Ron Thelin
Peter Berg
Richard Brautigan
Steve Boyd

For Those Once Here

This page has been something I've thought about for a long time. The fleeting memory of all those who were co-conspirators (from the Latin etymology meaning "breathing together") is one that, as time passes, compels some space to memorialize their lives, their visions, dreams, strivings.

I wrote about Ron Thelin's memorial. Ramon Sender wrote about and organized Lou Gottlieb's memorial. I'd like to include others here. Samurai Bob needs to have a page. Luna Moth. Emmett. [Check sub-pages on the left border.]

Those who should be included (feel free to send any suggestions): Lenore Kandel, Bill Fritsch, Ron Thelin, Peter Berg, Lou Gottlieb, Emmett Grogan, Luna Moth, Hibiscus, Ralph Sauer, Janine Pommy-Vega, Samurai Bob, Helene Tamara Resnikoff, Allen Ginsberg, Lew Welch, John "Jacquot" Walsh, Kirby Doyle, Bill Lyndyn, Billy "Batman" Jahrmarkt, Bryden Bullington, Freewheelin' Frank, Gregory Corso, Paula McCoy, Chester Anderson, Alan Hoffman, Jerry Walker, Miriam Bobkoff, Geoff Smith, Angel Rodney, Warwick Broadhead, Steve Boyd ...


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Gallery of Faces

(photos marked by * are from Chuck Gould)

Gregory Corso*

Freewheelin' Frank*

Bill Fritsch and Janine Pommy Vega*

Emmett Grogan

Ron Thelin*

Lenore Kandel

Peter Berg

"Samurai" Bob Callow*

Paula McCoy*




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