How to Navigate "The Digger Archives" Site

I occasionally hear honest feedback from visitors who tell me that it's hard finding what they're looking for on the Digger Archives web. Hopefully this page will help anyone in such a predicament.

First thing to know, there is STRUCTURE to this site. In the early days of HTML coding and then the first graphical web editing apps, it was common to visualize websites as TREE structures. This site uses an UPSIDE DOWN TREE structure.

Think of an image depicting a tree and its branches:

Now turn that image upside down, and you have a schematic representation of the TREE STRUCTURE of a website:

Here is a snapshot of the Digger Archives website and its "top-level" branches (I had to cut off the right-hand side so the image was large enough to read):

Here is the right-hand side of that "top-level" branches view:

From the above diagrams, here is a listing of the "branches" under the Home Page (as of Oct 2020):

  1. SF Diggers (the TOP MENU page)
    1. Overview
    2. Highlights
    3. Catalog
    4. Archives
    5. History
    6. Links
    7. Guestbook
    8. Virtual Free Store
    9. What's New
    10. Feedback
    11. Site Map
    12. Search

Now, take a look at the TOP MENU page and notice the TABBED MENU on the LEFT-HAND MARGIN of the page. The tabbed menu items are the CHILDREN pages of the TOP MENU PAGE:

This is one of the KEYS to navigating the Digger Archives web.


The first tab is always "Go to: TOP MENU" and will take you to the top-level branch (the "Top Menu" page).

The next tab is always "UP" which will take you to the PARENT page of the one you are on.

Below the "UP" tab are listed the CHILDREN [if any] of the page you are on.

OK, with that basic understanding, any visitor should be able to navigate UP and DOWN the various branches of the site. Here is a current snapshot of the UPSIDE DOWN TREE STRUCTURE of the Digger Archives web site:

Happy hunting!


A couple other tips:

WHAT'S NEW PAGE. This is prominently mentioned in the first introductory section, but often overlooked. Any changes to the site are logged here. All additions, subtractions, corrections, amendations, emendations, expurgations, etc. are included back to 1992 when the first iteration of the Digger Archives website was coded in HTML.

SEARCH PAGE. If all else fails, try the SEARCH engine. Currently (2020) using the Google Search plug-in which is actually pretty good. But a couple of things to note. Use quote marks to search for an exact phrase (e.g. "free city" with quotation marks surrounding the two-word search phrase). 

Added: 2020-10-03


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