy Joe Houts (, 01/03/99.
I was at Haight& Ashbury in July 1967, and at the Morning Star Ranch around August or Sept. 1967. I'll never forget the high!

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