Steven Robert Boyd (1951-2004)

Steve first graced this site through his tentative signings of the Old Guestbook pages. This was around 1998, a few years after the Digger Archive went up on the web (which itself was very early-on in terms of WWW history.) Steve introduced himself as one of the "Olema ranch people 1970" and immediately became one of the staples around here, one of those you'd look forward to reading their latest rants, raves, reminiscences and recalls of former daze. Steve's escapades spanned the continent, with stories ranging from legendary gay porn star to flower child to Pied-Piper of searching souls to proud father to disabled peace activist.

After Steve slipped away from us in 2004, Nicole put together a compilation of his early writings from the first Digger Guestbook and sent it to many of the regulars who had participated on the new Digger Forum. Later, I went into the database we had been using for the messages (which was the third "guestbook") and compiled Steve's last words before his death. You can find a link to that document below which offers an excellent purview into the mind of a true digger spirit.

Typical of Steve's subtlety of humor and empyreal intelligence were his responses to the standard forum registration questionnaire:


Hobbies: No...Iím fine thanks.
Latest News: You tell me and everyone will know.
Favorite Quote: ďSearch MeĒ
Bio: ...ah...degradable???? Itís a trick question, right?
City: NYC and all points upward.
Marital Status: I do.. I do for now.
Occupation: Preoccupation

Here's Steve in his own words (large PDF document):

Boyd Brothers, 1957
Dick Nixon Before He Dicks Us
Dec. 1975, The Party Was Over
Lorraine, Steve and D.J.'s Panhead 6
Proud Dad With Youngest Daughter
Steve Representing Mutes For Peace, NYC


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