Correspondence of SF Diggers

Letters from the Participants

There are a multitude of materials in the Digger Archive the printed street sheets, the large posters, the articles that the Diggers wrote under assumed, phantasmagorical names, the articles from the underground and aboveground press at the time, the few photos and video footage that has survived, and interviews of participants. Then we have secondary materials the dissertations, articles and books written varying lengths of time after the period.

One type of material that has not surfaced is personal journals written at the time. Instead, we see occasional letters written by participants. This page will be a collecting point for these fascinating pieces. There are a couple letters from Emmett, one to Gary Snyder and another to Peter Berg, written from New Mexico. These letters corroborate much of Emmett's account in Ringolevio of this back-to-the-wilderness sojourn. We also have a letter from Kent to Emmett after Ringolevio was published. Kent describes the overwhelming affect of the book and records the thoughts and memories that its reading had triggered in him. This is an important reminiscence that provides corroboration of several key events in Digger history. For example, the fact that Emmett drove George Romney in the cab of his truck must be a settled fact, although Emmett's account in Ringolevio is most surely embroidered. We also have a draft of a letter from Peter Berg to unnamed underground press editors that lays out the Digger stance on the "alternative" newspapers.

We are always on the lookout for new items for the Archive. Please contact us if you have something you would like to add to the files.

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